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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Guru change in 2017 to Tula (Libra)

2018 Horoscope: Guru Change in 2017 Movements from Sept2017 to Oct2018

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Guru changes to Tula (Libra) sign on Sept 12th 2017 and stays there until Oct 11th 2018. This Guru changes is WONDERFUL for Mithun, Kumbh and Dhanu. It is very good for Mesh Kanya & Tula.  It is good for Singh (Leo) and it is adverse/tough for Vrishchik, Meen and Kirk. For Vrishchik it creates exile and shows the worst period in the past 12 years! :) Makar is stress but happening.

P..S If more planets 3 5 7 9 11 to Lagna/Ascendant then read as per lagna/Ascendant sign also

But remember, regardless of your moon or lagna-rashi, if you have planets in Tula Mithun or Kumbh rashi then this Guru WILL bless that particular section or area of your life – just like some rooms of the house have electricity and some are off! :) Even planets in Mesh rashi will be supported by this Guru!

Wakri-Maargi: Wakri on March 9th, 2018 to July 11th, 2018 and Direct from July 11th - -4 days plus minus of direct or wakri it is stambhi which is worse than wakri.
(1)      Maargi: Guru travels very fast from Sept 12 and reaches all the way to the last degree of Tula by March first week.
(2)      Stambhi:
a.        March 6th to 9th it is Stambhi which is worse than the Wakri. It is like the breaks are applied and the car is in the last 2/3 seconds of completely stopping and then becomes wakri which is like reverse gear.
b.        But until March 12th it is almost stambhi. So 4 days before and after Guru becomes wakri it is Stambhi which is worse than the wakri movement.
(3)      How fast a reverse car can go – it has only one gear and hence it is very slow. :) Guru becomes wakri on March 9th at 9:01 PM. It travels all the way to 19:14 degrees until July 11th before becoming direct.
(4)      Stambhi: July 7/8th to July 15th it is almost stambhi which is worse than Wakri.

(5)      Guru becomes officially maargi on July 11th , 2017 9:32AM at 19:14  degrees.


The 8th Shani (peeda/adverse) got to you from Nov2014 which continues until Jan2017 and again from July2017 to Oct2017. This Shani made you reduce your mass-base, influence and people working for you. It forced increasing your skills and working alone on something instead of delegating it all the times! :) The 5th Guru helped you a LOT from July2015 to July2016, it must have given you a promotion, a prominent position & an office of a good duty. The 6th Guru from Sept2016 to Sept2017 made matters slow for you along with the 8th Shani. The things are going to get on track from late 2017 and you are going to be IN and in FORM and rocking for 7.5 years ahead with GREAT Shani support which would be very similar to what you had from say 1988 to 1995 end. You can remember how good Lalkrishna Advani, Bill Clinton, Sharad Pawar did in this period before Sadesati hit them in 1996! :)

From Sept2017 you enter the 7th house Guru: The 7th Guru in a few simple words is “expansion, partnerships, relationships, money, image enhancement, right time right place – “Baal Bhi na Banka”. The 7th Guru makes you very well directed and aligned perfectly for growth and expansion. What you got from July2015 to July2016 will now expand 10 100 1000 etc times as per your karma of this and the past birth. It will show success in partnerships and collaborations. It will form some formidable alliances for you. You will get support from elites/classes and also masses. This Guru certainly shows a great feel good which will continue until Sept2018.

7th Guru from Sept2017 is absolutely great for married life: to find a suitable partner or spend a quality time with your spouse and even expanding family. It is also considered house of the 2nd kids by logic by many astrologers as it is 3rd house from the 5th house (1st kid!) :) Anyways, the 7th Guru from Sept2017 to Sept2018 is great for marriage and partnerships aspects. As this Guru drushti is on Chandra directly, it means good luck for your mom.  Spending time with mom and increase in mom’s health/wealth etc. As Moon owns the SUKH sthan, the 4th house, this Guru is great to get new stuff in the house or interior décor, new furniture or some kind of a home improvement.

The 7th Guru will help with optimal water retention in the body and overall health as Guru aspects moon which controls water in the body. You will get to optimal health pattern in late 2017 and 2018 with 7th Guru and 9th Shani. Social and physical weight gain is in the offing! :)

In 2017 this would be mostly seen by Ashwini to large extent and Bharani to considerable extent and lesser for Krittika of Mesh. 2018 start to Mid would be great for Bharani and July2018 to Sept2018 would be especially for Krittika (of Mesh). However, Sept2017 to Sept2018 Guru is 7th to the Mesh rashi and hence the whole Mesh rashi will see this feel-good in this period. It is the ACUTE feel good which is mentioned here.


