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Monday, November 14, 2011

Shani Mangal Yuti (Conjunction), Pratiyog, Kendra Yog, Shad-ashtak etc (AstroMNC)

Shani Mangal Yuti (Conjunction), Pratiyog, Kendra Yog, Shad-ashtak etc

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For Shani Mangal Yuti from March 7 2018 to May 1st 2018 please check

2018 Annual Horoscope for all signs:

Disclaimer: Guru’s drushti on either Mangal or Shani or BOTH reduces bad effects of this yuti quite a bit (as the past karma is not bad anyways reflected in Guru drushti!) Also the Signs are VERY important, it shows which planet is more powerful and imp than the other in this yuti! This Guru drushti could be in the birth horoscope or Gochar also! Also, the state of Rashi-swami of Shani-Mangal’s rashi is VERY important and very much can alter/change the effects. If it is well placed in good rashi with Guru drushti – the intensity would be reduced quite a bit. If the distance between the two is more than 7 degrees / diff nakshatra etc then also effects fade quite a bit. (AstroMNC)

Shani and Mangal are often discussed with awe in astrology. They are known by common people as problem makers: Mangal the RED planet, the destroyer, aggressor, the warrior etc and Shani the “Nishkam Karmayogi” delivering Karma to each and every individual without any pride or prejudice! The house or the planet(s) with or where Shani is or has drushti in the horoscope shows some physical weakness and more prominently, delay in fruits of that house! Shani is called as “Wilambi Shani” in Sanskrit granth or “Shanai Shani” i.e. slow & hence Shani! Mangal in a specific house or signs shows overuse of the part of the body shown by that house and/or rashi.

If you can see there is not much common in Mangal and Shani. Mangal is a very close/dear friend of Surya and Shani -- Surya are the most extreme/bitter enemies. Shani is cold, Mangal is krodh, Shani is slow, Mangal is fast, Shani is conservative, and Mangal is aggressive. Shani shows masses/workers; Mangal shows warriors, sports-persons and blood. Shani is slow; Mangal is hasty!

Shani Mangal yuti or Pratiyog allows Astrologer to make very accurate predictions or descriptions of the past! The fatalistic astrologers JUMP on this yuti very badly! J Beware of this!

Shani and Mangal Yuti / Conjunction Effects:

As you can see both Shani and Mangal show some or other issues with the house or the sign they occupy. Shani’s drushti or yuti with any planet shows delays or some karmic issues with that planet or house or health. When these two are in the same house following are major effects:

1. Shani-Mangal affect two houses THE MOST: the house and sign they are in and also the opposite house & also sign. i.e. in 6th house so stomach and health but also 12th house (ankle/feet and left eye and also expenditures) In 7th house relationships/marriage/partnerships but also 1st house (head and memory)

2. When very close and either of them the owner of the 3rd house in the horoscope: possibility of a miscarriage to mom in the next pregnancy. More so to Kanya, Kumbh, Vrishchik and Dhanu lagna in that order.

3. Possibility of some blood related content missing to self and also some blood related issue to immediate next sibling(s). Again same lagna rashi as above.

4. Possibility of some land related issues in the family – certainly if Mangal or Shani the owner of the 4th or the 8th house. Land related issues: Famikly (self in past lives) could have done some wrong doings like “Sahukari” or fights for land or taking away lands of poor folks etc

5. Possibility of some harm or mass-murder etc in the past life where this person has caused some harm to masses physically (Wars etc) especially when yuti is in MESH or VRISHCHIK rashi (any house of the horoscope)

6. Frequent accidents possible and harm to the part of the body which is shown by the house or the sign.

7. Sinusoidal pattern of success/overall results with respect to the things denoted by the house and the sign and the houses owned by Mangal and Shani. (Inzamam Shani Mangal in Mesh, Yuvraj Shani Mangal in Kanya)

8. The person is hurt by masses financially or health-wise etc in some circumstances.

9. The effects are seen when either of them and more so GOCHAR (current) SHANI is aspecting the horoscope Shani-Mangal.

10. Siblings hurt indirectly or directly as you have done the same to them in the past life. It is paid back – Or – The people shown the houses that Shani and Mangal own are not in harmony with you. Example: Shani Mangal in 10th Father but if Shani owner of the 6th house then servants or employees also would give some troubles. If Shani-Mangal in 4th house – Mom but say Shani owner of the 10th house then even father’s health could also be an issue.

11. More often than not, this yuti cause some kind of an operation/surgery to the body part shown by the house and also the sign.

12. Shani & Mangal antardasha show these effects abut antardasha of one in other’s mahadasha is far more chaotic and recommends Shraddha and Saboori!

13. Reproductive organs, renal systems (Shown by Mangal, & 7th and 8th house) are the worst affected in this yuti & they give up earlier than other folks.

14. Inconsistency of approach/efforts: in 2nd house – Not talking much most of the time, keeping quiet etc but when the person talks – it is with aggression, quick/fast etc. So both Shani and Mangal surface from time to time and not a combined effects as one would expect.

15. The effects are more severe if one or both of them are wakri.

16. The effects are much less if the rashi-swami of these two is well placed, well aspected by Guru and not astangat.

As you can see Shani Mangal yuti shows some violent past karma with siblings, land related matters, blood related matters and especially past behavior with masses. Also some karmic burden with the houses they own in your horoscope. The more the distance between these two, lesser is the intensity of the past karma. It shows lesser intensity of events in this life or limited losses or limited health issues or minor injuries. Closer they are – more health issues and more severity of accidents or surgery etc.

