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Monday, January 3, 2011

Makar Rashi Bhavishya 2011

MAKAR Rashi Bhavishya 2011 (Capricorn)

This article applies to Chandra Rashi MAKAR and also to larger extent CAPRICORN Sun Sign i.e. people born from Jan 14 to Feb 13. (Western Sun Sign calendar is wrong:

The Chandra rashi does play a significant role in deciding the “Kriyaman” i.e. instant karma for all folks that come under this category. Let us look at the individual Chandra Rashi predictions / patterns for 2011. This time it is MAKAR rashi. (Some well known moon sign Makar personalities: India, Indira Gandhi, Raj Thackeray, Bruce Willis, Rahul Gandhi, Shah Rukh Khan, Gopinath Munde, Laxmikant Berde, Urimal Matondkar?: I will add more later)

This is a very interesting topic to put 1/12th people in the world in the same bhavishya category. This topic can only talk about the Kriyaman karma (instant karma) and not the “destiny” of individuals. The destiny-analysis requires horoscope (birth-time also called as natal-chart).

MAKAR Rashi in 2011

Makar Rashi Characteristics: These are very conservative people. They are very serious in early life. These folks do not share easily and are greedy in a good way. They are the hardest working folks around. They are very industrious. They display all Shani’s characteristics like seriousness, self control, proven approach, slow but steady, hard-work, perseverance. The negative side is too much self control leading to depression, lack of action etc. They tend to like black color. They like their own kids and family and are selfish in that way. They believe in Karma-Kand and using old ways (old is gold). They are a step by step person i.e. do not like big bang. Their tomorrow is ALWAYS better than today. They are not very popular and do not even try as their purpose is to achieve personally, self-growth etc. They treat material success and growth much more than any other growth. Sun Sign Capricorn also exhibits these traits: Folks born from Jan 14th to Feb 13th are Sun Sign Capricorn (Balasaheb is moon Sign Kanya but Sun Sign Capricorn.) Mangal in Makar is considered uchcha / exalted. Guru is considered neech (debilitated).

P.S. Some astrologers in Maharashtra seem to make fun of Kanya rashi and also portray Makar as a very unfortunate sign!? I do not know why. They might not have a very good experience with some Kanya/Makar folks! J The fact that Shivaji Maharaj and Balasaheb Thackeray are Kanya rashi (apart from Indira Gandhi, Raj Thackeray and from Shah Rukh being Makar) should be good enough as an argument! J

Summary for 2011:

You are one of the 3 signs currently highly supported by Shani: Makar, Dhanu and Vrushchik. Either 9, 10, 11 Shani to your signs indicates that you are at right time right place unlike Tula, Kanya, Sinvha rashi folks who are under sade sati currently. You can read my article to check the effect of 9, 10, 11 house Shani to any rashi.

The 8th (peeda) Shani from July 2007 to Sept 2009 was troublesome and the period of consolidation, regaining health, struggle, re-grouping, consolidation etc. 2008 was a VERY bad one actually with Guru 12th and Shani 8th – Makar was not doing well at all.

Now, from Sept 2009 you have entered a golden period of 7.5 years until almost mid-2017 of Shani’s massive support. Makar folks would see incremental increase of power

1. 9th Shani from Sept 2009 to Dec 2011: Start of a few new initiatives. Support from senior/elderly folks at workplace and life. Getting some serious mentor in life/career. A long term travel or change of job location is possible in this period. You will get a new profile in life and career which would bring in success, feel of happening etc right until Oct 2017.

2. 10th Shani from Dec 2011 to Nov 2014: Increase in power and status. STRESS, Issues with authorities, established older folks; need to find a middle ground between young aspiring and old established with Saboori / patience! Increase mass-base or mass-support, political clout. The business would see stress but increase in steady manner.

