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Friday, July 7, 2017

Chandra in the 8th house of a Horoscope (Moon in the 8th house) AstroMNC

Moon is the most significant aspect in the study of Astrology. It is the most important aspect in analysis of a horoscope. Yes, the ascendant shows the destiny of this life (“Prarabdha” Karma) and “direction of the Outcome” of the past karma but Moon shows the deepest desire of the soul. What the specific person loves the most and where they will spend most of “mind-space”/”thoughts”. Moon can singlehandedly change the effectiveness of the horoscope – a troubled mind can never achieve its potential & a calm/tranquil mind can go through a sea of calamities with much lesser damage (or at least not making it worse than it is!).

If the ascendant shows the world’s perception about you – the window from the world looks at you – Moon is who you actually are! Many people who seem to be miss-understood by masses have very conflicting or opposing / different influences on the ascendant & moon. (Salman Khan might very well have Rahu in the 1st house (Anger / Agitation) but Moon in Jupiter’s aspect!)

Mind/emotions and intellect/brain are two different things – Mercury (Budh) controls the intellect / logical thinking & nervous system, to large extent the composition of brain but it is Moon that controls the emotions or mind of a person. That is the very reason why the current/transit planets (Gochar) (weekly / monthly /annual horoscope) are analyzed from Moon and not from Sun or Ascendant. It all depends on a person’s “state of mind”: with the same material situation, different folks would perceive it differently. The concept of being happy or sad depends completely on the mind of a person!

Moon is the fastest moving (or rather “changing”) astral body going through 12 signs every approximately 28+ days. While Moon rotates around itself and the Earth, it also rotates around Sun. That’s why it is common sense to say that Moon is “Karak” or Governor of the mind & emotions. Moon is also the governor of Mother (Maataa-karak), water, emotions/mind, silver apart from many other things. Needless to say, that the house, the sign (rashi) and the constellation (Nakshatra) of Moon are ultra-important while analyzing a horoscope.

Moon in the 8th house of a horoscope

The 8th house:  Peeda Sthan, Mrutyu-Sthan, Samadhi Sthan, Hidden Desires, Hidden stuff, Inheritance, the “situation” at the time of death, Alternate healing methods, Yoga, Occult Study, Disproportionate income or disproportionate loss (lottery or gambling money), Mining, Chemistry, Chemicals

Any 8th house planets when well-placed gives easy money, inheritance, lottery or say stock options and so on. It shows lot of un-paid karma left by you or your ancestors for you to exploit/benefit in this life. It shows inheritance blessings too. In some mysterious cases, a well-placed Neptune with good planets can even take these people to a hidden treasure! :) Bigger planets like Guru give this disproportionate income due to knowledge or some hidden information they get from time to time. Shani gives easy (??!!) money very rarely and that too after spending a lot of efforts collecting data, information, meeting people, case studies and sustained efforts of 30 years! So it is obvious the 8th house Moon is SIGNIFICANT. A well placed one and you are seating on a pile of money and a badly placed one is a trouble life indeed which needs a lot of focused remedies.

Regardless of good or badly placed the 8th house planet is: It does bring in SUNISOIDAL wave pattern of ups and downs in life or career. With the Moon, Sadesati is trouble in the first 5 years and lesser so in the last 2.5 years. The 8th house planet shows some fear of unknown anxiety and “busy mind” especially with Moon in it!

The 8th house is adverse to the first house (self). The 8th Moon in transit of 2+ days itself is a trouble for anyone. So, in the natal chart it is a=in the 8th house is single-most factor to analyze! The mind/emotions not in sync with the body. The world thinks you are lagna rashi (say Mithun: talkative) and you are actually an introvert self and suffer in silence (say 8th house Moon in Makar rashi). This is difficult for people around you to decipher and behave with you. This is especially true when the signs of lagna are enemies like Makar-Singh or Vrishchik-Mithun, Kanya-Mesh where there is stark contrast with the ascendant/lagna and the moon! For combinations like Tula-Vrishabh or Kumbh-Kanya it is less chaotic.

This Moon shows obviously an obligation with your mother as Moon is the Maata-kaarak (MatruKaarak). It shows YOU owner to your mother from the past birth and should not expect much support from her in this life. Yes, we very well-placed Moon shows great wealth and some secret hidden information coming from the mother or maternal family which gives you easy money. But badly placed moon (Raahu Ketu Shani impact) could show a physical trouble, health issues to the mom and mental issues to self. Even though the moon is well placed and perfectly fine – the mom’s health is an issue and especially your second sadesati shows major issues and a chance for you to help her in this 2nd Sadesati.

The 8th house Moon has heightened 6th sense. It is able to read undercurrents of situations, body language of people around and even speech/tones on the telephone.  Even the gap between two whats app texts or SMS or conversations are interpreted perfectly. This happens more when they know the person but even with new folks. Rather, when they meet someone for the first time, it is a sensory overload as they get all sorts of signals and readings of the person which can astonish the people around (if they share! :) ) It is like “Karna-Pishaachya” – meaning some souls speaking in their ears about this person. In simpler terms, their antenna is strong to read the VIBES every person gives INDIRECTLY without knowing/overtly but minor movements or eyes or pauses etc. This is the best position for Moon or Lagnesh or multiple planets to get into occult or similar disciplines that need such acute understanding of people.

A chart badly placed from Lagna and very well placed from this 8th Moon means initial life and the START is very bad and life in the initial stages is a trouble/hard-ship. It starts becoming better as the person matures and acts more and more independently and away from the native where destiny plays lesser role and “judgmental forces” are at bay. Hence, troubled moon or 8th house moon is a TWICE Born personality, which has much better life when away from origin where “everybody knows you” and can’t let you be anyone else or anything else than what THEY think you are! :) :)

A busy mind is a given and it is a curse or a blessing as per well placed or badly placed Moon – even if badly placed with some focus and meditation this can be a great power to make great advances in some secret knowledge.

IMP:  Whatever you believe about you will come true!!! This is true for any Moon position but it is more so for houses such as 8th and 12th. If YOU believe you are strong and a Hero – you will become one. If you believe you are done – you will be done! It is a very powerful mind as it is a busy mind it has power to make things true by sheet force of thoughts! They become actions but even the people around you read those vibes slowly and surely – and they end up making you what YOU believed some time back!!

There are many remedies for this 8th house Moon
(a)     Daily Meditation, Prayer to calm the mind, 3 times a day NamSmaran to stabilize the mind
(b)     Help your mother regardless of what is your experience in this life.
(c)     Use of White & Blue color – Vibrant Blue and Ruby Red - Whenever feel down – use Red and White
(d)     Use of Moti / white pearl right hand small finger in silver or panchdhaatu as silver is weak and you lose the stone and then worry why you lost it – bad omen! :)

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  1. Dear millind ji .... scorpion lagna with sun ,jup,mer,venus,urns ..... 8th house moon(28degree, purnavasu,3rd charan)with rahu(10 degree).... is destiny is stronger than desire cause lagna with five planet.... pls replay .... thnx

  2. In my entire reading on the 8th house & that constant search for satisfying analysis I am today feeling so contented after reading your article Sir ! Immensely grateful to you for taking out time and writing in such precision manner. God bless you immensely. Thankyou Again

  3. Hello, Thank you for such a detailed post on this topic. I completely agree with what you have written.
    I have Mesh moon in the 8th house and therefore my lagna is Kanya. I myself feel conflicts in my personality. I also I can feel almost constant anxiety.
    One question about this placement. I have read that 8th house moon shows 'Alpayushya'. Is that correct?