We have just seen the negative aspects of this yuti – here is some counterpoint except “Health” aspect!

1. Mangal’s aggression is curbed a bit or more by Shani and it is channeled or focused to limited or useful things.

2. A person tends to know his/her limits and this limits the harm which alone Mangal or alone Shani can cause. i.e. this yuti although of opposites – supplements each other a bit. Like Hot and Cold water when mixed – The temperature reduces to an acceptable level.

3. However these effects are seen when there is enough distance between these two. The more the distance, lesser the karmic issues.

4. The more the distance the Gochar Shani or Mangal would not aspect them at the same time and would have reduced damage. Also their maha or antardasha and especially, antardasha within each other’s mahadasha!

5. GURU drushti can reduce the bad effects quite a bit especially the intensity – an operation instead of an accident! This is a huge difference!

UPAAY / Recommendations:

1. Do not become an air-pilot if Shani Mangal aspect both each other! J
2. Extreme sports (like F1) not recommended – injury prone in normal sports also
3. Always help siblings regardless of their attitude towards you
4. Check land history in the family – Try to amend bad things done in the past (Say Shani Mangal in 8th house close in Meen rashi – Someone’s legs might be hurt on your land in past birth -- violence!) Donate land if possible to Non-Profits orgs etc
5. Regular medical checkups of the blood, parts of the body shown by the house and the sign Shani-Mangal occupy

6. Safety precautions:
a. Use of Helmet if Shani Mangal close and more so in 1st house or in Mesh rashi.
b. Use of Gloves, wrist band etc when Shani-Mangal in Mithun
c. Use of good quality shoes if Shani-Mangal in Meen rashi or 12th house (flat-feet usually!)
d. etc

7. Eat dates (Khajur) and other RED fruits etc - Iron stuff regularly as Mangal is weak
8. An Ayurvedic checkup every 6 months
9. HEALTHY life style (veg + Ayurvedic kadha etc) can add 5/6 years or more to the life
10. Regular running to get the blood circulation normal and up and flowing to all parts of the body!
11. Ganapati Upasana for Mangal
12. Hanuman Upasana for Shani

Shani Mangal Opposite to each other:
VERY Similar effects are seen when Shani and Mangal are opposite to each other. Guru can aspect only one of them (or none) unless in yuti with either of them. The houses of Shani and Mangal are the most troubled.

Shani Mangal Kendra:
1. Shani Mangal in “Drushti-Adhishtit” Kendra yog i.e. Shani 4th to Mangal and Mangal 10th to Shani where both have drushti on each other. This also is equally of issues and again the houses occupied by both are troubled the most.

2. Shani Mangal in Kendra but no drushti on each other: This means that the houses occupied by Mangal and Shani are not completely under scanner but the 7th house from Shani is VERY troubled as BOTH Shani & Mangal aspect that house (Mangal 4th Drushti and Shani 7th drushti). Similarly, the house opposite to Mangal is affected as both Shani (10th) and Mangal (7th) aspect it. But houses of Shani and Mangal themselves are not that badly affected.

Shani Mangal Shad-Ashtak: This means Shani is say in X rashi/house and Mangal is X+5 (6th to Shani) or X+7 (8th to Shani)
1. Mangal 6th to Shani: Mangal has its 8th drushti on Shani which means the Shani’s house is affected completely by both but not the Mangal’s house.

2. Mangal 8th to Shani: Both Mangal and Shani aspect the 3rd house from Shani – Shani 3rd Drushti and Mangal 8th drushti.

Mangal behind Shani (12th to Shani):
Here Mangal aspects the 3rd house from Shani and Shani also has 3rd drushti so this house has the most ill-effects in this formation.

The actual results depend on the Rashi-swami of these two planets, the planets in the house they both are aspecting and also Guru’s drushti on the house and the owner of the house they both aspect etc. Please do not jump to conclusions for your horoscope – You already know what you have and what you don’t. You do not need your horoscope to understand that you had fracture at the age of 5 or accident at the age of 19 or say blood related issue at the age of 30 or some miscarriage to your mom after your birth!! So no need to worry the outcome is as complex or as simple as your past karma and if you havenot had surprises so far then in all probabilities you would not have in future but it always helps to be “prepared” and “set expectations” – Forewarned is Forearmed. (AstroMNC)


  1. "Shani! Mangal in a specific house or signs shows overuse of the part of the body shown by that house and/or rashi"
    Milind-- are u saying that the overuse was in a past life? 'coz in my chart i have shani in the rashi of mars and saturn in scorpio in 7th house has given me "fear of intimacy" which i refuse to admit at time... and ironically i attract the most intense stellium-ed (8th house heavy) personas...doesn't saturn act like the most inflamed mars and destroy my partnership house? i cannot understand the "over-used" aspect.

  2. Nice article!
    Sir,I'm trying to learn this great ancient vidya & your every article is just like a bridge to reach my destination in this regard.So Tons of Thanks to yu.:)

    In my kark lagna chart,I've shani in Lagna & lagna lord chandra is in 8th house(i.e. in kumbha rashi,poorva bhadrapad nakshtra).
    My shani mahadasha had completed in year 2008.After that Budh mahadasha (which is 3rd & 12th lord)has started.Budh (15 degree) is placed in 3rd house in kanya rashi with sun (29 degree).Guru (25 deg) is in 9th house in meen rashi.Mars(6 deg) is in 12th house in Gemini.Budh & Guru both are wakri.Shukra (14 deg) is in 2nd house in singh rashi.Rahu(29 deg) is in 4th house & ketu is in 10th house.

