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Sunday, January 9, 2011

AstroMNC: CHANDRA RAHU Yuti (Moon Rahu Conjunction)

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Examples (will add lot many here): Yuvraj has Chandra-Rahu yuti in Mithun rashi. Aishwarya Rai; VVS Laxman, Sachin Tendulkar have Chandra Rahu in Dhanu rashi; Salman Khan has Rahu in the 1st house in Vrushabh rashi. Ponting has Rahu-Mangal yuti in Vrishchik rashi! Pete Sampras has Rahu Mangal in uchcha Makar rashi. Rajesh Khanna had Chandra-Rahu in the 3rd house Singh rashi. Greatest of all ---> Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had Rahu and Mars in Rahu's uchcha rashi Mithun!

Chandra-Ketu Yuti (Related Article):
I am THE authority on this topic as I have Chandra Rahu yuti in the 1st house that too Chandra approaching Rahu and only 1 degree away from Rahu! J Believe me it is may be J for me but L is for my parents and friends in childhood! J J My mother could kill you with examples of my childhood rage, aggression, sportsman spirit (lack of), “unfriendly attitude”, getting lost for hours doing 1 thing (Grahan kaal effect on mind), climbing up a building or jumping from top of the building in construction sand with little provocation etc etc! J
Chandra (Moon) Rahu (North-Node) yuti is considered the most malefic in astrology (even more so than the “unhealthy” Mangal-Shani yuti). This Chandra Rahu yuti is considered by most of the Sanskrit granth as a curse (shrap) from past life. This article deals with effects of this yuti. These are very one-sided views as some sanskrit words are not supposed to be as extreme as they turned out to be in all Indian languages! :) 
Rahu or Ketu in the 1st house of the horoscope have similar effect of respectively Chandra-Rahu or Chandra-Ketu sans the effect on their mind/Mother or water in the body.
Physical Effect: This yuti or Rahu/Ketu in the 1st house of a person results in an abrupt chin – i.e. narrower/smaller chin compared to forehead.
There are some reasons a Horoscope MUST be checked early in life when you see some extreme traits, behavior in a kid. Chandra Rahu yuti or Chandra Ketu yuti folks are one such breed. These folks need special attention and care for them to keep on track. Not understanding the root-cause can lead to very troublesome early life for them as well as their parents. Let’s see Chandra Rahu yuti in this article which is more on the side of aggression/agitation, outward expression. Chandra Ketu will address in a separate one which is more on pessimism, inward looking.
The Chandra Rahu yuti shows TREMENDOUS desire or a passion of the past life which was incomplete in the past birth. The house shows which area the passion is for: 1st: Image, popularity; 2nd house finance, 3rd: Travel, Expression; 4th: Farming, Mom; 5th; Kids, Education, Inspirational things; 6th: Service sector, Mom’s relatives; 7th Partnerships/Marriage; 8th: Gupta-dhan, Yoga, Occult, Wealth Inheritance, 9th: Dharma, Travel Religious; 10th: workplace, power; 11th Income, friends; 12th Moksha, Expenditure, immigration.
The Moon with Rahu has a great psychological effect. This makes a person especially in childhood to have a great anger, a dreamer, very less differentiation between the real life and the dream world, unexplained aggression, fear of unknown, high temper, lack of sportsman spirit. There is a great agitation from time to time which is totally uncontrollable. They get very scary dreams. Their mind keeps creating images of everything they see in life. These images are their own interpretations based on their interpretations! If they are manglik, it adds to the aggression/agitation and makes them also take some actions. They always have some “bhut” (ghost) on their head: it could be some interest in something like sports, politics, study some subject etc and they will pursue it with GREAT PASSION, Force and Energy and CONVICTION. The ghost thing is not only sued as a metaphor: These folks often seen with some “badha” from outside and are always recommended wearing Hanuman locket. Chandra Rahu is often considered as targeted by asantushta aatma (a troubled soul) whereas Chadra-Neptune is seen as a channel for a great soul!
There is a great fear of unknown (dark, unknown places etc) but at the same time there is a HERO that is always lurking in them. Fight or Flight question always results in FIGHT for them.
Chandra Rahu yuti is a limitless energy and power. The owner of the Chandra-Rahu rashi decides the complete channel of this energy. The owner in 8th house and the person will pursue Gudh-shastre like astrology, yoga etc. In 5th house it will be sports (in Mangal or Guru rashi) or inspirational / creative art in Shukra’s rasshi.
Chandra-Rahu is limitless energy that BEGS for proper focus and channel. This yuti allows person to recognize patterns and sport them in each and every occurrence in life later on. Occult is VERY easy for these folks. They are made for occult or gudh-things. They are just natural at them.
These folks often have a very different image in different circles. Different circles have completely different approach towards them which they are acutely aware of. They are at ease dealing with these very different groups of people at different occasions. The fun? Starts when these groups start to collide / mix.
Invariably, this Yuti shows a VERY troubled & a hectic life for the mother. The sign shows the body part which would cause issues to Mom’s health. (Dhanu: legs, Sinvha: Spine/heart, Kirk: Lungs / breasts, Makar: Knee; Vrushabh: Neck, throat and so on).
1. The Hanuman Sadhana helps this energy spent on constructive things. The Hanuman Sadhana is THE biggest thing for Chandra Rahu and Chandra Ketu folks especially kids. Sanskrit Ram-Raksha and Hanuman stotra and Hanuman Mukh Darshan for daily 3 minutes on a well formed Hanuman poster makes wonders for these folks.
2. In their childhood, they should always be told stories of GREAT folks like Hanuman, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Veer Savarkar, Lokmanya Tilak, Samarth Ramdas Swami, Swami Vivekanand until the start identifying their own role models. This makes sure their energy goes in right direction.
3. Peace, calmness quietness etc is NOT for them. Do not try to keep petrol cool – rather, use it in a constructive way so that it creates warmth, energy and creates some positive work!
4. Even in adult life these folks should read great stories and always identify ROLE MODELS and follow them like there is no tomorrow! (I have always looked upon folks like V. D. Bhat, Balasaheb, Dilip Kumar, Bachchan, Imran Khan as role models in their spheres).
The effects mentioned above are seen more when the Moon is closer to Rahu say in 5 to 7 degrees. The Moon going towards Rahu is more of an issue than leaving it (i.e. Moon 26 degrees and Rahu 27 degrees than say Moon 28 and Rahu 24.) i.e. Moon that is going in Rahu’s mouth (eclipse) than say Moon that is out of Rahu’s mouth (eclipse).
But even when the Moon and Rahu are apart by 15 degrees the effects although not as dramatic and aggressive they still exist. Even if Moon in 1st degree and Rahu in 30th degree of a sign shows very less issues --- It WILL shows all of the following issues albeit with reduced intensity.
Trivia: Most of the biggest Caroms and TT players either have Chandra Rahu, Chandra Ketu or Mangal Rahu, Mangal Ketu yuti.
Some basics:
1. The moon goes thru all 12 signs aprx 28 days. (26 hrs 52 minutes per Nakshatra – 27 nakshatras)
2. Moon is never wakri etc J
3. Rahu and Ketu are the mean of the intersection points of the Earth’s orbit (around the Sun) and the Moon’s orbit (around the Earth)
4. Rahu and Ketu are 180 degrees apart and always in opposite houses in the horoscope
5. Rahu and Ketu are always wakri due to the progression of Moon’s and Earth’s orbit.
6. Rahu and Ketu travel for 18 months in a sign.
7. That means Chandra goes to and past Rahu and Ketu once in every 28 days.
The Moon in the horoscope represents or is Governor of mind (not intellect), emotions, water in the body, and your mother apart from several other things. The position of Chandra in your horoscope shows which area of life you are most interested in. 1st house Chandra shows self/image/appearance-conscious person. In the 2nd house – family, wealth, jewelry, investments etc. 10th house work place, career, father. 4th house Mother, Sukh-sthan, farming, home etc.
Rahu represents materialism, hedonism, aggression, insatiable desires and also Paternal Family (Grand-parents). Rahu and Ketu could be closely related to DNA stuff and planets around them show which area of health/body etc would carry either strengths or weaknesses of either paternal or maternal family.


