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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tula Rashi Bhavishya 2011 (Sade Sati from Setp 2009)

Tula Rashi Bhavishya 2011 -- Libra (Sade Sati from Sept 2009)

This article applies to Chandra Rashi TULA and also to larger extent LIBRA Sun Sign i.e. people born from Oct 15 to Nov 15. (Western Sun Sign calendar is wrong:


2. A recent Article on Shani change on 15-Nov-2011:

The Chandra rashi plays a significant role in deciding the “Kriyaman” i.e. instant karma for all folks that come under this category. Let us look at the individual Chandra Rashi predictions / patterns for 2011. I will post all rashis one by one. This time it is TULA rashi. (Some well known moon sign TULA personalities: RD Burman, Amitabh Bachchan, Ratan Tata, Rakesh Zunzunwala?, Maruti Udyog, Rajesh Exports, Baba Ramdeo, Akshay Kumar, Ashokrao Chavan: I will add more later)

This is a very interesting topic to put 1/12th people in the world in the same bhavishya category. This topic can only talk about the Kriyaman karma (instant karma) and not the “destiny” of individuals. The destiny-analysis requires combination horoscope (birth-time also called as natal-chart).

TULA Rashi in 2011: Sade Sati started from Sept 2009

Tula Rashi Characteristics: Tula rashi folks are charming, well mannered, all rounder, easy going, positive, tall, trade-mark smile (they always smile: Madhuri Dixit is Tula lagna and Julia Roberts Tula Sun 28th Oct). They try to balance whenever they see excess of anything. While they try to balance they are the most unbalanced ones! They are easily teased by Vrushabh’s ridicule and Kanya’s meticulousness. These folks are very pleasant and it feels good to have them around. 95% Film actors have at least1 planet in Tula rashi! J 50% are either Moon sign or Sun Sign Tula i,e, (Sun Sign Libra from Oct 17 to Nov 17 born)

Summary for 2011:

Tula rashi has entered Sade Sati from Sept 2009. This marks the start of a new era of to re-group, go back to study room, re-invent, re-profile yourself in life. This is not the era to leverage your skills. You can easily see that in Akshay Kumar’s comedy movie stint and also Amitabh Bachchan’s stage of life, Ratan Tata entering into controversies, Baba Ramdeo saturating at his current levels for some time now. AshokRao Chavan has gone away from power into oblivion for at least 2 initial years of sade sati.

Until April 2010 Guru saved the day quite a bit as it was 5th to your Moon Sign Tula and could have given fruits to plans of past 2/3 years. Again 6 November to 6 December was very good as Guru was back 5th.

Overall the period until May 2011 is not great – it is time to put your head down and do the hard work and do not take big risks. Try to plan for next 15-20 years and not just short term fixes. Slow and steady is the name of the game after great success of past 7.5 years leading to Sept 2009. (Just check how much Bachchan, Tata, Akshay K, Baba Ramdeo influences news in past 7.5 years until Sept 2009.) The 1st 2.5 years of Sade Sati are bad-mouthing, bad publicity, falling image etc.

Do not expect the same personal growth rate and do not expect the same things that worked earlier to work again and again. This is the time for “re-inventing” yourself. However, the milestones, abilities gained so far will be always with you, just that it’s time to acquire new skills.

Guru entering Mesh rashi in May 2011 will help quite a bit to reduce adversity of the sade sati. Help image and reduce bad mouthing to some extent. BUT, at the same time Raahu will change from Dhanu to Vrushchik – this again not the best thing as 3rd house Rahu shows “parakram”, completing projects successfully that no one thought possible. So Rahu changing 2nd will be good for finances and cash flow but not at personal achievement levels.

Again, the 7th Guru in Mesh will enhance optimize and increase what started from Dec 2009 to April 2010. i.e. the 5th Guru. This is a good thing as it will keep you going despite sade sati.

Planetary positions and their effects:

1. Guru is 6th until May 7, 2011 (failures/defeats) and then 7th until May 2012 (Saturation)

a. Until May 2011: 6h Guru – Your Saturation and Competition getting stronger

b. The competition will grow only stronger. You will have to face adversity of 6th Guru and 12th Shani. The competition will grow stronger and better. Juniors/new players will catch up with you and ask your position! J

c. Time to show Saboori / patience and hard-work regardless of bad publicity and competition always in your face.

d. After May 2011 to May 2012: 7th Guru

e. 7th Guru will also bring good improvements/luck in partnerships and married life.

f. 7th Guru will also enhance image or limit damage as it directly in front of Chandra and also increase a weight little but despite Sade sati stress! J

2. Sade Sati from Sept 2009: Shani 12th Bad publicity, Oblivion

a. Hanuman Sadhana is highly advised to keep going and for keeping sanity / mental health!

b. For detailed sade sati effects please read:

c. Have already described most of the effects above.