    Sir,I just wanna know how will be my Budh Mahadasha? bcoz I'm facing very adverse conditions from 2000 & is there any chance to change of place? if it is then which direction will be suitable to move from birth place?/

    Best Wishes!!


    1. immigration or stay away in foreign land for a long term! :) Great travels and gains thru travels and abroad stay!

    [1] Mangal
    Mangal in specific house and rashi shows a strong physical part or blood supply strong there etc. i.e. Mangal in Mithun rashi is seen in the folks who overuse their arms -- Padukon, Federrer and many more folks have Mangal in Mithun rashi and Mithun navamansh. So this overuse is not from the past life but for this life FOR MANGAL.

    For SHANI:
    Yes -- It does show some ill-past-karma with that house and some issues that you would need to bear in this life. Shani in 7th hosue for your recommends delay in marriage and relationships. The Mangal will display the results of this Shani -- if getting divorced or get married late - These 2 are very different results of 7th house Shani ----

    One needs to keep NATURE of Signs and Nature of planets in mind ALL the times and THERE LINDA GOODMAN's STAR SIGNS and LOVE SIGNS Book ORIENT oneself quite a bit.


    [2] SOMESH:
    Dude, forget about moving to native plane with 2 planets 12th to 4th house and Guru 6th to 4th house! :) :) i.e. 3 major planets are trying to take away from native and 2 of them own 4 rashiin between -- so many reasons to go away from native! ;) Add to that BUDH mahadasha which is in 3rd house which shows 6 to 8 hrs away from native place and it is owner of 3 (travel short) and 12 (immigration house) onwer! :) In Guru drushti and in Uchcha rashi -- it shows frequent travel and even a long term stay in Guru antardasha and probable immigration also...


    Budh shows north and Mangal shows south.


  5. Sir, In my wife's horoscope, budha and mangal in mithun which is also lagna(lagna lord budha on lagna), shani and guru on kanya on 4th house from lagna. does she need to worry a lot with this combination. she always says that she is tired...

  6. Hi Milind Sir,

    Nice article!.I have Shani Mangal Yuti in 12th house(Libra) and I am following your advice.I just wanted to know if there is any possibility of foriegn travel in my horoscope.


  7. Hanji... i guess linda goodman is next on my lost of books... right now im savoring "gods of change"...
    Regarding keeping signs in focus-- RIGHT ON!i tend to get system error while readng my own natal configurations lol... i have practically given up on even partnerships lmao saturn in 7th and mars in 8th for taurus lagna = disaster for my brain cells jk :D (in my defense, my virgo moon is overly self critical)
    thank you :)

  8. Milind ji~

    What could be the effects of Shani in 5th house on issues related to matters of the heart/marriage/partnership etc?

  9. Dear Milindji

    Thanxxxxxxx a for this shani-mangal article
    I have that in 3rd house libra sign, one of the cousine has in 4th house virgo (both vakri) and one more has shani-mangal opposite to each other mithun lagan managal shani bang opposite in dhanu

    thank you one more time


  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Hi milind Sir,

    Mine is Meen lagna and kumbha rashi while mangal and shani, harshal, prajapati are in dhanu 10th house, guru is in dhanashtan with shukra..!

    What it depicts..!??

  12. Thank you very much Milind.

    Mangal behind Shani (12th to Shani):Here Mangal aspects the 3rd house from Shani and Shani also has 3rd drushti so this house has the most ill-effects in this formation.

    ---I have Kumbha Lagna. Mangal(navaamsha 7) in Mithun and Shani(navaamsha 5) in Kirk along with Moon(Navaamsha 12).

    What kind of ill-effects in this formation ?

    Thanks in advance.


  13. You said that Mangal is 12th to Shani makes ill effect to the 3rd house from shani. Can u please explain it, as in my horoscope, Mangal is in 6th house Kirk, Shani is 7th house singha and Shukra is in 9th house Tula. (Guru is in 5th house Mithun with Chandra)

  14. What if we have Shani, Mangal Yuti in 2nd house? In addition to that Guru & Rahu too in the same house (for Kanya moon sign)
    When we say that Shani Mangal yuti is in the second house, does it mean that in the past life person holding such a horoscope must have followed malpractices with masses to earn the wealth?


    1. I too have saturn marsh yuti in Libra sign in second house of kanya lagna.both planets of 27 to29 degree. Ketu in 3rd house.jupitor in dhanu rashi in 4th house.Mercury and Venus in makar rashi in fifth house. Sun in kumbh in 6th house.Rahoo in vrishabha in 9th house.Moon in kark rashi in 11th house.will any one explain its effects.