  1. Hi Milind jee,
    Your blog about moon rahu in kundli is 100% true as myself has this combination.
    I am fully agree with your points.
    Thanks for sharing your experience to all of us.

    1. Ya. I am also agreed with Milind. It is 100 % correct prediction for Chandra/Rahu yuti in 1st house as I have also this conjunction in my birth chart.

  2. Hi,
    i had sent my DOb in ur mail,i request you to study the kundli.thank you for sharing.

  3. Hello MilindJi,

    Can you also please elaborate about Chandra Neptune conjuction and chandra mercury conjunction?

  4. Dear Milind, I have forwarded you my query once again today.Pls check the mail.Also would like to confirm my moon sign based on my DOB.
    Thanks in advance.
    ** Chaandanee (Jyotsna)

  5. Milindji, Happy New Year!
    I have sent u email regarding sadesati-- desparately waiting for ur reply.
    BTW my rahu is in 1st place but chandra in 5th.
    What does that mean?
    Tons of Thanks in anticipation.....Shruti

  6. wish u a very happy new year....
    I am zapped at what you have tranlated in this article...its sooo very true and raw (as never one can find in any other book/blog) speaks nothing but absolute truth.Dont know how else to put it across...but100% true.
    I have chandra Rahu +Shani in 5th house.Does that mean more trouble???? i feel much as i feel :-(

  7. Harsh: Yes! Shani brings some pessimism/control/sensitivity to moon and also detrimental to Mom's health along iwth Rahu (Health etc). 5th house paternal family: Heart issues/spine. Mom's life hectic etc

    The best part: You have survived July 2007 to Sept 2009 of most emotionally testing period when Shani went over patrika Chandra Rahu Shani!! This is great for you -- a very tough learning!! But now you are all set to take on the world for next 23 years !!