3. Seniors / Upper Management (the Sun movement) would be VERY favorable from

a. June 15th to July 15th à 9th house Sun (Support from Seniors/Govt)

b. July 15th to Aug 15th à10th house Sun (Power, Happening, Support & stress from seniors)

c. Aug 15th to Sept 15th à 11th house Sun (Gains, Money, Senior Support)

d. March 14th to April14th à 6th house Sun Success in competition, better results that colleagues

4. Seniors / Upper Management (the Sun movement) would NOT be good for

a. May 15th to June 15th à 8th house Sun – PEEDA from seniors & authority, Govt, Father etc

b. Sept 15th to Oct 14th à 12th house Sun – Adversity with seniors & authority, Govt, Father

5. Rahu / Ketu (Paternal / Maternal Families)

a. Until May 2nd 2011: Rahu is 3rd and Ketu is 9th to your rashi until May 2nd 2011

b. 3rd Rahu continues to help along with 9th Ketu quite a bit.

c. Achieving projects that are high image conscious and deemed as too ambitious etc.

d. White papers, Articles, Blogs, Publishing activity etc

e. After May 2nd, 2011 : Rahu in 2nd house and Ketu in the 8th house for 18 months

f. Paternal family will help from finance point of view and you will see some activity there.

g. Some great purchase of sell (activity) on investment front. To make a statement or to keep/show an image - Could be avoided if possible.


  1. Nice update. I am Tula lagna and Tula rashi. Can you pls highlight whether 7th Guru will be good or bad for Tula.

  2. 7th Guru means -- "Baal bhi na Baanka" -- a Great period of Growth and expansion to any Raashi.

  3. I need some help/correct updates reg.the status of my rashi.
    I have moonsign tula rashi, vishaka nakshatra, viruchiga lagna, sun sign Aries.
    Whats the present status? whats the strongst planet in my chart? what is the gemstone? pls suggest

  4. I liked your blog very much. Do you do personal consultations? Please let me know.

  5. Hi ,
    Myself Ritesh H.Anasane,I am Tula by moon sign & (Chitra-4),Mesh by lagna ras ,& Gemini(13th June )by sun sign ,
    I read you forecast ,I like your forecast as it gives links to act on the situtation ,
    I request you give some details of Tula depends on Nakshtra ,
    Email :

  6. I am Tula Rasi and Karkataka lagna.How is my current career? Is there any adversity because of my sade sati? My natal chart has Shani and Kuja in the 12 th house.
    Please let me know.

  7. Hi Milind,

    I'm Tula Rashi tula lagna chitra nakshtra.
    Plz tell bout the 2011.

  8. Hi Milind,

    I'm Tula Rashi tula lagna chitra nakshtra.
    Plz tell bout the 2011.

  9. Hello Milind! I sent you an email a few days ago. Can you please answer a very important question for me? Cannot post here for confidentiality reasons...

    Mira Dhanbad

  10. Hi Milind..

    I sent you a mail a few days ago.. Can you plz suggest a remedy to improve my current financial condition..? In am in pune. Is it possible to meet you personally..
    Please respond..

    Neernay Khairkar

  11. Hi my son born in USA 10/18/94 Tuesday revati nakshatra,pieces as moon rashi,is he going thru sadesati ?he is giving exam in may-June ?is it ok with him or not?pls answer me.

  12. I fall under shimha rashi as per my patrika -- however in your prediction you have highlighted that the prediction of tula as applicable to me ( that is libra) -- hence i saw prediction of sinhma and tula both and they both are contradictory -- my birthdate is 1st oct -- which rashi refer on your site predictions -- sinhma or tula .. pl guide MV

  13. Dude/KIran Dalvi:

    I will call you over the weekend - I am removing your post as your mobile is shared on internet... :(

  14. Anonymous:
    Please read my article for MOON Sign which is Sinvha for you and also 1st Oct (Date of 1 also adds to this Sinvha characteristics).

    1st Oct: Your Sun Sign is VIRGO/Kanya and NOT Tula/Libra. Please check CORRECT dates for Sun Signhs. The REAL SUN SIGN LIbra starts from 15/16 Oct to 15 Nov or so.

  15. The kanya articles says three glorious years start from may 2012 and sinhma moon sing article says three glorious years starts from april 2011 -- which one to follow -- as it will have crucial impact on my career -- if both are related to me.

  16. Please use Moon Sign as I posted various times and also oin article ..

  17. hi,
    i am going through a very rough period.very stressed and frutrated.earlier i had a misscarriage in 2009 october and since then i am trying for a baby but with no success.can u please tell me the truth whether i will have a baby or not?
    my d.o.b-07/02/1980
    place-asansol(west bengal)

  18. Thanks for the prompt replies dear milind
    in that case does it mean finally I remain sinmha and not kanya

    cause as per moon sign i fall under that rashi while my date of birth is 1st oct - which as per sun sign fall under Kanya (as per your sun sign calculations) -- so i have to refer moon sign and remain simha.