  15. ***** ANSWERS to QUESTIONS *****
    [1] 5th house Shani: Shani's degree and lagna degree : But 7th house owner, planets & drushti on them in degreesin the 7th house and Shukra position/placement and aspects on it matter too! BUT here are ISOLATED effects of Shani in 5th house:
    1. Late marriage recommended as Shani's 3rd drushti on marriage house.
    2. 5th hosue kids -- delayed kids age of 30/32 for a man - If santtai early then some health issues. GURU Position is imp.
    3. 5th house Buddhi sthan -- Samshayee buddhi of the person. Doub ts everything -- even looks atthe glass of water in hand carefully before drinking. BUDH andGURU would need to check.
    4. Great success after age of 30 -- 5th is the house of achievements.
    5. Marks would be lesser than actual study as answer-paper presentation might not be as good...
    6. Shows a bit weak heart but SURYA position would decide it more than just Shani in 5th house
    etc etc

    [2] HINA
    1. 3rd house shows frequent travel and possibility of issues with siblings is there (blood related).. but Shani uccha and Mangal raajyogkar for Singh lagna shows that this should not be a BIG issue.
    2. 3rd house Shani shows late sannti. 4th house Shani mangal shows mom issues and even father's health issues.
    3. Shani Mangal 1 - 7 is more like accident etc and marriage/partnerships issues.

    Guru drushti on those planets is good but legs related issues to you and your father possible. Also father's longevity and overall health. But planets in Moola woudl be more of a issue than in other nakshatra in Dhanu. Guru drushti in close in degrees to Shani or Mangal -- losses would be minimal. Workplace would also yeild some or other changes and sinusoidal graph of career due to Shani Mangal in 10th house. 2008 must have been very good.

    [4] CHETANA
    Shows issues with internal reprod organs later in life and also inheritance issues -- some bad blood/events with your family land/faveli etc etc...

    [5] BHARGOB
    Shan in 7th shows issues with partnerships and marriage (delay) and both Shani mangal drushti on SHUKRA further add to this analysis of issues in partnerships! Both Shani Mangal ldrushti on 9th hosue could also trouble legs/hips.

    [5] UMESH
    YES! It does mean that family has some land and some issues with it -- Yes possibly some sahukari sort of dhanda in previous life too. Issues at the age of around 15 and 30 with such stuff....or even minor accidents. RIGHT EYE and TEETH a problem area and also internal reprod organs a issue. Ownership houses of Shani Mangal are very important.


  16. Hello Milindji

    Thanks for the excellent article as usual. Today is a landmark to people of Kanya Rashi like me, 2/3 of sade sati done.

    Will be interesting to see , how the last 2.5 years go, not expecting much good, but just will be interesting to see the patterns

    for this article

    myself: Kanya Rashi, vrishchika lagna

    Shani : in 6th house ( Mesh ) : neech shani
    Mangal: in 9th house (kirk ): again neech

    Guru is in 12th house (tula)

    I am assuming that indicates, some not so good karma. Does it fall one of the situations mentioned here?

    Any comments are appreciated


  17. Thanks for this article, i look forward to such articles more than the weekly forecast ones (not that i dont read them!!)

    Milind - what exactly did you mean to Hina's response in '3rd house Shani shows late sannti.' I did not understand 'sannti'.

    My saturn is in third house too, Pisces lagna.

    You have mentioned in this article about 'wakri'. What is 'read' from Sani being wakri in 7th house (which is Meen), and the first house has Mercury in it, moon being in Tula. I have read that 7th house sani means late or no marriage. But what does wakri sani mean?

  18. Dear Milindji,

    I have Shani in 11th and Guru 5th. If Shani is badly placed, then good Guru helps. Now my Shani is well placed and Guru is very well placed. It is still good right?


  19. 3 questions,

    i have shani in 1st house scorpio..having 3rd drusti on mangal in makar (ucchha?)...what would be the shani-mangal health relation..while no planets in 6th and 8th house?

    shani & mangal both have drusthi on 10th house...which is also opposite to 4th house guru(wakri) in kumb!...does is depict something important about 10th house?

    1st house shani is opposite to 7th house (no planets) and venus is vakri in 12th house of own sign tula, which is also my atmakaraka..sun is also in tula...does it show specific relationship karma?

  20. Dear Milind,
    What about neech shani in mangals rashi and both with dristi on 11th house?

  21. Dear Milind,

    Amazing insights from you again, your articles definitely add meaning/explain various dimentions of stereotype notions on relationships like Mangal- Shani Yuti. I am tula lagna with 4 planets in 11th house, Shani, Mangal, Guru and Rahu (leo rashi). Definitely lot of issues on elder sibling front (may be because of shani mangal yuti in 11th house) or may b because of rahu drushti on 3rd house.

    Even though being a tula lagna native, guru dasha has brought about bhagyodaya to some extent.

    Will next shani dasha be bad or good (shani in simha rashi in 11th house)?

    1. Please contact me at

  22. Hello Milindji
    Thanks for writing such a valuable astro blog:
    My info:
    KANYA lagna & Rasi (Kanya Moon)
    Mercury, Venus, Ketu - Scorpio (3rd)
    Sun - Sagittarius (4th)
    Saturn - Aquarius (6th)
    Jupiter - Aries (8th)
    Rahu - Taurius (9th)
    Mars - Leo (12th)
    I have sent my info few times, please review my chart and advice me during challenging time

  23. Milind,
    I was wondering if its feasible to introduce us to moon lagna and ninth harmonics and how these differ from normal lagna chart. I have no clue how do astrologers read that... and i bet its used a lot..:)
    Mea culpa for being super inquisitive..

  24. Hi Milind,

    Thanks for the wonderful perspective again, I was wanting to ask about a few things that you wrote in the last few articles; I am putting them in one going back and forth would be tedious for you.