  8. Shruti: Rahu in 1st house -- where is the owner of the 1st house? Rahu in 1st results in angry person anyways but the rashi of Rahu and it sowner rashi nakshatra stiti etc decides other things. Guru's drushti on any of these two can CHANGE complete direction of the analsysi.

  9. I will add effects of other planets on this Yuti soon...

    1. can u plz tell d remedies of this moon and rahu conjunction?

  10. can u throw some light on Rahu Harshal Yuti?. Does it indicate some danger/accidents etc? Actually what is combination for accidents? Someone I know has Rahu Harshal in Tula in 8th House and I keep on thinking that this is a bad combination

  11. I am little confused while applying this to my patrika. I've following graha positions -
    1.Ravi- 11th House - Mithun - Adra- 7^
    2.Rahu- 11th House - Mithun - Pu.vasu- 20^
    3.Chandra- 12th House - Kirk - Pu.vasu- 2^
    1. Refering to your re-birth blog, my lagna graha Ravi (simha lagna) is in the same raas (Mithun) as Rahu. But then nakshatra of Rahu and Ravi are different. Does this indicate a re-birth? or I just passed it by scratch :)

    2. Refering to your current blog though Chandra and Rahu are in same nakshatra they are in different houses in different rashi. So does this qualify as a yuti?

    3. Also can you please write a blog on Shani-Mangal yuti? I've it in 2nd house (both in Kanya raas, Hasta Nakshatra). Everybody who sees my patrika tells me its bad, but how is a mystery to me.

  12. Rucha K:
    No you do not have yuti as their "element" is different air and water!

    Yes you are still very well a rebirth within the family paternal mostly as Ravi in Raahu's nakshatra and Rahu in the same sign -- But need to check Ketu also in 5th house -- as 5th hosue shows purva punyai...You rahu andketu are uchcha great support from both families.

    Yes Shani Mangal yuti is also my patent!!

  13. Rucha:
    2 Planets in wealth hosue and 2/3 in 11th house of Gains -- and your horoscope is BAD ???? :) :) :)

  14. Hi Milind,

    Thanks for replying. Yes Ketu is in 5th house (Dhanu, P.Ashadha) along with Neptune.

    Well I dont know about wealth / gains aspect, but they told me late marriage (which was kindof), not good for family etc... can't comment.. touchwood so far so good!!

    I have sent you an email (just 1 qs regarding my sister). I'm really worried. Could you please check & reply.

    Again Thanks in advance... and eagerly waiting for your Shani-Mangal yuti blog.

  15. Hi Milind ji,

    What about Rahu, Chandra and Mangal yuti in 12th house of kanya?


  16. Yes, I am a bit angry person only. Vrushabha lagna and owner of 1st house that is vrushabha is shukra which is in navam sthan.
    Chandra and Mangal is in pancham sthan in kanya rashi and budh, shani and ravi is in dasham sthan. What is the meaning of all this combo? I am asking it bcoz I am facing the middle 2 n half years of sadesati. Pl guide!

  17. Milind,
    Referring to an above comment, I often wonder if its a good thing to have multiple planets in 1 house.Especially if Shani is one of them or these planets are in du-sthan.
    Someone I know has Shani, guru, budh, ravi in the 2nd house of Tool ras.During shani mahadasha, he had great education than his family expected (I thought that was due to exalted shani which is panchamesh)..but now is having lot of issues finding a job.

  18. Samradnee:
    It is not good not bad as it is your own karma anyways. So when Guru is on these planets (drushit)the person has a great feelgood and the timing of getting fruits of good things done and when Shani is on these planets there is a clsoe scrutiny done on the bad karma and it is paid-off. If Shani is with all these planets life after 30 is MUCH MUCH better.

  19. Shruti:
    Vrushabh lagna and Shukra beingin Makar rashi in 9th hosue bring a lot of balance and tolerance etc. Always ensures some publicity. But Makar is not the best sign for Shukra -- Skin issues could be possible late in the life if Shukra is ill aspected.

    Chandra Mangal yuti in Kanya -- stommach issues and some chid-chidha nature. In Marathi it is called as "Peer-peer" :) Over-analysis and over critical nature! :)

  20. A Sharma:
    Chandra Rahu Mangal in 12th house shows close karmic connection to uncle/Aunt from Father;'s side. This person woudl be very similar to her/his Atya or uncle i.e. siblings of her/his father!!