The 6th Shani from August2012 to Nov2014 changed & increased your circle & sphere of work/influence. The 7th Shani from Nov2014 to Jan2017 reduced people working for you and made you work a bit in isolation. Now the 8th Shani from Feb2017 to June2017 and again Nov2017 to Dec2019 would further reduce your mass-base and predominantly make you work alone away from people. This is Shani’s mandate for you to learn new things and gain maturity and become an expert and “worthy” for new higher level of mass-base. Shani is asking you to rejuvenate. Of course, the 5th Guru from Sept2016 gave you some real good success by Sept2017 and it started something new for you which will stay with you for the next 7 years. This success was something you always wanted and deserved by your actions of 3rd and 4th Guru from July2014 to August2016.

Guru going 6th from Sept2017 to Sepr2018 would be mandating to refine & “serve” what you got in the 5th Guru. It will show saturation in career BUT it must be used to hone and finetune the contacts, the work and the position you got in the 5th Guru - -it is an incremental step by step increase. It does show good money & new investments, if not health! The 6th Guru from Sept2017 shows good luck with stock markets/mutual funds etc investment activities. 8th Shani mandates long term outlook though. But Guru will bring in some investment experts in your contact. The 6th Guru till Sept2016 will force to deal with long term ignored issues with health. The 6th house is about Ayurveda/stomach – such consultation will be fruitful. The 6th Guru will bring in expert medical advisors in touch. Of course, health is a focus for sure. As Guru owns the 8th house and the 11th house from Moon, in the 6th house it shows getting money by providing service and also gaining by losses or bad events around or in the society (Say Trump!) :) Wipareet Raajyog is what it is called when you become important of course because you meet certain criteria & skills etc but more so the changes in surroundings! ;)


The 6th Shani from Nov2014 to Jan2017 increased & changed your social & career circle and employee base or even job description. It increased your political clout and economic situation.  Of course, the 6th Shani is about out of comfort zone experience as too many new people you needed to rely upon which needs methodical approach. You were able to cope with competitors and fend them off.  The 3rd Guru from July2015 to July2016 along with 3rd Raahu was magical in many ways as it allowed you to also work on what you always wanted to work & it also made you travel which you always love! However, some travel was on cards against your wish. The 4th Guru from Sept2016 to Sept2017 was about stagnancy and reporting to someone of equal or less ability – it is indeed a tough one for free spirited Mithun rashi as this Guru tries to deal with domestic trouble and domestic issues.

GURU would be in the 5th house from Sept2017 to Sept2018: The 5th house is a LUCKY and fortunate house which shows buddhi, intelligence, education (applied knowledge), good permanent position, luck, achievements and some dream come true. The 5th Guru is very powerful! It shows some inner desire coming true (SRK winning the IPL the first time). Much awaited promotion & much deserved position and something you always worked for from the 3rd Guru from July2015 to July2016 and imagined in the 12th guru of June2012 to June2013 is given to you! This Guru means even students would surprise themselves! :) Great time for students to secure a coveted campus job! The 5th Guru shows “success in execution of one’s plans” and success shall be delivered! :) This Guru drushti on the 9th house shows some travel but lesser duration, good guidance from experts of various fields and even “Saint-Sahawas”. The drushti on the house of gains (11th) means multiple gains and especially great increment & promotion. Your image will also be enhanced and there could be physical and social weight gain! :)  As you can see, the Duty-intensive planet like Guru in the Dharma-Trikon (1 5 9) to moon is always a blessing! As Guru’s curve is starting for next 7 years – the 2.5 years of 7th Shani would be lot more bearable. Guru being the owner of the career/ 10th house and partnerships house, it will forge new fruitful partnerships. The 5th Guru also shows success in romantic stuff.

Mrig Nakshatra will see progress in 2017 itself. Ardra will be more from Jan2018 to July2018 and Punarvasu will see it from June to Oct2018.  However, Sept2017 to Sept2018 Guru is 5th to the Gemini rashi as a whole and hence the whole Mesh rashi will see this feel-good in this period. It is only the ACUTE feel good which is mentioned here.