    Navam-pancham>>> you had said that the konas are important regarding this yogas and sun-moon combo and other planet combo's are relevant to this yoga. How can you see the importance of artha, dharma, kaama or moksha in a person and the stress one puts in ones life through this combination. Are the sattvic planets involved in yogas important, the number of yogas involving certain planets important, the number of yogas in certain houses importance or it is just a number game with maximum planets in certain kona will only influence the direction of ones pursuit. eg... guru in kanya with capricorn sun, dhanu budh and rahu & mars in taurus...will it be beneficial for aries ascendent or any other char rashis? Or is it more beneficial to a dual or fixed rising sign?
    I am studying this in charts that i try to see including mine.Also this fast slow - slow fast planet combo is another aspect that i am trying to grasp here ( i will ask about it later).

    Ucha-neecha>>> this is one my fav topics as i have a decent size budh debility in my chart and want to know how one can surpass this one in one's lifetime. I have budh mahadasa coming up and this is bothering me more than sade-sati for my tula raashi :). Also, neecha jupiter and neecha venus chart people are always around me attracted like crazy. do ppl with neech graha's with almost same debility/exaltation lord attract one another??

    Mars-Saturn>>>> This is really great perspective on your part to put so much info about this in your blog. I have a saturn capricorn rising with strong mars in a kendra following my saturn in 5th from 4th house. my 7th house with ketu is blessed by the this drishti, lol. so i have had very memorable times so far. I have lots of people with mars+saturn combination around me and most of them are technical people with strong discipline but bad decision makers & struggles in personal life. All of them have anger issues or some strong parental issues including single parents. Very hard working people but lost in space; more lost than pisces meena, lol. So i want to know for which ascendants are these most harmful - for whom saturn is not a yoga-karaka or for which mars is yogakaraka; what are the effects of tansits on them. Does these combination in dushtana cause real harm during dasas? are they better in upachayas?

    I know you have a lot of queries to reply so please do take your time and convenience.Thats all from here :)

    thanks. keep the good work going boss!

  25. Milind, this is in reference to your hi weekly rashifal, ending this week. You mentioned tough time for Singh rashi starting from Wed, specially with last 25 days issue. Can you give us more detail on when this all will end even sadesati ended.


  26. dear milind,
    picking up a point from druz, how about a post on mahadasha of debilitated and combust planets?
    thanks, sarvesh.

  27. Hello Sir,

    In Shani-Mangal Yuti conjunction effects you have mentioned.

    2nd House: "Not talking much most of the time, keeping quite etc but when the personl talks - it is with aggression, quick/fast" Probably I am the best example of this, & hence taking consious efforts to build communication skills.

    I did not get answer to the point that if we have Shani(wakri)-Mangal Yuti in second house, but along with that Guru also in second house, will it REDUCE the bad effects of Shani-Mangal Yuti.

    Thanks & Regards

    1. 12/06/1982 ;11:30 AM, In vijag, Andhra Pradesh I have Mars Saturn in 2nd house, and same problem in talking,and also in taking right decision, choosing right.ect time lapses and delays, how I overcome this problem?

    2. My Shani and Mars in 2 nd house Shani vakri...Jupiter in 3 Rd house..Vivek Pandey..20/02/10/1982pm Patna Bihar lot

  28. I am always looking for answer, but author removes my post :(

  29. Hi Milind Sir,

    Talking about my fathers health.. he had bypass last yr and he is fit now.

    Kahi upay sangu shakal ka for his gud health..!?

    Yes 2008 was very good but from 2009 - 2011 was hell..!! :D

    I have mailed you my birth details can you please chk and answer my questions wich i have asked.

  30. When you consider this conjuction is this from natal birth chart or transit?


  31. hi milind
    please write about shani shukra yuti at 4 deg shani simha and 29 deg venus in kirk, and lagna lord sun at 27deg simha for simha lagna. does it deny mariage, the lady in question is 34yrs old and does not want to marry after a bitter break up 10 yrs back.please answer
    S J

  32. additional info guru in mithun with mars, and shani and guru are debilated in navmansa. will she marry or no.

  33. Milind Ji,

    Nice article . Few things what you have written about siblings and flat feet applies to me..and i was like perplexed.
    But I couldn't analyze mine ! in my horo shani is in 8th house , mangal in 2nd house and guru in 4th house and rasi is what does this say ?

  34. milind ji,

    good article..will make astrologers to think differently.
    have sent mail. kindly check at your convenience.

  35. Thanks for your prompt response :)
    In fact I'm already 8 hours away from my native But now I wanna return to my birth place due to some reasons.
    Hmmm...Puzzling Again O_O !
    Anywayz,one more thing -> my 4th house lord Shukra is in 2nd (singh rashi)& watching Lagna lord Chandra which is in 8th house (Kumbh rashi).So how will be my Shukra antardasha in Budha Mahadasha? Is there any chance to buy property? :)

    Sir,A Kind request..Please write articles about Arudha Lagna,Karakas (as AK,Amk,Pk,Mk...),navmansh.

    Thanks for your all efforts!:)
    Best Wishes!!


  36. Dear Milind, My name is Amit, I have sent an email to you twice in last 5 Months, I looking forward for your guidance, it will very helpful if you can reply to my email.

    Thanks and regards

  37. what , if mangal is 3rd from shani, as shani aspects mangal & both had drusty on 10th house from shani.
    # pradip.