    Paternal side influence would be great on the life.

  21. Yes you said it stomach issues from young age - started with apendicitis operation, then caeserian while 2 deliveries and then kidney stone troublem, now menopause n its side-effects. But I am coping up with it. chid-chid also correct - but because of expecting every thing in time or perfect! Otheriwse I am kind of jovial person, have a big friend circle and popular among them. Yes, I do get publicity and I do have very sensitive skin. But my concern was I am doing a noble project for my native school in rural region which is in crucial condition - wanted to know whether it will be successful and completed in time or not. Coz I am in my mid-years of sadesati, Pl tell what I should look for. Thanks

  22. Shruti:
    Yes!! I am sure that Kanya rashi is going to enter a very GREAT patch from June 2012. All your Karma will frucitify ini that period -- So until that just put in HARD WORk and do lot sof spirituality -- If you keep your mind positive regardless of incidents around you -- You would achieve a miracle.

  23. Thanks a lot - I need this kind of boosting! That helps. I have done 2 levels of reiki and it is also helping me to keep calm and positive.

  24. Hello Milind

    I have sent my birth details to you gmail account. could you please kindly have a look.


  25. Milind, whatever you said about the Moon+Rahu combination is very true. I have one in 12th house Kanya rashi. I was a dreamy and agressive kid, but thanks to my mother, from highschool onwards I channeled all my energy into studies. It has worked out good. But now I seem to have lost focus in life, maybe its due to my Sade Sati or Rahu Mahadasha. The funny part is that I am aware all the time that I have lost focus, but do nothing about it. There seems to be no energy to focus on things I want to accomplish.

    In another blog, I had read that Moon+Rahu in 12th house Kanya have more issues compared to people with Moon+Rahu in Kanya in any other house. Is it true?

    I also have a Mangal+Shani in 10th house. You said that is also "unhealthy". How is it so?

  26. Milind
    What you said about Rahu+Moon and Ketu+moon is
    very apt.My daughter has Moon+Ketu in the 7th house in Kanya Rasi.She is short tempered and aggressive,but she has been able to channelise her energy and stay focused on her academics.
    I have Ketu+Moon+Mars in the 6th house and am short tempered and aggressive but always remained focussed on what I wanted.I have mellowed down may because of age,as I am plus 60.Also I have seen the sade sathi is very stressed out but keeps you on your toes.

  27. Hi milind .

    I m Supriya ..
    Birth date : 8 th dec 1984
    My moon rashi is Vrishabh
    and Mesh lagn kundli ..

    There is chandra - rahu yuti in my kundali in 2 nd house .

    Sun -ketu yuti in 8 th house ,
    Please suggest some puja regarding this .

    Pls reply .

    Supriya .

  28. Hi Milind!
    A question.What would be the result if one has three planest[sun,Jupiter and Venus] in Makar Rasi with Jupiter being combust.However Jupiter is exalted in Navamsa.
    Does the Jatak have Neechabanga Raja Yoga despite Jupiter being combust in Rasi Chart.
    Would very much value your thoughts and views.

  29. Dear Milind ji

    Greetings from Milind.
    Recently I have gone thru’ your article i.e Sinha /Simha Rashi Bhavishya 2011 (sade sati) SINHA Rashi Bhavishya 2011 (LEO) S UNDAY , J ANUAR Y 2 , 2 0 1 1
    Excellent Prediction from you,.
    I need your advice/Help.
    I am basically from Nasik now staying in North India
    I am keen to come back to Maharashtra since I am not comfortable here in North i.e in ,y present Job.
    My date of Birth is 05/05/1960, Birth time – 10:10 AM and Birth Place is – Malegaon ( Dist. Nasik)
    Can you please reply me with your valuable advice regarding relocation in Maharashtra, new Jobs , Future life ?
    Also please communicate me your cell No. also

  30. Dear Milind ji
    My Lagna is mithun, rahu & chandra uti is in Simh.e 5th sthan, ravi is uuchch i.e of Mesh and in 11 th stan, guru and shani in saptam bhav but of dhanu, Mangal is of meen rashi and in 10th Bhav, sadesati is on,, I am in really bad bad bad bad shape, my date of birth is 05/05/60, birth place, Malegaon Dist, Nasik and birth time is 10.10 Hrs morning, I am in bad shape please suggest/hel

  31. Hi Milind,

    I have sent you an email, to your gmail account.Kindly look at the the same.

    Uday Kanhere

  32. nice article!