    And in sum sign english - as per you i fall under vergo and not libra -- is my understanding correct.

    Moon sign - simha
    sun sign - virgo

    pl guide one finally so that i do not have any mis understanding . thanks

  19. (1) anonymous -- Yes your understanding is correct with Mooon Sign as Simha and Sun Sign as Virgo.

    (2) Rashmi -- Assuming 7th Feb 80. 1.22 pm
    (a) b-date 7 and total 9 makes your life very good on spiritual path. You will have a great commitment to chosen Life-path. Reading spiritual material like Autobiography of a Yogi (internet free i guess) will help a lot.
    (b) Your lagna rashi is shown as Vrushabh last degree with 2-3 minutes of addition of birth time or place change (Asansol assumed) it would become Mithun. Vrushabh assumed for this analysis.
    (c) Yes -- The Santati sthan shows Shani -- which recommends or show a bit late marriage and Santati -- say age of 29/30.
    (d) The owner of the santati house is Budh and is VERY CLOSE to KETU -- Maternal Grandfather-family influence on your santati. Both Shani and Ketu Budh in Mangal's nakshatra shows that your Santati could be younger brother/sister of your own maternal grandfather. It will have something to do with the education field or even sports education field too. The Ketu Budh are in the 5th house from Moon (Santati sthan from Moon) so this effect is added in the horoscope further!
    (e) The Santati Karak Guru is wakri and with Raahu but drushti on Budh Ketu which shows that although issues you will have a good santati. Guru with Rahu in Sinvha shows paternal family influence in heart related matters of the baby.
    (f) I think from May 2011 to May 2012 would be VERY good for you to have Santati – Guru would be having drushti on Horoscope Guru -- So conceiving point of view this year is very good and for delivery even after May 2012 to May 2013 is good. So in all next 2 years are very good in this regards.
    (g) Shukra is in 11th house and it reduced many ill effects of some of the planetary formation on Santati. Santati would be good looking.

    I would suggest you to spend some time for orphanages (kids) – Volunteer work and some donations to them would also help. I would also suggest Hanuman Upasana which I have detailed in my Sadesati and Shani Mahadasha articles.

  20. thanx milind for your quick response.But i could not understand the NO. d point regarding maternal family.In 2007 january i lost my mother and before that i lost my two maternal uncle.


  21. Hi,
    read your articles and like it very much.
    my DOB is 23-10-1978, TOB: 15:30 , Mumbai. I am married for the past 6 yrs and our marriage life is normal. we have been trying for the children for the past 4 yrs, had a mis-carriage last year. Wanted to know about if I will ever had a child. Also our financial positions are very bad nothing is clicking for myself and my husband.


  22. Hi Milind , your blogs are interesting & very informative also.

    'll u predict something for me ...

    my DOB is 10 april 1982

    Time is 08:15 AM

    City - Dehradun , Uttrakhand

    Lat lon:
    30N19 , 78E03
    Mob 9808111177 , 9557536366

  23. Hello Milind,
    I am going through high mental pressure and physical distance with my family and looking for change in my job, can you tell me how Sade sati is going to be for me starting nov 2011.
    DOB: 15th Oct 1977
    Time: 6:45 am
    Place Barauni in BIhar.

    Thank you,

  24. sir me 2011 ya warshi 12 science chi exam dili aahe tar me ya warshi pass honar kay mazi ras tula rashi aahe aani mazi birth date 10aug1993 aahe.

  25. Moline,

    Fascinating! It matches my life journey.

    Can you help me guide if I shd persist in current job or look outside. I am trying but nothing seems to work.

    I was born 26th sept 3 am. In Jaipur.

    Thanks and regards

  26. I'm Tula Rashi
    chitra nakshtra 4th pada will I have mail child.I am two and half month pregnent now.

  27. Hi Milind,

    My Tula rashi coordinates are as follows:

    4th House - Rahu and Shukra
    5th House - Guru and Ravi
    6th House - Shani, Pluto and Budha
    7th House - Harshal, Chandra and Mangal
    8th House - Nepture
    10th House - Ketu

    LOB-Vadodara(Baroda), Gujarat.
    TOB-23:20 Hrs.

    I am going through significant transitions in personal life, career, property/finances, interpersonal relations with friends and family... everything appears to be changed, like losing grip of everything around.
    Can you please predict something for me...?

    thanks - rohidas

  28. Hi! Milind,

    Can you please predict something for me...?regarding marriage and job
    DOB:-12 July 1986
    Birth Place:-Banda UP


  29. Hi Milind,
    Its gud to read ur article.
    I have lot of interest in learning Jyotish. I am little gud in Palmistry.
    Maybe Shani in 7th place(Wife Place) of my kundali made me Dharmik n interested in these things.
    I am also Tula rashi, Swati Nakshatra, born on 28th March 1986, Friday, I am going through sadesati. I wanted to know frm u regarding my Job, marriage and health. Can I start my own business and earn plenty of money? Wht abt my foreign chances? Waiting for your Reply...