You had multiple gains & a feel-good period from May2012 to May2013. However, from July2013 to July2014, the 12th Guru made you go in a political exile of sorts and forced to plan for next 12 years without jumping into action / execution right away. Also, to add - the 4th Shani from August2012 to Nov2014 highlighted any wrongdoings done before August2012 and made you pay for them. It also mandated rejuvenation! It made you focus on domestic front & take some tough decisions there. The 5th Shani from Nov-2014 to Jan2017 brought you on track slowly but surely. The 1st house Guru from July2014 to July2015 gave you some image-boost and a new responsibility or a position you needed/wanted. Guru in the 2nd house from July2015 to July2016 brought in investment or share market or overall wealth increase. GURU August2016 to Sept2017 is helped you gain a new profile you always wanted/ travel and change the location. Shani from Feb2017 and more so Nov2017 is going to change your social circle/work circle and overall your sphere of influence, increase wealth, social & political presence and win over competition. New people coming in career & life would mean feeling out of comfort zone. Need to handle every new person methodical and structured manner.

The 4th Guru in SUKH sthan (Mom, Native, House, Property sukh, vehicles sukh etc) starts from Sept 12, 2017:
This is a stagnant and slow period! :) 4th is a Moksha Trikon house which means it is great for meeting near & dear ones, taking care of mom, interior design, decoration, spend time money and efforts on your house/vehicles to make them look better! :) It is time to meet with some experts who have no conflict of interest with you. Also, a great time to read books, rejuvenate by reading and also gym and overall health revamp. It is blessing of time given to you and most people don’t know what the heck to do with it. Most people cringe with this Guru movement! USE it and you will be rewarded richly in the 5th Guru that blesses you from Oct2018 to Oct2019. Do some trainings and certifications and upgrade your skills. It is a great time for any academics, training and acquiring some certifications. Increase your ability so that you can reach higher magnitude of success after Oct2018. Pushing for speed & hurry would result in frustration. Things would be slow and better adjust to it. As you can see the 4th house GURU is great for MANY things in life, it is just that it is not the best period for a working, career oriented and achievement oriented personality. The 4th house Guru is great for family life as the person gets time for enjoying family life and enjoy luxuries of life. This Guru in MOKSHA TRIKON and is in a Sthanbali house (as Guru uchcha in the 4th sign – Cancer). So this Guru makes you meet with some very learned and good-hearted people who share things with you. You will get great help from experts in various fields or dare I say “Guru-Mantra” or simply great-advice will come your way now. In a way, this Guru prepares you for the glorious success of the 5th Guru that starts from Oct2018. Until then, you must prepare, put in as much hard-work and put in as much heat and energy in to that stuff in the “pressure cooker”.  Pay attention to domestic needs, home décor and need of the parents. This Guru also is a great time to bond or spend time at your native place. Or rather, wherever you are you will find your “base”, your “native” or your “comfort” people close to you heart. Some no-strings-attached relationships are formed in this travel are beyond any “interest-groups” or politics. Don’t expect some designation, promotion -- if you get it very well! Additional angle of the 4th Guru is to report to a person of equal or less caliber in some respect. Deal with patience & perseverance while you make folks aware that you deserve equal or better position. This Guru has drushti on the 8th and the 12th house – both these drushti are helpful with inheritance-matters, alternate medicines (8th) and Parmaarth-spirituality, “Sant-Samagam”, visiting temples and so on.

Punarvasu of kirk will feel it the most in Oct Nov timeframe, Pushya from Dec2017 to say June2018 and Ashlesha from June to Oct2018. However, this is about the acute experience and the whole rashi will see feel good for these 12 months.

You have been finding it difficult to find your feet since the 12th Guru started in July2014. You are slowly coming back on track with the 2nd Guru from Sept2016 to August2017 with at least finances looking up if not the roles & responsibilities and the status. Shani support is “off” from Nov2014 until Jan2017 & again from July2017 to Oct2017. This 4th Shani from Nov2014 forced you to take long term decisions for domestic tussle & infighting. You needed & need to handle family & domestic matters with patience! Infighting (team, party, friends, circle etc) needs to be taken care & dealt with patience for some and hard-stance for some – choose wisely! Pay special attention to your mother’s health as the 4th house Shani especially shows the same. This Shani is about much needed rejuvenation, re-calculations and course-corrections. 2nd Guru is now helping until Sept2017 and 3rd one will only add to the feel good starting from Sept2017. Shani moving 5th in FEB2017 and more so from Nov2017 will be a great change as it slowly but surely helps you make projects/initiatives or programs successfully…!