    - kaustubh jj

  33. Chandra rahu and jupiter all in 10th house is that Chandra rahu yeti?

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  36. siddpawar08:
    10th Oct until midmight Moon is in Makar rashi 28 degrees (and Rahu stays in Kumbh rashi in 1st degree) -- So You do not have Moon and Rahu conjunction as far as Rashi goes but yet same Nakshatra BUT I will NOT call this as conjuction per say as ELEMENT of Earth for moon and Air for Rahu makes the approach of the both planets very different.

    Still, Moon moving towards Raahu is indeed a sign of some agitation etc. YOUR frustration is NOT due to anything with your Moon sign or Moon BUT Shani travelling over Budh Mangal and Surya in Kanya rashi from Sept 2009 to Dec 2011
    (Acidity, Stomach issues, EGO getting hurt etc etc)

    Also your horoscope has Shani's drushti on these 3 planets already so this period until Dec 2011 is a bit testing one. BUT due to Makar rashi -- you will have a good time till 2017 as Shani will support you until then.

  37. Milind: posted on March 9th

    I think you are going to hit a great patch starting this May 2011 for sure...I think the turnaround is just at the corner of the road...


  38. Hello Milind,
    Do you use True or Mean nodes for calculation? My Rahu and Moon are very close, (5 degree). However, using one system of calculation (mean nodes) Rahu shows in 3rd house (Taurus) while Moon in 4th house, Gemini. Both are in Mrigashira. Moon at 5 degree, Rahu at 00:00 degree (i.e. on the border of Gemini and Taurus). If we use, True nodes calculation, both Moon and Rahu are in the same house, 4th-Gemini....Can you please throw some light on my horoscope regarding this conjunction? In bhav chalit chart, I get moon+rahu in 3rd house, Taurus...
    For your convenience, here's my birth detail:
    5th August 1983
    Chandigarh, India.
    Thanks :) As for remedy of this grahan yoga, I am doing Shiv pooja and Hanuman Chalisa daily. Hope that helps, Thanks :)

  39. Skimmed through ur blog ..trying to understand Thanks a lot Milind je for your kind words..just lost hope to carry on in my life now i have some hope...zindge ne kahan se kahan pahuncha deya...i taught Art in some govt college for 13yrs some of my colleagues got diploma shut down so that they can get posting of there choice i m not being given my due position...1)is there any chance of regaining my lost position/restarting of diploma 2)when should i exercise the legal option in my details r- 25/03/1964..8-15pm..Moga..Punjab

  40. Hi Milind,
    Many Thanks for good article. I also have Chandra Rahoo combination (3rd House, Vrischik Rashi). I have sent you my details by email as I need advise from you on this. I would most appreciate your response.
    Regards, Yogesh Bhardwaj

  41. Nameste Milind ji, your blog about moon and rahu congession was very good. i have moon and rahu in my 3rd house and have experienced all wat u have said. thank you for the article

    my d.o.b. is 30-12-1982 and time is: 8.06 am
    born in kochi (ernakulam , Kerala)

  42. What is the effect of sade sati over chandra yuti Rahu in 4th house. I am tula lagna and wonder what the next sade sati (around 43rd year of life will be like. I am very attached to mother.

  43. Dear Milind. Thank you for writing these great articles.

    I have a moon-ketu conjunction and was wondering if you had got aroudn to writing the article about it? I have found it hard to gain deep insight into this conjunction and how to deal with it practically as many books do not seem to go into it in depth.

    Best wishes


  44. MIllan -- Will write soon. Chnadra Rahu is aggressive matrialistic.

    Chandra Ketu is pessimistic, calm (For example Dhoni has 1st house Ketu -- Salman 1st house Rahu), DEV PUJA --- LOW self confidence, fear of unknown, pressured easily etc.

    Chnadra Ketu needs to do Hanuman sadhana oto gain power and confidence -- Shiva Darshan helps. Listening to METAL music also helps if you beleive me! :) Listen to Metallica...

  45. So happy to have found your blog! And, more so this information on Moon-Rahu conjunction. Yes, all your observations are correct. I've Moon yuti Rahu (Moon going towards Rahu - 2 deg away) in 4th house(Kumbh) with neech shani in 6th. Only saving grace is Guru-drishti to Moon-Rahu pair as well as that to neech Shani. :) However, Guru itself is fairly weak in 12th house, drisht by Mangala(6th lord) & Neech Shani itself! Beautiful. :)

    So happy to be done with childhood AND with Shani Mahadasha, don't want to look back.

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. Dear MilindJi,
    I have moon and rahu in 1st house (in cancer lagna) & mars and ketu in 7th house born on 25-dec-1980 @ 8:18 PM (Aligarh-UP) . some marital problems and very slow growth in career, very much advice required .... i had faced very bad time in last 3 years. i want to go foreign country. pls advice.