  30. My birthdate is 14th October 1969. I am facing problems at workplace and in personal life. Can u tel me when i wil rid of them?


  31. hi,

    I am shela, Tula rashi. i am not able to conceive for last couple of years. is their any thing good i can expect this year

  32. Hi! Milind,

    Ruchi here, wanted to know from u regarding my Job, marriage and health. Can you please predict something for me...?

    DOB:-12 July 1986
    Birth Place:-Banda UP

    Waiting for your Reply


  33. Hi! Milind,

    Ruchi here, wanted to know from u regarding my Job, marriage and health,is their any thing good i can expect,please predict something for me...?

    DOB:-12 July 1986
    Birth Place:-Banda (Uttar Pradesh)
    Day:- Saturday

    Waiting for your Reply


  34. Hi Milind,
    DOB:02-09-1973, Tula Rashi and Swati Naksatra.
    Place of of Birth: Gokak(Dist:Belgaum),Karnataka,India
    I am having problem in conceiving and last year ended in ectopic. I am wondering that is there any chance for me to coneive this year and enjoy the motherhood in my life. Currently i am going through lot mental tention might be due to sade shati shani. can you please when i will conceive?

  35. hello sir, my DOB is 25/04/1986 place of birth is DONDAICHA(maharasgtra) and time is 8:10 am.
    I am physiotherapist by proffesion.I git married in dec 2009 .before marrige ws havin my own practice and it ws doing well.but after marriage my life has becme very stagnant i am feeling its nt moving only.i am getting vry difficulties in job searching,we faced many problems in this 1 and half year like my in laws sickness dut to cancer, accident etc.and even we are try to conceive a baby but nt getting any success .Due to all this i am feeling very depressed,nercvous.Can I get a job or Can I start my own practice again .please sir guide me.Thanking you.

  36. sir please guide me .. i am waiting

  37. I belong to Tula rashi and I have just discovered that I can raise my Kundalini at will.I acheived this just 2 weeks after being initiated at Agna. It comes till the heart chakra. I also seem to have lots of energy with very little effort. My ancestors were priests. With sade saath running do you think i should practive Kundalini medidation or should i leave it for later in life? I am 30 yrs old. I am current practicing only mooladahara meditation. I find a lot of peace in spiritual activities and can feel the pressure in mooladahara just by thinking. I am trying to avoid this right now. I am not sure what to do. Please advice.

  38. Anonymous -- Kundalini Related:

    I have not much clue on this topic although I have read stuff on this highest plain of spirituality! Sadesati or etc has nothing to do with it.

    RATHER -- SPIRITUALITY is COMPLETELY outside the Planestary control/push pull etc.

    The priests and Sadhus take themselves out of cycle of Karma and hence push/pull of the heavenly bodies. The pure slate can achieve kundalini much faster as various blockages due to unpaid karma are not there in the body!!

  39. BUT You were given TULA rashi for a purpose -- So I guess you ARE supposed to carry out your practical duties in this life and woudl not adopt the SPIRITUAL way 100%. Well - taht is just my analysis. TUla is a CHAR rashi and a sansarik sign -- it will have TREMENDOUS Sansarik PULLs.

  40. Thanks for the comment about Kundalini. :)
    Right now I am pretty stable after the kundalini experience but not doing any meditation. Nothing seems to disturb me much. lets see how long it lasts. :)

    I can still feel the slight pressure in Agna when I think.. I am still trying to avoid it.. Now I find myself doing mudras unconsciously. :)

  41. days getting tougher, full finacial problems,

    DOB 9.9.1975
    karntaka, gulbarga

    Please suggest me


  42. DOB 10-Jun-1965
    IST 21.40
    Place of Birht: Bhuj Dist: Kutchh :Gujarat

    Passing from tougher days, Financlial problems
    Suggest me on

  43. Hi Milind,
    I sent you email. Pls reply to it.
    Everything makes sense that why I am having so much problems.

  44. Hi Milind,

    My date of birth is 17/02/1979.Place of birth is kolkata.I am going through a very rough period.Every Astrologer says that I don,t have any happiness in my life.Can you predict anything for me? Can I get a Govt. job? Kindly mail it in


  45. hello milind

    my dob is 24/11/73, time 2:27 am, libra vishaka nakshatra.pls let me know how is my career prospects, i have applied for job..will i get thru...kindly mail..i have mailed u a number of times but haven't got any reply...


  46. hello Milind ,

    My date of birth is 14/03/1982 . birth time is 8:35 am , Varanasi . I am not happy with my curent job as it is very stressfull . Can you provide any information when my job prospects will improve ?