GURU going 3rd from Sept2017 will bring in some spice to the equation. Finally, Guru and Shani would be 3-11 to each other making each other more effective! So this 3rd Guru will bring in NEW things for you which would make it sort of a “Half a Bhagyoday”. There would be a travel possible for a short term or at least a change of the floor in the office! :) Change or rather some additional work is possible which would help you get more credit and more wealth in turn. This Guru is great for artists of course as it shows travel frequently to showcase their art. Some of the best work happens when Guru is in the 3rd house for any artist (5th Guru being the first one!). Those who are in pre-sales, sales/marketing, presentations / expression or even event management business would have great success. This Guru will be great for any peripheral things in your life. It will pave the way for GREAT success of 2020 for you. Guru drushti on the 7th house is great for romantic matters / marriage aspects or to reconcile differences with partners. The 3rd house is about visible impact on the surroundings and you would just do that in the 12 months of 3rd Guru starting from Sept2017. The 3rd house being that of Kaam-Trikon, it is more of a freelancing attitude: the work you LOVE to do or like to do and not HAVE to do. Hence, this Guru creates feel-good & optimism for you. Suddenly you feel in your mind & in the eyes of others also that you are doing good. Finally. It is how you feel inside that matters and this Guru gives you just that which 12 1 and 2nd Guru usually fail to give. You are now going to be “somebody” for the surroundings and you see the light and hope after a regrouping & reconciliation period of past 3 years.

This 3rd Guru in 2017 would be more effective for Magha nakshatra until say March2018 and Poorva will see more from April2018 to August2018 and Uttara of Singh will see it in the last 3 months till Oct2018. However, the whole year is a feel good for Singh moon rashi – the above periods are for ACUTE experience.


After a great June2012 to July2015 period, the 12th Guru political exile from July2015 to August2016 was about planning for the next 12 years of life. The 3rd house Shani from Nov2014 to Jan2017 and again from July2017 to Ocyt2017 is about being a king-maker in your sphere. You got to play your cards well. You had politically sound position with your team and your mass-base in a very good position. The 3rd house Shani was a great POWER and should have been used judiciously with self-esteem but not ego. Guru in your rashi from Sept2016 to Sept2017 has tried to bring you back on track with social & physical weight gains. It gives you something dutiful and permanent. The 4th Shani from Nov2017 to Dec2019 will not affect career as much as it will test your domestic front & infighting. Need to handle “hit-sambandh” of colleagues, friends etc at workplace with patience and also home front. The 2nd house Guru from Sept2017 to Sept2018 will now increase wealth and family wealth. It will again start to show surroundings your value. Foe people in land property & investments this Guru position is a blessing!!  It will give results of past 24 months in these 12 months.

Guru would move 2nd from Sept2017 to Oct2018: This Guru is all about wealth creation or rather wealth expansion. This 2nd Guru until Sept2018 would start some new income from new method/job/business etc in your life which is the result of the exposure & self-investments from July2015. New endeavors will open for you now. You will invest wisely & focus on wealth creation. It will be a very good time to make some investments. You will also come across with new mentors/Gurus (mild & not hard-core) in your life (more so in investments).  The 2nd house Guru even would show increasing wealth for families & even expansion in the family. Good time to have kids for couples. For those in the field of education, this period is of some great success. You could start or expand your trainings or business related to education, education material and all the related aspects. Inheritance matters would be resolved and resolved in your favor (of course greed is not good!). overall it will make surroundings realize your value again which they had forgotten from July2015. This Guru overall makes your economic-zone very powerful. Traditional astrology treats 2nd Guru as a great and a huge Bhagyoday. My analysis shows that it is true to a large extent however in the feel good, 5th and 9th and 11th & 3rd Guru trump the 2nd house Guru. The desires and the pleasure of achievements is lesser in 2nd Guru but the outcome with the wealth matters is good.

Uttara will see good result in 2017. Hasta will see it in the first 6 months of 2018 and Chitra will see more effects from July2018 to Sept2018. However, the whole Kanya rashi will have some or other feel good every month or every other month as “Karamanyewadhikaraste”! :) You have right ONLY by your karma.