  48. Dear Milind,
    Many Thanks for good article. I have Chandra Rahoo combination (3rd House, Vrischik Rashi). I have sent you my details by email as I need advise from you on this. I would most appreciate your response.
    Regards, Yogesh Bhardwaj

  49. Dear Milind,
    please throw some more light on chandra-ketu
    I have one member with this in 7th house-dhanu

  50. JEETENDRA UPADHYAYJuly 22, 2011 at 4:10 AM

    Milind Sir,

    I m facing acute financial hardship recently..kindly advice remedy my Lagna chart is as under:-
    Date of birth 27/7/1972 at Ahmedabad(Gujarat)

    1st house Kanya Lagna
    4th House Jupiter of Dhanu
    5th House Rahu & moon of Makar
    9th House Shani of Vrishabh
    10th house Shukra of Mithun
    11th house Ketu, Surya, Budh and Mangal of Karka

    please please advice

  51. Well I have rahu/moon in 5th house in aries "person especially in childhood to have a great anger, a dreamer, very less differentiation between the real life and the dream world, unexplained aggression, fear of unknown, high temper, lack of sportsman spirit."
    I don't think i am like that at all.I can easily control my anger ,no dreaming,No fear am i think i have never say attitude.Sir my motive is not to say that you are incorrect may be i have some other yoga which is canceling rahu/moon effect.

  52. (1) Abshishek:
    Where is Mangal? Also Guru's aspect on this Chandra Rahu can GUIDE this frustration anger etc to good causes.

    Can you call yourself a COOL, Spiritual pr a pessmistic person...NO! -- you DO have anger and agitation that you have learned to channel -- which is very good but that does not mean you have a SUKUN or a CALM Mind. Can you?

    (2) Jitendra Upadhyay:
    Makar rashi is right time right place until 2017. Also 5th Guru from May 2012 will have DREAM COME TRUE...But please send email to for horoscope analysis -- pl do not post here.


  53. JEETENDRA UPADHYAYJuly 28, 2011 at 3:12 AM

    Milind Sir,

    Thank you very much sir for sparing your valuable time and replying...sir i m sending my horoscope on email for analysis and advice

  54. Dear Milind ji
    My Lagna is mithun, rahu & chandra uti is in Simh.e 5th sthan, ravi is uuchch i.e of Mesh and in 11 th stan, guru and shani in saptam bhav but of dhanu, Mangal is of meen rashi and in 10th Bhav, sadesati is on,, I am in really bad bad bad bad shape, my date of birth is 05/05/60, birth place, Malegaon Dist, Nasik and birth time is 10.10 Hrs morning, Please advice me

  55. Hello Milind,
    I have the same thing as you - 1 degree, but maybe second house/first house. Thank you for writing this article, with so much reassuringly good advice. .

  56. This is a great blog!I agree with most of the points discussed about chandra rahu yuti.
    Thanks for sharing.

  57. Dear Milind ji,
    Although i dont have knowledge of patrika,since i m going thru sadesati of my husband kanya rashi(with chandra rahu yuti),son with sinha rashi again sadesati and myself with kumbh having shani mahadasha is well aware with effects of such combinations.slowly i have developed my interest in astro, but still very difficult to understand and going thru very tough time. You are God for me.

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. Hello Milindji

    Mazya balacha horoscope analyze karal ka vel milalyavar.

    BD : 11/02/2011
    BT : 3:17 p.m.
    BP : Pune

    Eagerly awaiting the response.

    Anjali J.

  60. Surya-Guru-Rahu Yuti?

  61. Dear MilindJi,

    I have been looking for my answers about moon and rahu yuti for long time.I am really thankful to you for providing the info on this matter.

    I am mithun ascendant with Rahu and chandra in the 1st house(gemini). Please edify, what could be the effects on this conjuction on my career?
    Would I be successful in business?

    I would really appreciate, if you could spare time to answer my above questions

    Best Regards

    22march 1983
    11.25 A.M

  62. Dear milindji plz go thru my chart
    ascendant dhanu,rasi mesh
    planetary position
    2nd house-jupiter in capricon
    5th house -rahu(15 °)and moon(28°) in aries
    10th house-mars and venus in virgo
    11th house-sun(13°) and ketu 15° in tula
    12th house -mercury and saturn in scorpio

  63. Namaskar, Milind sir
    I have read your information about moon rahu conjuction.
    I am 100% agree with you.
    sir in my horoscope I have following conjuction
    1] moon+rahu (pisces 6th house)
    2] sun+ ketu (virgo 12th house)
    3] mercury+venus (libra 1st house)
    and I have mars(capricorn 4th house)
    my DOB is 17 oct 1986 (8:20am)(aurangabad,maharashtra)
    Sir from last ten year i have gone through many ups and down in my life
    especially about my descision.
    Sir please help me regarding this issue