  38. Sir i have sani and mangal together in my navamsa chart... does it signify property disputes with family.

  39. What an excellent master pices you are giving
    It is simply great to read your articles..
    This will not come with out past births sanchit Karma

    It would be great if you guide me on some issues
    I have mesh lagna at 28.57
    ravi meena 23.27
    chandra Kanya 07:47:56
    Mangal (V) Kanya 14:17:56
    Budh Meena 18:32:52
    Guru(V) Tula 14:15:54
    sukra Kumbha 07:06:42
    Shani (V) Kanya 25:33:58
    harshal Vrishka 10:43:56
    Neptune Dhanu 10:31:56
    Rahu Mithun 24:44:


  40. Dear Milind,
    My son is kanya rashi, with shani-mangal yuti (8 degrees apart) with ketu, sun and budh(12th lord) in sixth house(meen) with shani as 4th & 5th lord. 6th house lord guru is in 3rd in dhanu. 12 th (kanya) has moon and rahu. does guru position and 12th lord in 6th show any releif and what are the remedial measures?

  41. Lots of questions here were unasnwered -- will try to answer one by one..

  42. Dear Milind,
    My DOB is 11 April, 1982 9:00 a.m, Kathmandu, Nepal...taurus ascendant with saturn-mars conjunction in 5th house of there complication of giving birth to children? Moon-Jupiter conjunction in 6th house helps for child birth?? if i am capabale of giving birth to girl/boy, if so, when will it be?

    1. Hello again after long, long time... I had this query ... i asked you about my child birth... i gave birth to a beautiful son in 2014 ... but my conjugal bliss went deteriorating ... until this current date...what do you say? any remedies ...please help...

  43. Dear Milundji,
    Mars is in 2nd house(makar) and shani is in 5th house(mesha).
    Guru and Sukra are in 11th house(Tula).
    Financial condition is not good . Is it because of shani Mangal mutual aspect and exchange of their houses?

  44. what is the effect of saturn with rahu in Libra in a chart? From basic principle of astrology it appears that Rahu will magnify the good placement of Saturn in Libra.However,there is another view that talks about Desire(rahu) Vs Restriction(saturn) and the enternal troubles due to the contradicting natures.We also have mentions abour Sharpit dosha.Help me reconcile the views.

  45. my_daughter_was_born_24-8-2001_19:20pm_Shahdol





    TIME BIRTH 09-35 AM

    DATE BIRTH 02-04-1970


  47. I am mesha lagna Shani vakri in Taurus and mars in Scorpio with moon in libra with shani mahadasha and shani antardasha please advise effects

  48. my son has sani,mangal,mercury in 2nd in cancer,ketu in 4th,guru in 5th,moon in 8th,rahu in 10th,venus in 12th.kindly advice on his health,marriage,career.

  49. Dear Mr. Milind

    Thanks for all the information about Shani-mangal yuti.

    my DOb is 15/11/1982, 3.30 pm
    Lagna raas : Meen
    Chndra rashi : Tula

    What can be effects of this yuti in my life?

    which upaay I can do to overcome from this

    I don't understand whether shani and magal are in which house. but smbody told me that for Meen lagna Shni-mangal yuti shall be in 8th house and it's too bad yog. pls check my details / patrika and suggest me sm remedies.

    Also , I reuqest you to write smthing about Mangal-Harshal Pratiyog.

    above said are kuyog.

    mail ID :

    Thanks & Regards

  50. Dear,
    I was wondering; I have advised by so many astrologers that I have SASA YOGA in my kundali would be able to tell me if it is true.
    DOB: 09-November-1984
    Time: 06:05 AM
    Place: Ahmedabad
    Your reply would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks & Warm Regards:
    Amardeep Tiwari

  51. hi
    i have shani mangal yuti
    DOB 9 APRIL 1982
    TOB 12:40 pm

    Q1 what career i shud take ? rite now am working as a office asst. in pvt school
    Q2 what effect can occur cause of shani mangak yuti
    Q3 what are the renedies ?
    Q4 what prcautions one shud follow


  52. hi milind can you tell more on the effects of saturn-mars when they are placed in virgo
    also they both are retrograde, and have jupiter-moon in sixth house, that is libra, is it possible to have kids?
    plz reply

  53. Hi, Milind

    ....above-mentioned query is same as mine both retrograde mars and saturn in 5th house of virgo (taurus ascendant) and the same jupiter conjunct moon (vishakha nakshatra) in sixth house of libra sign {April 11, 1982 (9:00 am) (kathmandu, nepal)}...problem with conceiving???...currently having 2nd phase sade sati...married on first phase of sade sati on 05/11/11 about marital bond...please advise me of the remedies...

    1. hi, did you do any remedies so far, sorry for poking in but it will be good if you can send your spouse's chart details aswell for comparision.

    2. hi, i am the above person,its too strange to see that you have the same planets in the same houses. I didnt know about sade sati, what exactly is it?

  54. hi, remedies not yet, but i am wearing neelam, as i am currently on sade sathi...transit of saturn in libra rashi that is our 6th house...some says it is good, as it is the enemies 6th house, but i do not know how this is affecting me??? that is why, asking Milind ji...??? spouse's chart detail...waiting expert's advice...

    1. hey i figured we have same planets in the same houses, and i guess we are facing similar issues, problems, i was recommended "Gomedh" i am not sure it helped or not, do you mind if send you an email

  55. yes, id is

  56. when looking at mahadhasha, the planets whose mahadhasha is currently running is placed at center of natal or birth chart and all other planets positions and signs are rotated accordingly......

    so does the effect of those planets should be consider on same principle as we see in general or there meanings changes there.

    also where does all these planetary effects and pridictions are written.. is there any website link u can provide me here.......

    cuz every page giving me something new prediction about same planets and thus i am exciting to know all the results and calculate my specific.....