You were in sadesati phase from Sept2009 for 7.5 years. Shani from Nov2014 in the 2nd house started some new income for you while it uncovered earlier mistakes in investments. This time, the Libra sadesati was balanced quite a bit by Guru’s support from Nov2009 (5th Guru). So, this Guru is supported you quite a bit from June2013 for 3 years despite Sadesati until July2016. This made you “feel-good” have positive sentiments of how you are doing despite Sadesati tensions. The 11th house Guru from July2015 to July2016 Guru gave you windfall gains from all sectors of life. It was the best year in the past 11 years despite Sadesati. You went completely off-track and into uncertainties from Sept2016 to Sept2017, more of a political exile and a tough period nothing happening around. It was planning for next 12 years and not just the short term. Now Guru comes to your rashi from Sept2017 and brings you on track with optimism by Sept2018. Shani in the 3rd angle from Nov2017 is a blessing too until Dec2019.

GURU 1st from Sept2017 to Sept2018: This is where most of the folks are comfortable. As this Guru gives success which is treated as success by your family, friends, relatives! :) Socially acceptable behavior is what everybody desperately looking for (Sad but true for geniuses!). Nobody likes a visionary contemplating iPod or iPhone or iOS but they love the one selling lots of iPhones! :) They forget that anything “seen” in reality is first imagined in the mind 100 times! Well, phase of imagination, planning, vision & design etc is over and it is time to start execution.

 Guru in your sign improves your image, visibility and gives you a feel good. You are guided by experts that are now easy to access. You will get good books to read which are about “applied” knowledge and directly useful in your job. Guru starts new endeavors for you where you get to execute your plans that you did until Sept2017. This execution will be now successful which was not the case until Sept2017. Of course, Guru in your sign is also some sort of an exam or a test. This Guru gives your big responsibilities you always wanted. This means some designation or some office of specific duties – daily, weekly and monthly. It’s the fruits of the thinking & planning etc in the 12th Guru.

Most people are very comfortable with the 1st Guru support except the ones who are in wealth creation/stock markets. This Guru is not the most natural for investments it in a way opposes the 2nd house (mutual funds, stocks, FDs etc) and the 6th house (service sector)! Yes, it is OK for the 10th house (production) but not the best. But folks in jobs, employment will see better and better prospects. You are coming back on track and in form. Guru drushti on the kid’s house (5th house) ensures good progress on kids front – santati labh, kids doing well in their life etc. Also, you would be acknowledged in the education field or intellectual circles. You could be called by education institutes to share your experience, knowledge. Guru Drishti on the 9th house could show some minor travels that increase your sphere of influence, Increase your business and overall “bhagya”. The more you are willing to travel the more the success until Sept2018. Those who looking to get married have great blessings from this Guru as Guru’s full-force 7th drushti is on the 7th house – the house of marriage/partners/collaborations! Overall, this Guru will increase your social and physical weight too by Sept2018! :)

VRISHCHIK (Scorpio): Punashcha Hariom!! :)

Sadesati start from August2012 hasn’t been an easy period for you. It is a tough test with new learnings & also understanding of who is really yours and who isn’t. The 12th Shani from August2012 was going away from your comfort zone and your mass-base/sphere of influence. Shani moving to your sign from Nov2014 has helped with coming back on track in career, getting closer to your mass-base or win back your mass-base. However, it is a mental torture or rather maturity test – use data and figures/facts and not emotions to debate! Let data speak. You have mental & physical endurance – use it & wait/watch for the right opportunity to make your move – KEEP EMOTIONS at bay until Nov2017! Watch health of mom for sure especially kidney and reproductive/ progeny organs.

June2013 to June2014 was especially tough due to the 8th Guru which showed mis-aligned hard-work & stress. The 9th Guru from July2014 toJuly2015 was good to get some new position which is strategic and you always wanted it with relocation attached to it. The 10th Guru from July2015 to July2016 was more stress & reporting to someone of equal or less ability! From Sept2016 to Sept2017, Guru is & has helped you get paid for your efforts from June2013 onwards! The 11th Guru will make a full & final payment by September and will leave you thinking “WHAT NEXT”!!