3. 11th Shani from Nov 2014 to Oct 2017: Peak mass time of –support (like Nitish Kumar and Narendra Modi have right now in 11th Shani to Vrushchik rashi). A great increase in income or cash flow. All the hard-work and effort done in 9/10 Shani will bring in some “gain” in 11th Shani. Every contact acquired in past 5 years will bring in some gain.

You will see Raj, Rahul, Shah Rukh etc increasing their clout in coming years as they are “right time right place” now to do so. The key is NOT to abuse the power of 9, 10, 11 Shani else the Sade Sati that starts after this 11th Shani is highly detrimental and can put you behind bars or into oblivion depending on your own karma of this life. Sade Sati is to pay back Karma of THIS life and Shani Mahadasha, Antardasha is to pay back from past life(s) (destiny).

Similarly INDIA as a country is right time right place and will see increasing growth, real estate, rising incomes until Oct 2017 for sure. After Oct 2017 we could see something like Harshad Mehta in the next 3-5 years! (Rahu until May 2011 will trouble a lot as we have a lot of baggage as a country – especially the partition!)

Guru has been 3rd from May 2010 to May 2011 (Travel, Recreation, publishing, expression) – This shows Ardha-bhagyoday! J After 3 years of dull Guru Movements, this Guru starts something NEW in life which is very much welcome. This will keep you going while 3rd Shani takes shape. This Guru could being in travel to a place that is 6 to 8 hours away and then you might come back to the same place after May 2012! 3rd house any planet especially bigger ones are very good for white papers, publishing etc. (I started my blog in 3rd Raahu I guess.)

After May 2011, Guru will be 4th (Sokhya sthan) which means some stagnancy and saturation until May 2012. Need to keep learning, BEST time for certification, academic qualification (to score well in exams). This is also time to revamp your house, make investments in property or best yet spend on interiors / home décor etc.

Rahu continues to be 12th () until May 2011: This is bad publicity, adversity and peeda/expense wrong decisions etc. Your own temperament and flares of aggression/frustration could cause issues & losses in the short term. Be careful not to react – Remember there is a difference between “reaction and response”.

Rahu will be 11th (House of Gains, Income, Elder Siblings, and Friends) from May 2011 for 18 months: As you can see, this is the house of gains, monthly cash flow / income etc. This will increase quite a bit. This Rahu will compliment the 9th house Shani quite well. Ketu 5th for 18 months will show kids doing well & getting awards etc or you doing well in academia, bouddhik kshetra (intellectual circles). Rahu is very good when in 11, 6 or 3rd house – So this is not an in-significant period at all!!

Please check below for Support from seniors and when to use Tact and Diplomacy with seniors/authority/Govt.

1. Seniors / Upper Management (the Sun movement) would be VERY favorable from

a. Sept 15th to Oct 15th à 9th house Sun in Virgo (Support from Seniors/Govt)

b. Oct 15th to Nov 15th à10th house Sun in Libra (Power, Happening, Support/Stress from seniors)

c. Nov 15th to Dec 15th à 11th house Sun in Scorpio (Gains, Money, Senior Support)

d. June14th to July 14th à 6th house Sun Gemini -- Success in competition, better results than peers

2. Seniors / Upper Management (the Sun movement) would NOT be good for

a. Aug 15th to Sept 15th à 8th house Sun – PEEDA from seniors & authority, Govt, Father etc

b. Dec 16th to Jan 14th à 12th house Sun – Adversity with seniors & authority, Govt, Father


  1. Hi Milind, so Feb 13 is Makar according to this article..or is it a cusp

    Thanks in advance...


  2. KNaik44
    -- You shoud check yout MOON Sign -- Chandra Rashi and if not available check the b-date wise bhavishya...yes Feb 12 would be Makar Ravi but of course I would suggest to look for MoonSign only...

  3. Hi Milind

    What's the best way to learn this wonderful science of probabilities. If at all you are interested in having a disciple

  4. Read it again today. Last time I jumped to 2011, ignored general characters. It's so bad that astrologers always said makar rashi unfortunate'.