  57. Hi Milind,
    The above explained conjunction is very helpful, i had one question, since shani is yogakaraka, what would be the effect, when such yuti is in the 5th house for a Taurus lagna, where Mercury is in 10th house debilitated, Venus is in 9th house, moon in 12th, sun in 11th and rahu in 2nd house, also plz explain when native is running mahadasha of Mars or Saturn
    Thanks :)

  58. plz write article on videsh yoga..

  59. Hello, My DOB is 25/09/85 Time 10.50 AM. My Scoprio Lagna governed by Mangal Lord has Shani placed in 1st house. Lord of the house Mangal is placed in 10th in Singma rashi. My personal experience is that my Shani is at 00.40 degree only and hence powerless and I used to fall ill very often, all the time you can say I used to have headaches for no reason, nausea and nerve related issues. A well-read astrologer suggested to enhance power of Mangal to supress Shani in lagna (as it is it was of less power) and miraculously after wearing red coral (has been 3 years now) I have become a crorepati and have no head related issues what-so-ever. I am glad I am blessed with a powerful lagna lord else deliberated guru and shatru shani would have taken more toll on me (I had a paralytic attack just while sitting in 2010 in guru-guru-shani dasha). Not to mention that I have my own business and it has grown multifold over the last two years, just awaiting guru-buddh antardasha for further success. Thanks for the informative piece. - Gaurav

  60. Hi,
    A really nice article. I had been looking for information on Mars-Saturn conjunction.
    I have a very very close conjunction of (Aries ascendant) lord Mars (8deg 49' 50'') and Saturn(7deg 14' 43'') in 9th house Sagittarius. As you can see the conjunction is within 2degrees. I also have 9th lord Jupiter in the ascendant, with 9th aspect on this Mars-Saturn conjunction.
    What do you think about this?
    I have faced a few accidents in the past but always came out of them without facing the worst. I think Jupiter has been my saving grace.


  62. My date of birth is 31jan 1986
    Time 20:55
    Place of birth roorkee
    please tell me some thing abt conjuction of shani Mangal in fourth house.can i wear neelam and horse shoe ring in my finger
    kindly reply me at

  63. Shani in 2nd cancer mars in 11th mars with guru, what would be the impact

  64. what happens in case of parivartan yoga when in mithun lagna saturn sits into sixth house and mars in ninth house

  65. Hi,

    My DOB -15/06/1982
    Time -20:08
    Place- Durgapur,West Bengal

    MY boyfreind's DOB - 4/03/1987
    Time - 11;15 am
    Place-Kolkata,West Bengal

    My question is the relationship going to be successfull..and what can be done for it.
    What abt my prospects for marriage?

  66. hi my dob is 20/9/85 ,tob21:15 hr ,i have shani mangal youti in navmsa ,also shani in kendra in lagna house ,m extremely disciplined ,honest in my work ,i have done extremely good in my work but yet to receive complete incentives ,kindly let me know about its effects in my carrer and future personal life


  67. my concern is about a very nice and hard working person - who's birth details are 19 may 1970 at Chandigarh punjab at 6.15 am now days he is suffering lot of financial troubles and has not achieved the success in spite of all good qualities - if you help me by analyzing his birth chart and remedies - i will be very thanks full to you . bcz i have lot of faith on astrology but lack the endless knowledge has your kind-self has . Thanks in advance

  68. kindly update his birth date is 19 may 1970 at 7.16 AM - mistake regretted

  69. Pandit Bhushan Sharma is the best astrologer in India and he has such lot of information relating to necromancy or kala jadu, vashikaran pooja or vashikaran tantra mantra, love spells then on.
    Real Astrologer

  70. Very nice article.. Milind JI ! my concern is that Shani-Mangal in first house (Tula lagna) and Guru in 3rd house (Dhanu rashi).Shani maha dasha started from Nov 2014 and it is prompting me to switch the job or place.. what would you suggest..

    With Regards

  71. Dear Sir,

    My concern is that in My daughter horoscope (DOB 17-03-2014 2:06pm Sur, Oman) Cancer Lagna, 4th house Thula Rashi conjuction of Shani-Mars-Rahu. Please inform me some advise related to Health and future.


    SN Shetty

  72. sir, in sani-mangal yuti,if their rasi swami is aspected by benefic guru; (1)will it protect both sani& mangal? (2)will it protect the bhavas owned by sani,mangal? (3)will it protect oppposite bhav against sani,mangal drusti? to what extent?

  73. sir, in sani-mangal yuti,if their rasi swami is aspected by benefic guru; (1)will it protect both sani& mangal? (2)will it protect the bhavas owned by sani,mangal? (3)will it protect oppposite bhav against sani,mangal drusti? to what extent?

  74. hello sir
    dob 12april1980 in varanasi at 18.25 oclock. i have 4 planets in 11th house, Shani, Mangal, Guru and Rahu and so on .pls cheak my details and tell me what is right and wrong.and its remedies pls.......