The 12th house GURU until Sept2018: Every initiative in this world requires you to spend 1/12th time on planning, studying, calculating etc and then start the execution. The 12th house represents planning -- expense of time, efforts and money for planning the next 12 units of life. The Guru curve is around 11.88 years i.e. around 1 year in each sign. The 12th Guru mandates planning for next 12 years of life: No quick moves but a long-term view. You need to assess, re-group and re-strategize in this period & prepare a blueprint for the next 12 years. It is the gift of time given to you which needs to be taken seriously instead of cursing it! You are deciding “What” first and then “How” in this period. It is recommended not to jump into execution phase of any new initiative without comprehensive planning. Some academic courses / certifications, reading etc would go a long way for next several years.
There could be some much-needed travel out of your comfort zone. You need to invest/spend money time and energy into yourself. CATCH the next CURVE of your life by study, observations, chintan/manan (meditation). It is time to show vision and not execution. Try to be chanakya and not Chandragupt! You are the architect of your life for the next 12 years and hence need to carefully CHOOSE things…! Undergo training, enhance skills, read, read and read more (“Waachal tar waachal” – padhoge to bachoge!) Rejuvenation is very much needed and you will be given the gift of time for this!

As Guru is the owner of the 2nd and the 5th house, it is also time for thinking big picture of your family and tour kids. Time to invest efforts in kids and the family. A big vacation certainly is likely & is much needed. There could be some health-related expenses which are ignored from some time. It is a TOUGH time no matter how objectively I have described above as the 12th house Guru is as good as a political exile. Of course, your ascendant could be different and Guru might aspect other planets in the horoscope bringing some feel good to your life but still – for personal achievements this Guru is almost an “exile”.

Vishakha will see most of the results or rather the intensity of the 12th Guru, in 2017 whereas Anuradha in 2017 and first 5 months of 2018 and Jyeshtha will see it mid2018 to Sept2018. However, let’s get cracking and not lose time with all the planning and architecting your own life of the next 12 years. You could be a CM or an MP or an MLA also if you PLAN properly in the 12th Guru. It is like Rhonda Byrne’s book “The Secret” – what you imagine in the 12th Guru gets some success in the 3rd Guru and real great success in the 5th Guru and so on. The time lag mentioned in this book IS about a planet that needs to reach the 5th house from when the things are imagined. :)

DHANU / Sagittarius

You had been sort of right time right place due to support from Shani from July2007 to Nov2014 for 7.5 years! This Shani 9 10 11 to your sign increased clout, mass-base, sphere of influence etc. This Shani gave great cash-flow, monthly income. Guru was 8th from July2014 to July2015 recommending health check. It also made you overwork with physical exertion! It was more like “Mission impossible” until July2015 where your hard-work was appreciated but you didn’t gain any big position personally! However, this work ensured a strategic/important position in the 9th Guru from July2015 to July2016. A promotion, good position, natural support from environment & some strategic position was highly likely. Start of Sadesati from Nov2014 for 7.5 years means time for complete overhaul, rejuvenation, regrouping & planning for the next 30 years of life. Please architect, plan properly before jumping into big execution until Oct2017. It is imp to spend Time, Money & energy on planning of life for the next 30 years! You will need to gain new expertise to lead higher level of people just like Narendra Modi had to do from August2012 to Nov2014 (Vrishchik rashi). The 10th Guru until Sept2017 is pressure-cooker situation but happening but stress of reporting to someone of equal or less ability. Shani moving to the rashi from Feb2017 and again from Nov2017 is an emotional test but you start to win back some of the mass base lost from Nov2014 to Oct2017.

The 11th Guru from Sept2017 onward would be magical!
This Guru will ensure you have some feel-good and much needed gains to keep you going in the middle 2.5 years of Sadesati emotional-atyachaar. As Guru is your Rashi-Swami it has double impact in the 11th house which shows all sorts of gains! It will pay you off for whatever you did from last 4 years from the 8th house GURU or rather last 11 years. It is a culmination of all the efforts and each & every contact you acquired in this period. The LABH STHAN – house of gains and BIG planet like GURU means some long-term plans see the success and get you some material gain for sure. This Guru is a great for Kids (either to expand the family or kids doing very well!). If you are in education sector some big awards and recognition is almost a certain for you. It is a period of great fulfillment and fill good. You would be finishing or rather completing many things in this period until Sept2018.  Guru drushti on the 3rd house indicates good luck with short trips, picnics or presentations – it is perfect for artists and say sports-people. 11th Guru is perfect for success with romantic matters and also marriage / spouse for those looking to get married.  It is your time regardless of Sadesati!

This Guru is more applicable to MOOLA nakshatra in 2017 & early 2018, Poorvashadha from April to July2018 and Uttarashadha of Dhanu from July2018 Sept2018. However, it is difficult to segregate that way except that the last 3 charan means 2 from Poorvashadha and 1 from Uttarashadha will not see dramatic stuff in 2017.