    I was almost depressed after watchign Rashi chakra. He talks about kanya rashi almost half his show, almost nothing about Makar. :(

    One thing about Makar I can vouch for (and a couple of friends) is they look/ act older than peers when they are young (like you say serious in early life), and look younger than peers as they get older.
    When i was 18, people used to ask me, husband kya karte hain? Kitne bacche hai? :( It was horrible. Now I look my age is what I feel. Of course, looking 25 at 18 is bad. Not so bad if i looke 38 at 32. No major changes could happen in this time frame. Hopefully!

  5. My Birth Date is 4, and moon rashi as makar, so does not this creates a conflict of interest, i.e. create a situation of 4 and 8 together.

  6. Anonymous:
    One should not confuse that way. 4th Feb is 4 and Capricorn Sun -- So this should not be taken as a 4 and 8 combination. Yes, the 4 date will reduce a VERY conservatibe nature of Capri Sun Sign and will be less conservative than say 17 Jan or 8 Feb Capri person.

    But 4 & 8 MUST be seen if in b-dates and also in match making usually advised to avoid b-date 4 and b-date 8 people getting married.

  7. Vanessa:
    Calling Makar unfortunate would be FOOLISH as it is the 10th house (KARMA Sthan) and is one of the MOST busy & industrous signs. People who do LONG term things are born under strong Shani influence. Balasaheb Thackeray is Kanya rashi and Makar lagna/Surya !!! You have a lot of Gemini and Pisces influence which is MORE than Makar -- as you like to write and talk....

  8. Hi Milind

    Did you received my email regarding my details. I want some guidance.

    thanks and regards

  9. Hi Milind,
    Your Prediction and date are very accurate. I want to get personalized horoscope and guidence from you.

  10. ASD -
    I agree with the comments posted here - Sharad Upadhyay has always portrayed Makar rashi as an absolute unfortunate star sign. Even today I watched rashi chakra on TV and he said that there is no stone for prosperity for Makar.

    Milind, your predictions are great and almost a mirror image of what has happened for me in the period from Sep 10 till date. Hope its the same as you have said going forward till 2017 (atleast :-))

    Thanks a lot

  11. yeh..i too was upset after listening to Sharad Upadhey on Me Marathi channel..

  12. Hi

    I have read your prediction for gemini - they are true for most of the part.
    makar rasi- I have confusion regarding ketu in 5th house- your prediction says kids will do fine. But what if i were to give birth to a kid. will they be healthy?

  13. ALL ASTROLOGER SAY THAT I AM UNFORTUNATE IS IT TRUE ? PLS PREDICT 25/02/1979 tIME 11:55 am place sultanpur (U.P)

  14. hey milind, like u said i have always seen people saying makar is very unlucky n started believing in it. i am a makar too, my birth date is 10 march 1983 and birth time 1.15am birth place Mumbai, can you please tell me if my bhavishya looks any good in this or the next yr??

  15. I like your Makar prediction. some how nature of Makar Rashi people are perfect as interpreted by you. Nice work. Thanks for Info. I am July born person. My Rashi is Makar. It is same prediction for me ? or there is other think ? let me know please

  16. Hi, my self umesh, i am makar and i am very happy by reading about 11th rahu & 4th guru on your blog.. thanks for telling...thanks a lot

  17. Hi Milind, my dob is 08/03/1975. Can you please tell me which sign belongs to me?

  18. hi milind
    my dob is 1st march 1984 bharuch 5:50am
    please tell me about my financial position in futur. right now little bit problme of money
    my email add

  19. Milind,
    An individual with Makar sun sign[born Feb 6th] and Kanya moon would have janma sani .Would your comments be generally applicable to them too.

  20. milind, i'm born on 17th feb.1966 but my moon sign is makar and taurus (lagna)in my horoscope.since year2005(june-july)things(financial.carrear etc.)started declining drastically,i'm deeply immpressed by ur illustration of makar rashi whereas some of the so called rashi chakrakar has described makar as a hopeless people on this planet. me through ur expertise on this subject...manoj.d.