  47. I am Pravin D . My Rashi Tula Lagna Mesha I am not having job as on today.please tell me when i will get new job.

  48. I'm Rashi Tula and Lagna Mithun. Can you please let me know about the positive things that can be done to make the sadesati period milder?

    Thanks in advance.

  49. I' M Tula Rashi the same question plz let me know the positive things that can b done to make the sadesati period not to harm, bcoz also now due 2 some reason i have given trouble 2 my wife due to other women


    Your current deeds and doing pooja can overcome anything written in your horoscope. This was said to me by a very intelligent poius priest who refused to look my horoscope.. he said that he has seen events in his life that surpassed horoscopes so he does not believe in them but only in pooja! He said this after spending all his life doing pooja and looking at horoscopes. So believe in it! Good luck! Invite god to be in your house. In you mind and heart and guide you. Do not harm others.. build some good karma.. it really wrks!! Good luck!!

  51. hello, i follow ur blog quite regularly, i am tula rashi swati nakshatra, meen lagna, DOB 11/09/72, POB Agra, UP, 7.35 PM (evening). going through very tough phase in my life, involved in a very big project as project leader, financial difficulties, difficult to make even my both ends meet, not earning anything, my set business is doing bad, and the new project is yet to take off. i am neck deep in loans, all my properties are in the hands of bank, fight with partners,court cases against me & what not... i am doing hanuman puja, read hanuman chalisa, visit temple every saturday, wearing many rings. what more should i do? how to atleast earn to keep my family afloat? how to atleast make my project limp ahead( see i'm using limp and not run)? i have not done anything bad in my life, nor harmed anybody. i was just plain ambitious... why am i facing all these? how far will it continue and to what extent will it change my life and relationships? please answer...


    :) Thanks for the wonderful comment. The human being will always wonder "WHY I AM THE WAY I AM or WHY I GOT WHAT I GOT IN THIS LIFE" -- WHAT IS MY LILFE PURPOSE etc etc etc.

    Horoscope is a GREAT TOOL for this -- Horoscope is not a destiny but it is a mere TOOL or a MAP to be used in this journey and you do NOT throw away the MAP until you have reached your destination!!


  53. PLEASE DO NOT POST b-DATES here! :( :( Please send email to the gmail id at the top of the page under my picture...!



    ALSO -- POOJA does not override anything. POOJA is teh 1st step so that you get GOOD THOUGHTS and are made to do GOOD KARMA. POOJA shows you path of doing good Karma. If you can do good karma without Pooja -- nobody stops you from it.

    For years your souls have made promises to do certain POOJA if something happens and forgot to do that so yes sometime doing POOJA could also be the unpaid karma! :) :)


  55. My name is padmini, my date of birth, 29.3.1975, my star is chitra, tula rashi, i am sufering very bad in office and home with more work, kindly advice when it will be reduced

  56. hi milind ji,

    Your article is very informative. My brother is also going through Sadee Satee. He got married in Sept 2011 but he was under the influence of sadee satee from sept 2009.He had lot of problems in his married life related to compatibility.His wife deserted him within 40 days of marriage and is basically very quarellsome and immature. She called him impotent and threatened to put false cases. However, she patched up after 1 month and came back. But she does not repent her actions.She is too attached to her family and keeps running back to her family.Now she is pregnant and my brother is travelling overseas for 2 years. Initially he planned to take her along but because of her quarellsome nature has decided otherwise.
    We have heard my brother does not marital happiness in his charts.
    Please let us know, will ever things improve or he will seperate from his wife.
    Also the remedies which we should perform.

    Name: Ashwani Kumar
    DOB: 13-01-1980
    Time of Birth :2.45AM
    Place : Chandigarh

    Wife Name : Priyanka Sharma
    Name : Priyanka Sharma
    Date of Birth : 04-08-1986
    Time of Birth : 4.52 AM
    Place of Birth : Ambala

    please revert at :

  57. Hi Milindji,

    Awaiting revert on my brother's sadee satee problem. Had sent you an email also.
    Request you to throw some light on his marital life. Also he has become very short tempered now. Can we some remedy to help him.


  58. Hello Milind,

    I am a first time visitor so I like your post. I found it quite specific with lots of information. Thanks for spreading it :)

    I have something to ask, in this post you mentioned , "95% Film actors have at least1 planet in Tula rashi! J 50% are either Moon sign or Sun Sign Tula i,e, (Sun Sign Libra from Oct 15 to Nov 15 born)" but I suppose Oct 15 to Nov 15 is Scorpio not Tula...because i am a scorpio u see :)...Can you please correct me if I am wrong?


  59. Hello Milind,
    i have always trouble in my personal life the day i got engaged till today i am tula rashi and mithun lagna i am under shani sada sati panoti i would like to know more if my marriage is not falling apart my DOB is 30th may 1977 and my husbands DOB is 28th may 1973 could u please revert mail at

  60. hello milind sir,
    i am going through rough phases of life as predicted by the astrologers, my rashi is tula and its under sade sati. i born in mid october, 86. i wish to know that will i marry the one i love coz the things are going out of my hands
    kindly enlighten sir
    i will be thankful

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

  62. Hello Mr. Milind,

    Read your blog and thought of writing to you.