From May2012 to May2013 you were under 5th Guru which gave you some “Dream Come True” success. This period also gave some great success for your kids! The 7th Guru from June2014 to July2015 gave expansion, image & success in partnerships/collaborations. The 8th Guru from July 2015 to July2016 resulted into physical exertion & misaligned efforts. Shani has made you “right time, right place” from Sept2009 and helping you with new mass-base, new position and your own sphere of influence that will last until Jan2017 & also say until Oct2017! The 11th house Shani is about windfall gains like Kabali for Rajanikant. Each & every act you did in the last 22 years & more so in the last 5 years will pay you in some or other way by Oct2017. You will earn the maximum amount of money and have max mass-base until Jan-2017 – you are at the peak of your ability and need to CASH IT OUT completely. While you en-cash it, invest wisely. The growth CURVE will NOT stay as steep after Oct2017 when Sadesati starts. However, it is a good time to be a Capricorn moon sign person right until 2017 & even until Oct 2019 :) Yes Sadesati start in2017 is a start of a very significant period for you. 2018 is a pressure cooker situation with a lot of tussle all around you due to 12th Shani and the 10th Guru. 10th Guru is happening which keeps you in the hunt but it is STRESS.

The 10th GURU from Sept2017 is a pressure-cooker situation until Sept2018. The 9th Guru by 12-Sept2017 will give you a new strategic and better higher position. The focus after Sept2017 increases further towards career & ambitions. Everything related to career becomes THE focus & the home front s ignored a bit. The 10th Guru will increase pressure, hard-work & stress at workplace. Experts (SMEs) consultation is highly recommended in this period – it will make things easier for you. Reporting to or working for a boss of equal ability or even less in some respects is quite possible until Sept2018! No fault of your or your boss as you had different career paths & they crossed here. Sadesati makes this 10th Guru feel a bit more in intensity. Keep patience – it is a great virtue in sadesati! :) IMP: You could benefit from advice & support from your parents! Actively seek their help in any matters regardless of their field of expertise. You would be surprised – they can read your body language & just by your way of speech or silence they would know “exactly” how much it is wrong! They know you from childhood and know your every move. So even you wouldn’t the extent of issues but they would know! :) This is overall a PRESSURE-COOKER period as both Shani and Guru would be teasing you! They both are testing you all across various sectors of your personal & professional life. Some folks fall thru the cracks and never recover whereas the ones who work hard regardless of insults (direct or indirect) or ignorance. Only you would understand the situation you are so you will need to communicate more with the family members and even the team members. At least they will not add to issues if can’t solve them for you! ---- Remember EXPERTS / SME are a “sanjeevani” in the 10th Guru even in the Sadesati period. There is no substitute for specialists/experts (Guru) but also experience of older (Shani) people. Experts have their own priorities and whims and you need to show patience and show them your NEED for them to help you. Desperation is yours to show and not theirs. More desperate you are for advice the better you would get. What you read now needs to be DIRECTLY useful in your work and not pleasure or leisure reading – keep it aside for some-time! Gains. The 10th Guru is also good for investments due to aspect on the 2nd house and also health advice and medicines etc due to the 6th house aspect. As Guru is the owner of the travel houses 3rd and 12th – some stressful travels for workplace are highly likely.


You caught your great break in the 5th Guru from June2013 to June2014 when you got a position, job, designation, office, post etc; in most cases it could have been like “dream come true”. In the 12 months from July2014 to July2015 you were supposed to “serve”, polish and hone what you had gotten earlier. It was the period of consolidation & hard-work to make incremental gains in your position. The 9th house Shani from August2012 to Nov2014 gave you NEW MASS-BASE – new people (or new type of people) working for you who would support you for the next 7 years. This mass base would propel you in the glorious 9 10 11 house SHANI movements of increasing masse base and increasing success until 2019 end. SHANI is/was in the 10th house from Nov2014 to Jan2017 and again from July2017 to Oct2017: this is happening but of increasing stress. The 7th house Guru from July2015 to July2016 brought in expansion & good collaborations/partnerships. The 8th house Guru from August2016 to Sept2017 is about hard-work but mission impossible & misaligned efforts! Your work will be appreciated but some initiatives would be ill-designed and hence would end by Sept2017 without final state. The 11th Shani from Feb to June2017 and again from Nov2017 to Jan2020 is a great blessing..! The best Shani years of the past 30 years would be given to you. The 9th Guru starts from Sept2017 which start 3 great years ahead for you.