    1. Hi can you contact me please at

  75. Hello sir.
    In my navamsa chart, debilitated jupiter is exchanging signs with saturn, and is aspecting mars. jupiters exaltation loprd moon is in kendra 7 from lagna and so is enjoying neechbhanga. but both mars and saturn are aspecting each there is shani mangal mutual aspect. also in the 7th house chandra and rahu are conjunct but both are uchcha. i am not able to understand what can i predict about this condition? does my shani mangal mutual aspect in jupiters drishti turned somewhat good. also the chandra rahu yuti is aspected by both jupiter and saturn. what will be the results of it. I am new to jyotish vidya. please kindly explain the details. TIA. My DOB is 5 august 1994, delhi at 2:44 pm.

  76. hello sir
    in my singh lagna chart i have mangal and shani in 5th house aspected by guru in 9th house what are its effects

  77. In my daughter Rashi Chart (Cancer Lagna) moon in 3rd House Kanya Rashi, Shani, Rahu and Mars in 4th House. Venus in 7th House, Mercury in 8th house, Sun in 9th House, Ketu in 10th House, Jupitar in 12 house. Please check/inform me any remedy for Mangal Shani yuti,Thanks very much

  78. Hello Sir do you still reply these days ?

    if you happen to read this please do give 1 line of input

    Gemini asc..
    Vargottama Mars in 5th and Saturn in 8th capricorn

  79. thanks a lot for posting an article to provide more information about manga and Shani in detail.thanks again. Indian Matrimony

  80. what if Mangal and shani placed in 10th House of Scorpio ascendant and Jupiter placed in 2nd house

  81. Hello Pandit JI!!!
    My shani mangal yog is in Libra in 3rd house. Leo Ascendant.
    I am still wating for success in life. I am though talented in 2,3 things including cricket. How long should I wait. It has been torcher to wait :)

    DOB 28 Jul 1984
    tob 08:57 am
    POB Ambikapur Chhattisgarh

    1. Waiting for your reply Pandit Ji!!!

  82. milind
    i just opened your sight .very usefull information on shani-mangal yuti

  83. 8/5/1980, 6.17 am, place of birth kolkata,star dhanishtha makar rashi taurus lagna no professional stability. family suffering a lot not getting job offers even after having experience currently working in uae all work stand still no results

  84. Sir my brother have Shani with urenus in 7th and mangal in 8th with Neptune as per ur Shani mangal yuti article he has problem related with muscles (blood)so will there any remedy to cure his problem by astrology because he suffered lots of problems if any remedy available mail me ur contact no I will contact u as I m also from pune .my mail Id is waiting for ur valuable reply

  85. Hello Milind,

    Nice article.

    My son is 10 months old and he is our only son. He has Capricorn lagna. He has shani mangal yuti in 11th house in scorpio. 11 degree difference in graha. Shani in jyeshta nakshatra and mars in anuradha nakshatra.
    Sun and mercury in pisces in 3rd house in pisces.
    Guru, chandra and rahu in leo in 8th house and venus, ketu and neptune in 2nd house of Aquarius.
    How do you see this kundali? Are there any adverse effects of shani mangal yuti?

    Pls let me know. Thanks in advance

  86. hello sir
    place sambalpur-orissa
    time -15:20 hours
    problem married life , can you please advise

  87. Thanks from the core of my heart Sir, My DOB - 29.05.1982, 1400hrs, Munger Bihar. In my horoscope Saturn and Mars are in ascendant kanya. Will you please tell a few about this.

  88. Thanks from the core of my heart Sir, My DOB - 29.05.1982, 1400hrs, Munger Bihar. In my horoscope Saturn and Mars are in ascendant kanya. Will you please tell a few about this.

  89. Hello Sir, Thanks for the informative article. I havd been researching Shani Mangal yuti as I have Shani mangal yuti in 8th bhava in tula rasi. Venus conjuncts mercury in 5th bhava in karka rasi. Guru in 10th , Sun in 4th aspecting each other. Rahu in 3rd , ketu in 9th , chandra in 11th. DOB : 14 JULY 1984 11:30 P, SECUNDERABAD. Kindly let me know why do I have so many issues in life? if there's any remedies possible.

  90. Hello sir
    Mine is mithun lagna with ketu in 3rd house, guru & moon of tula in 5th house, rahu in 9th house, sun budh & sukra of meen in 10th house, shani mangal of mesh in 11th house, muje safalta nahi milti hai aur karj kabhi bhi nahai utarta hai koi upay hai ? DOB 26.03.1970 TIME 12.05 PM AFTERNOON AT LABHPUR DISTRICT BOLPUR WEST BENGAL. PLEASE GUIDE I WILL BE VERY GRATEFULL TO YOU ALSO KINDLY GUIDE OF REMEDI OF SHANI MANGAL YUKTI

  91. Milind ji I'm mithun rashi and vrishchik lagna. I have Shani mangal yuti in 9th house in kirk(no 4)and guru is with ketu in 6th house in mesh. Please do guide about the consequences and the remedies to minimise them.

  92. What are the effects for Tula lagna folks, especially if Mangal is exalted in Shani's house and Shani is opposite in Karka rashi AND wakri? Guru's max drushti on this Shani where he is placed in Mangal's house (Vrischik)? Any thoughts on this complex placement?

  93. I have shani and mangal in the 2nd house in kanya ( virgo ) sign and rest of the planet are as mentioned below then what would be imptect
    1st house - shimha lagna - 0 planet
    2nd house - shani & mangal
    3rd house - jupiter
    5th house - ketu
    6th house - Sun, Venus & mercury
    7th House - Moon
    11th house - Rahu

  94. Are you eldest in family or responsible like that