    My sade sati is going to start from november 2011. My lagna is no. 9 with Guru placed in lagna. I have an exalted Saturn in my 11th house. Moon in my 12th house with Mars and Ketu. Sun(5) and Mercury together in my 9th house.

    During my first Sade Sati as a kid, I had faced many accidents related to fire, water and electric shocks. I had also injured my fingers very badly 5 times.

    Will it have the same effect on my health. I am worried about my career too. I have a malefic Venus (6) in my 10th house which is not giving me good results. :(

    Will be happy to hear from you.

    Warm Regards

  63. Revati: That effect in previous sadesati was predominantly related to Mangal and also maybe Harshal -- I guess you also have Harshal with Moon and Mars which VERY IMp effect -- Shock etc etc. (U might be 83/84 etc born)

    With growing age and maturity I think you shoudl only be worried if you drive 2 wheelers extensively withouot helmet and also only in middle 2.5 years and taht to owhen SHani is close to Janmakalin Mangal and Harshal in close degrees.

    So NO I do not expect such events to happen this time -- Rather -- Shani might force you to be aggressive etc if you have lost some of it due to increasing age etc etc :) :) Shani reduces EXCESSES from your life -- Whatever they are and makes you LEAN! :)


  64. MEERA:
    yes You are wrong! :) Please check my article on REAL Sun Signs -- The link is even provided in this article also at the top.


  65. Sir,
    Iam shobha staying in bangalore.
    My DOB is 27-10-1973
    POB is Bijapur, karnataka, India
    Time of Birth : 7:35 AM
    Please tell me if I am undergoing sadesati. And what day of week should I do fasting, and which temple to visit on what day to have better effects. I looking for a job, but I feel that I have become very slow. What should I do to have better casreer prospects in this phase of my life, and improve my relationships with my family members.
    Thank You very much,

  66. Hi

    This was very informative. I was told that I am going through sade sati. I was born on 11th Oct, 80. I have been facing a lot of problems since 2 years mainly professional and some health. I have been feeling helpless and don't know what will happen next. I have been feeling demotivated. Can you please give any insights and recommendations?

    Thank you,

  67. Hi Milindji,
    Excellent predictions which are true to a very large extent. My date of birth is 18 November 1971. Could you let me know my future professional path.

    Look forward to hear.

  68. Hello Mr. Milind,

    Very happy to hear from you. :) Yes you are right, I am 84 born. fyi - 02 sept 84, 1534hrs, Pune.

    Just a few queries.

    I did not properly understand your statement which is...

    "Shani might force you to be aggressive etc if you have lost some of it due to increasing age etc etc :) :) Shani reduces EXCESSES from your life -- Whatever they are and makes you LEAN! :)"

    1. Aggressive? (As in? I am just the opposite. :P)
    2. Reduces EXCESSES? (Money wise? I hardly have any.:( )
    3. I am ready to work hard...even will exalted Saturn play any positive role?

    Warm Regards
    Revati :)

  69. Hi , Iam Dr. Rushikesh , I have Vishakha Nakshatra.
    Iam preparing for IAS. From 1 and a 1/2 years Iam preparing for my exam but the thing is Iam not able to concentrate on my studies. I just pass time in unnecessary things. I want to study but it is not being done . Please suggest something. I have started reading Shani Stotra. I just want to know about my good time. In my Kundali my Bhagyodaya is written in 29th year. and I hav completed 28 now . But i feel very depressed
    My DOB - 12 September 1983
    Time - 04:50 a.m
    Place of birth : Nashik
    Plz Consider this comment.
    Thanking You in anticipation
    Dr.Rushikesh Hole

  70. Hi,

    I am Sudheer, was born on June 2, 1982 at 5:36 am currently running through very bad phase and place of Birth is Kandukur, Andhra Pradesh...when will I get peaceful life and I am in USA, do I get settled in USA.....pls let me know

  71. Shbhamastu !

    I am Anant Joglekar DOB 26-09-1957 TOB 01.32 AM POB YAVATMAL MAHARASHTRA. Organic Farmer by profession and also On-line Share Trader. Rashi TULA, Lagna KARKA. My wife Rashi KARKA Lagna TULA Elder daughter Rashi SIMVHA Lagna TULA Younger daughter Rashi VRISHCHIK Lagna TULA.

    Wish to know Sade Sati effect and after Sade Sati overall Life with noteworthy events in FUTURE.