  64. Just answerd a question where I found Hanuman Sadhana as upaay for this yuti:

    (1) I have chandra Rahu yuti in 1st house wirh Chandra in 27th degree and Rahu in 28th -- :) Chandra going towards Rahu's horrendous MUKH and Rahu towards chandra! :) That too in the 1st house -- ! :) So I am THE auhtority on this topic as you might have read in my artilce on this, yuti. I have done a hell lot of research on this yuti and wrote that article. Also I am leaving it from childhood -- imagine a boy until age of say 10/12 not understanding why he gets irritated, agitated, angered in a SPLIT SECOND! :) :) This chandra rahu ketu has certain brain compositions -- say excess phosphorous or some other chemicals which cause this state of mind --- The ONLY way is to CHANNEL this energy -- NOT to supress it else you could have deseases that NO DOCTOR will be able to analyse! :) :) So Hanuman Sadhana -- Ram Raksha channel this GREAT ominous ENERGY to CORRECT things for THAT PERSON -- What is good for me might not be good for you and so on.,...You the BRAIN itself realises its own desires and channels it to right things. Hanuman is Shakti swaroop -- THE ONLY EXAMPLE of ENERGY being used for ALL GOOD THINGS in life and NEVER to a wrong thing. Ram Raksha is magical and we might not realise its magic unless we spend lifetime researching it the way western folks do. (Tehy get paid for that!) :) :)


  65. Respected Milind Ji,

    Please can u explain me about my horoscope .

    MY lgana is ....Dhanasa lagan,

    Moon sign ....Khumba

    star ... dhanista

    Jupiter .. 8th house ( asthama)
    ravi, buda,sani ... 9th house
    sukra ,rahu, kuja ..10th house
    chandra............. 3rd house
    ketu ................ 4th house

    right now i have guru mahadas with chara anthar dasa...

    Just i want to know do i have any raja yogas and can i get chance to settled in abroad with permanent residence .....

    Thank u

  66. Hi Milind,

    My bother has moon and rahu in Tarus.As you said its most malefic,we lost our mother on my brother birthday.I have shown my horoscope my father's and my brother's to many people nobody has hinted that something inauspiciou in coming our way. I am really heart broken.I used to believe in so called God a lot.She was only 48.I am wondering why it happened to me.Can you please check my brother horoscope and tell is his kudali was reason for my mother death.Hs details are Date of Birth 20 Aug 1984 Monday
    Time of Birth 06:28:00 PM
    Place of Birth Sambalpur (Orissa), India

  67. Aparajita: It is a VERY WRONG comment to make "brother's horoscope" reason for Mother's death! :( :( It is against everything I write on my blogs...!! :( :(

    It is not BCOS of his horoscope BUT rather your mom's life is merely REFLECTED in his horoscope -- Please share you mom's birth details and I can check....As a person born on 20 (2 -- Chandra) such a comment would give great pains your brother psychologically!!


  68. Hello Milind

    Could you please tell me about my career and marriage prospects?

    My details are:

    DOB : 22-01-74

    POB : Chandigarh

    TOB : 1:58 am

  69. hello milind

    I read ur article on chandra rahu combination....i m really thankful for this .. actually my wife has a chandrabrahu combinationbin secondhouse ( taurus)......she is very agressive and she is been always agitated n lacks confidence....she thinks that everyone is against het her and everything that is happening is against her....her attitude is disturbing evwryone in family including herself...

    can u suggest wat can I do to improve this

    herDOB 31 / 08/ 1983
    time 20:20 hrs
    place new delhi

  70. Yeah, indeed this is really true article, best article ever found on net for chandra rahu yuti. good job, i think you should do more research on this.

  71. Hi,
    This is a great information. I JUST FOUND OUT
    my son who is 14 now has Rahu/Sun in 4th
    and Moon/Kethu in 10th.
    I am so worried about him.
    Can you please see his chart and email me?

    DOB:15 SEPT 1997
    TOB: 10.40 PM
    Many thanks,
    Worried mother
    Pob:Phoenix, Arizona

  72. Milind Ji,

    In case there is Moon Rahu yuti in 8th house accompanied with Surya Ketu yuti in 2 house . Saturn is vakri in 12th( this is in Navamsa ).

    What would be your analysis.

    Will life always be troubled ?

    Shall be obliged if you could comment on this.