  21. Awesome blog...precise division of time frames by major planets and good description and predictions

  22. Hi Milind long back I sent you an email with 2-3 questions. I know u r very busy and can't address every issue but would appreciate ur one glance at my email that I sent today. I am in a tensed situation. Don't know what to do.


  23. did you get my Email

  24. I am born on feb 2 so I am a meena rashi by birth chart but Aquarius by the american date chart. which one should I follow when looking up rashi bhavishya?
    want to learn

  25. Ramakrishnan VenkateswaranJune 14, 2011 at 1:59 AM

    While the blog is a very good attempt at giving clarity, for readers it is not enough that one entirely goes by the single reference to Rashi. One Makar Rashi's predictions could be entirely different from that of another. One has to check the effects of placement of other planets and their respective transits before considering predictions. Milind himself would advocate this since his analytical skills speak volumes for his knowledge about the subject. Like for eg:- Names based on Rashi is a method of predicting. While generally speaking one can predict about Mr. Milind himself assuming that he is a Simha Rashi (w.r.t moon rashi) since his name starts with the letter M. While general predictions in this method could be logical, the best way is to analyse one's entire horoscope.

  26. Good comment Ramakrishnan. Yes the individual predictions would be different r.t. their field, the placeof their work and the OTHER planets APART from MOON -- how they are placed...BUT Moon Sign and Shani Gru Rahu etc BIG Planet's angles would certainly give youa CURVE like ECONOMICS for sure. The SHAPE of the curve is goverened by Astrolgy and planets BUT the magnitude of the success(or failure) is directly proportional to YOUR efforts!!

    So yes ALL Dhanu folks will have DREAM COME TRUE from May 2011 to May 2012 for SURE -- 5th Guru HAS that Magic -- actually your OWN karma of 1, 2, 3, 4 house Guru will culminate BUT for Sahcin it is Cricket, Aishwarya is Films and so on....BUT 5th Guru WILL bring TACTICAL success and 9th Guru will bring in Strategic change in career -- it IS common to all folks in that sign...

  27. guru jee mai aajkal bahut badi problam mei hu aisi stithi mei mujhe kya karna chaiye or kya nahi???????????/

  28. Hi Milind,

    I send mail in August. Need your help in understanding about my career movement. I do understand you are very much engaged in your routine work. Could you make time somehow, it would be much much appreciated.

  29. Dear Milindji,
    Your writing comes across as very truthful and many others we have also faced humiliation due to popular tv shows as my husband and I are makar and kanya rashi respectively. Reading your words feels like someone out there knows who we are..its very reassuring. I want to know 1) is it true that rashi readings are not applicable for children? 2) that parents should not read children's kundali?
    Please excuse me as I am posing this comment as Anonymous.
    Thanks and regards,
    Mrs. Jayakar

  30. Dear Milindji,
    My dob is 26/3/1976. born at 11.27am. can u please advise what will happen in the near future?will i do well in networking line. any promotions at work?thank you!

  31. If I want my palm reading to be do I go about it?

  32. Hi Milindji,

    today i send an email to u my daughters rashi is Makar I had send u the birth details to u pls. reply me as soon as possible pls...


  33. Dear Milindji,

    My dob is 19/8/1948 born at 2-20 a.m. in Berhampur, Orissa. can u please advise what will happen in the near future?will i do well in Testing line. Any promotions at work?Thank you,


  34. Kareena Kapoor, Ranbeer Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan all they are makar folks only and if I am not mistaken then Salma Khan too !

  35. hi milindji i am shraddha mailed u my dob n everting...please give me some advise....urgent...i need it please help me...

  36. -My date of Birth is 15-08-1970 at 10-20p.m. Please tell about my court case for my property, and my job promotion.

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