  72. Sir,

    My name is Vijayalakshmi Venkatesh DOB 11-Feb-1977 Time 1.20 AM POB Chennai. I lost my second child,8 months old, in 2009, and lost my first, 8 yr old spastic daughter in 2011. I have adopted a girl from an orphanage, but some legal issues has comeup and is going on for almost an year. My husband is in Singapore. We want to join him soon.. Even he wishes it very badly. When will this court proceedings will end???? Kindly help me. Me and my husband are very fond of children. We dont hurt anybody in words also...Why this mental trauma for us.........

  73. Hello Vijayalakshi Ji --

    Please share your email id so that I can send a detailed analysis to you. Here is a quick comment. I will also need your husband's details as your horoscope is not that harsh for santati -- although there ARE issues there:

    (1) Your horoscope Guru is owner of Santati sthan and also Guru is Santati-Karak so it gets teh 100% importance for Santati analysis.
    (2) Guru is in Shatru-sthan (6th house) and is in Krittika Nakshatra which is quite intense!
    (3) ALso BOTH Shani and Mangal have drushti on your Guru although it is not in close degrees.
    (4) Guru is also with KETU...
    (5) Guru's rashi is Mangal and Mangal although uchcha rashi is opposite to wakri Shani! :(
    (6) Even owner of Santati sthan from Chandra is Shani and it is opposite to Mangal! ---
    (7) All this shows a definite past karma with kids which has reflected in your horoscope!
    (8) You adopting a child from orphanage is a VERY GOOD thing for sure and from May2011 to May2012 you should get a good decision as Guru is going over Guru in Mesh rashi.
    (9) I would also suggest donating to orphanages and also spending time with less privileged kids. This will help pay off your past karma with kids/santati.

    As Guru is with Ketu – I would suggest paying trubute to your maternal side family and grandfather. Mom’s parents. This will surely help. Have their pictures in your house and pay tribute to them after bath in the morning put candle etc in from of their snap. You should also do HANUMAN Sadhana and Ram Raksha (Sanskrit) – Also do “Garbh Sanskar” you can find CDs and books for that.


    my email id is

  75. hi i am ramya, my DOB is 2/8/87. my parents are searching a groom for me since a yr, but no such match has found correct to us till now. meanwhile my grandpa had been expired (fathers father). wen wil i get married. is there any remedy?? plz help me out..

    thank you

  77. This comment has been removed by the author.

  78. Hi,
    I will be entering into Second Phase of Sade sati from this Nov 15.My Saturn is in Libra along with Moon in 2nd House.Can you please let me know the intensity of Sade sati over here.DOB-2nd March 1983.Birth Place Tamluk..
    Eagerly waiting fo your reply.

  79. I am born on 23-6-61.Tula rasi chitta star Please tell me how it looks

  80. My wife's DOB is 05.02.1968, born at Chakrata, Uttrakhand. She is exceptionally talented and a meritorious student throughout with M.Sc. in Chemistry in 1988 and obtaining other degrees thereafter. She is presently engaged in private coaching classes business, after quiting regular school in 2010 as Headmistress for 5 years. She always dreams of creating a chain of good quality coaching classes in Mumbai. Some of the students in the coaching class are given free education as well.

    What are her future prospectus of realizing her dreams come true? Any remedial measures, Please suggest.

  81. Dear Sir,

    I am born on 24th Feb 1973 at 3.45 AM in Mysore Karnataka, needed to know am i going thru sade sathi if yes in which leg am i in

  82. I am born on 4th Sep 1981 at 5.43 AM in Solapur, Maharashtra.
    The life is miserable now a days. Please let me know few details. Please let me know some near future predictions and in overall how it will be?

  83. To introduce my self I am Mr. Ravi Kumar.N from Bangalore. I have sent a mail to your id. Please respond to my mail.


  84. hi can u tell me whats written in my life ?? i am tula rashi ,
    born on may11 1979 at belgaum karnataka at 10.40 pm (night )

  85. forgot tomention "female "

  86. Hai i was born on 24 09 1979 my rasi is tula & nakshatra is swati i am married women my husband was born on 15-09-1981 please tell me about our married life

  87. Hi Milind,
    Really Nice post and good to see your responses to all.
    I too need some help/correct updates reg.the status of my rashi.
    I have moonsign Tula rashi, Vishaka nakshatra, Makar lagna & sun sign Aquarius.
    Whats the present status?
    I got married on November 27, 2009. My BoD: 15/02/1982 (Mumbai)at 5.15am.
    I have been facing continuous problem in my married life and now we planning baby for last 4 month but no success.Even my career is showing no significant growth.
    Pls help by giving some suggestions/predictions..

  88. Dear Milindji

    can you tell me when i will get a job as i had resigned 31-dec-2010 due to health reasons. till date (22-nov-2011) i am trying very hard for a job and 11 month witiout job .

    Sirji,is there any business in my life.