GURU 9th (Bhagya/Luck) from Sept2017: MAJOR things happen or start when Guru is 9th. Bhagya-sthan is of travel & expansion and long term strategic initiatives. Your efforts now will be aligned well to a greater cause. It is THE BEST house of Guru movement! You will get great guidance, right advice and a mentor or a Guru. You will actively seek advice or easily get advice from various experts. A promotion or a position which almost guarantees a promotion is a given! As Guru is about knowledge, this position and promotion is associated with increased knowledge and not just due to increase in business! You would evolve as a professional and a person due to the knowledge increase. You will have a great impact on the surroundings and achieve a lot more than you imagined until Sept2018. 9th Shani (Nov2014 to Jan2017) brought masses to you – the 9th Guru will bring in experts & classes! As you can see the 9th house is Bhagyasthan and Guru ensures that your BHAGYODAY happens as long as you have been working hard. There is a very good chance to change your location and travel to a place 9 to 12 hours away from the current one for a period of say 3 years. Bhagya doesn’t change seating on a couch. One must move their axx for that! :)

Your image will increase in right circles. Married folks have a great time with kids. Guru being owner of the wealth houses (2nd and 11th) you will see great income increase. It will start something new which will stay with you with increasing success with you until 11th Guru which would be over in the end of 2020. This shows increasing success by typical GURU fashion which is DYAN-Yoga – what you know will work for you a lot more in this period. Guru drushti on the 3rd house means good news from siblings and travel. Guru drushti on the 5th house is great for academics but more so projects and applied knowledge. Guru drushti on Moon would show good news for health of self and your mother.


The 5th Guru from July2014 to July2015 must have some real good expansion and success. This period gave you a tremendous opportunity to establish yourself. Whatever started in the 5th Guru would stay with you for 6 more years. Shani from Aug2012 to Nov 2014 was 8th to you: This meant you were away from your mass-base or at odds with your mass-base. It was indeed a tough transition period with need to upgrade your skills to make yourself worthy of new level of mass-base (reporting people). The 6th Guru from July2015 to August2016 ensured you service what you got in the 5th Guru until July2015. The 9th Shani from Nov2014 has made you right time & right place to exploit your skills & personality. You have positional advantage for some post or an important office! 9th Shani is giving you a new mass-base that would support you for the next 7 years. From FEB2017 and more so Nov2017 onward you enter the 10th Shani which is “more of the same” of the previous 2 years! It will bring in more work, stress, tough but happening time. You would feel like a pressure-cooker ready to release steam and benefit immensely from Jan2020…! Until then keep PUSHING as hard as possible. It is YOUR time..!

The 8th house GURU from Sept2017 The 8th house in one word is “MISSION-IMPOSSIBLE” -- Ethan Hunt’s running around trying to cover all the bases – it is his movie so he succeeds but usually in the 8th house Guru you are part of something which is not fully-thought-thru. It means, you will be aligned to something which itself is not aligned to a greater good or the big picture. The 8th house is also PEEDA. In Marathi it is called as “DagDag”! :) Guru Being Raashi-Swami, it certainly shows fatigue & health issues. This Guru might not be the best for usual promotions, designations, specific posts etc but it does show to the world what you are made of. Your dedication & hard-work is appreciated but it doesn’t result in a great success overall.

As the 8th house belongs to MOKSHA Trikon in the horoscope – this period is very good for homeopathy medicines results, Ayurveda and Yoga initiation. You would get good advice from such alternate healing method experts. Guru aspect on the 2nd house means good investment luck & well directed decisions for investments in stocks, jewelry, bonds etc. The 4th house aspect means home improvements, interior improvements and meeting with close-to-heart people. The 12th house aspect means good expense which is an investment in yourself. It is a very good Guru position for self-help and self-improvements.

If the birth-time chart is conductive to easy money or disproportionate income, this Guru results in some real GREAT income thru say lottery or employee stock-options or some insider information coming to you. As 8th is the house of inheritance, it is a good time until Sept2018 to get something out of it. Although the 8th house Guru doesn’t result in holistic success at career / business (recognition or position / designation) despite the money gain, it will pave the success of the 3 years of 9 10 11 house Guru starting from Oct2018!

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