    Name : Trushar Thakkar
    DOB : 09-APRIL-1974 ( 09/04/1974)

    Trushar Thakkar

  89. Dear Milindji

    I have lot of differnce of opinion with my wife, mother father and friends. I do not get into any confrontation by my own, but people talking to me rudely/ unreasonably hurt me very badly. Would seek your guidence in the matter of career growth (wish to work abroad) and mental peace. Im wearing a Neelam from last year, but feels it is not helping significantly. Which gem stone would be worn for family peace and career growth.My details are given hereunder:
    Name : Dipankar Dasgupta
    DOB : 03-December-1972
    BIRTH TIME : 19.05 P.M.
    BIRTH PLACE : Asansol (West Bengal)

    Plz advice
    With warm regards

  90. Hi! Milind,

    Can you please predict something for me...?regarding job
    DOB:-04-05 1985
    Birth Place:-Patan,Gujarat


  91. Anonymous said...
    Hi! Milind,

    Can you please predict something for me...?regarding job
    DOB:- 28-08-1968
    Birth Place:-ahmedabad,Gujarat
    Time:-06 15 p.m.


  92. hi can u please tell me about my children. I'm having 2 daughters will I have a male child.
    my DOB-31-10-1978
    birth place-hubli karnataka
    husband's DOB-7-3-1977
    birth place -banglore

  93. Anonymous said...
    hi can u please tell me about my children. I'm having 2 daughters will I have a male child.
    my DOB-31-10-1978
    birth place-hubli karnataka
    husband's DOB-7-3-1977
    birth place -banglore
    my mail i.d

  94. hi milindji,

    my dob;30-10-1989
    place of birth;kannur(kerala)
    tula rashi,swathi nakshatra,

    pls tell me about my job and marrige,

    my mail

  95. hi milind,
    My date of birth : 19/11/1987
    place: Belgaum(karnataka)
    time : 10.55 am
    Tula rashi Chaitra Nakshatra,
    Pls tel me when my marriage will get fix
    my e-mail id is
    please advise me
    Thanks & regards

  96. Hi Milind,

    Please go through my birth details and let me know about my career and marriage.

    Birth details :
    DOB - 20-09-1982
    TOB - 18:03


    Thanks a lot,

    1. Hi Milind ,
      I read your blog and was impressed with the way you have expressed ,so I thought I can discuss my fate with you.

      I am depressed in life. I am a Mina rashi and my husband a Tula rashi(DOB 28.04.1972). We are passing through a very bad time. My husband who had a good job, good position, good salary resigned recently and now he says that he can't work under anybody and wants to do do something by his own. But none of his efforts are fruitful. I am having a series of health problems. We are fed up of life.

      Please tell me if something good is going to happen in our life and if so when.

      Hope you will reply.


  97. Hi Milind ,
    I read your blog and was impressed with the way you have expressed ,so I thought I can discuss my fate with you.

    I am depressed in life. I am a Mina rashi and my husband a Tula rashi(DOB 28.04.1972). We are passing through a very bad time. My husband who had a good job, good position, good salary resigned recently and now he says that he can't work under anybody and wants to do do something by his own. But none of his efforts are fruitful. I am having a series of health problems. We are fed up of life.

    Please tell me if something good is going to happen in our life and if so when.

    Hope you will reply.


  98. Hi,Sir Milindji,

    Please go through my birth details and let me know about my career(still struggling to get permanent job-I am BE Auto 2000 passout) and marriage.

    Birth details :
    DOB - 02-03-1977
    TOB - 07:00 am
    PLACE - Yadwad

    Cancer RASI AND Punarvasu NAKSHATRA

    Thanks a lot,
    Shivkumar mp

  99. Question on Tula Rashi: when was the last time Tula Rashi was in sade-sati? When is the next time? Thanks in advance for your help.

  100. नमस्कार मिलिंद,

    तुळ राशी चे त्रास वाचून थोडे बरे वाट ले एक मी एकटाच नाही, खर म्हणजे मी सुद्धा आपल्या नौकरी आणिक व्येवाहिक जीवनात साम्सायान ना तोंड द्यावे लागत आहे सध्या ह्या नौकरी ची (जी आहे )पण काही शाश्वती नाही अशे दिसते आहे अशे मी अनुभव करीत आहे मला नवीन नौकरी मिळण्या ची केम्हा पर्यंत शेक्याता असुशाक्ते ? ते काळविणे

    रोहित आत्माराम कामळे
    जन्म दिनाक 24/04/1978
    वेळ 03:15 सकाळ
    स्थान ग्वाल्हेर ( मध्य प्रदेश )

  101. I have completed 61st year of my life on 08.09.09 but had very bad time since then lost 2 court case one for my legal right in my paternal property,retirement benefit matters worsened, house & car sold out frequent shifting of place of residence serious mental tension effecting health. Social relations deterioration.

  102. date of birth 08/09/1948 time 11:20hrs Place Faizabad UP

  103. my self rohit sahu please checkout my marriage date my b date 17-05-1981

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