  73. hi milind,
    sun,moon,mars in dhanu lagna...ketu in 3rd house..jupiter in 8th karka house...shani,rahu yuti in 9th leo...shukra in 11th libra...mercury in 12th scorpio...please elaborate about the career/business aspects into my chart..i think rahu aspecting lagna is troublesome.please analyse as per business i shall start in.always worried about future.thanks


    DOB - 29.12.1978
    Time - 07.05 am
    place - nagpur

  74. Dear Milind Ji

    I am Abhishek Kumar.
    DOB: 04 - 07 - 1988
    TIME: 23:16

    I am very worried about my future career prospects. I have gone through a very hard life. I lost my mother very suddenly to a massive cardiac arrest when I was 14. There are a lot of family disturbances - bad relationship with my father, brother is in very bad habbits suffering mentally and education.
    I had also some struggles in completing my education due to very adverse and unpredictable conditions. Please tell me, what career prospects I have - when will I settle down and will relocating to a foreign country help ??
    When will my bad time end? I am really so mentally disturbed and depressed , lacking motivation, please advice me.
    Yours Sincerely
    Abhishek Kumar

  75. PS: My email address is :
    I am extremely disturbed and cannot get over the fact that my mother's demise occured very early in her life. She was only 39. Please tell me, why this happened??? :-'(
    Abhishek Kumar

  76. I am very worried about my future career prospects.I want to settle down now.
    Name : Ajay Mathur
    mY dob : 19.02.1955
    Place of Birth : Sanawat, Dist. Khandwa(M.P.)
    Time of Birth : 07.45 AM
    E-mail id :

  77. can you please tell me about my future ?
    carrier, health , wealth ??
    most important is wealth and health ..

    sumit sharma
    12/10/1989 (thursday )
    10:55 p.m

  78. Chirag Makwana
    Rajkot - Gujarat

    sir, i sent my Birth details to your mail.

    kindly check my kundali and tell me about my future, which work/business is best for me, what to do for all round sucess,


    Chirag Makwana

  79. hi milind sir,
    im rohit,sir there is chandra rahu conjunction in my 4th house in libra rasi,so its good or bad please justify..and im finding difficulty in studies...

  80. Dear Milind,
    You have a great blog and I appreciate your work for providing invaluable service to the people.
    I have chandra-rahu yuti in the seventh house.I have been unemployed for a year and I am really worried when would I get a job.
    I have send you my birth date, time and place.
    I would be grateful if you could look into my chart.
    You are doing a great job, keep it up.

  81. Dear Milindbhai,
    My self tushar patel, I am doing job as a Medical Representative but i am not happy i always think about business of Medicine. Is it SUITABLE to me?
    I m doing job from last 10 years but i couldn't save any money. Pls guide me.
    My DOB : 13th september, 1980,
    Birth time : 1:30 AM
    Place : Surat
    Please HELP ME.....thank you...

  82. Dear MilindJi,
    I am Vijay. I was born in 1984 with Rahu and moon (7th house lord) in 5th house in taurus.My ascendent is capricorn. I also have 8th aspect of mars (in libra) on rahu and moon.I am curious to understand its effect in general.I would appreciate your comments.
    Thank you,

  83. Dear Milindji
    I am vrushali frm mumbai born in 91 in tarus rashi.jst cmplted my BSC in textiles n i hv rahu mahadasa.i wanted do 2 job bt there is sm prb going 2 gt dt ,bt i dnt knw plz suggest me .n guide me..
    My dob:18 april 1991
    Birth place:Mumbai-Bhandup

  84. Dear Milind ji,
    my name is anirudh frm rajasthan ,
    mY DOB 2/11/90 , sagwara(raj),time 7.26 Am
    my ascendent is sign libra,rashi mesh,I have moon in 1ST HOUSE ,vENUS, MERCURY,SUN IN 7TH HOUSE,jupiter and ketu in 4th house,
    sir please guide me nothing is going good in my life ,there is plenty of sorrow, depression.I can,t seek a way to get out of this,please do help me.

  85. Hi Milind Sir,

    11th Oct 1977
    06:25 AM
    Khetri Nagar , Rajasthan.

    I have Chandra + Rahu in Lagna.
    Got separated immidieatly after marriage.
    Troubled mind.
    suicidal sometimes.

    Pls advise.

  86. Hello Milind,

    what is the effect if shani+ketu in H4 (matrusthan), guru+shukra in H8(mrutyusthan), budh+sun in H9 (labhasthan), meen rashi with Taurus AS


  87. Milindji,

    What is the effect of Rahu+moon in 7th house from lagna in the Navamsa chart.

  88. Milind ji,

    What are the effects of Chandra+Rahu in the 7th house from Lagna in the Lagan Kundly of the girl and also if the girl is manglik too?

  89. Hi Milind,
    I am very much inclined to astro, was surfing and found your blog being actively used. As if now the only source of my studies is net and my own kundali. Well i have few queries if u can through some light; i am having Venus, Mercury & Jupiter in 1st house with Dhanu lagan. Sani, Mars & Moon in 11th house with Libra.


    1. Hi Milind,

      I have just started following you on the blog, hope you can give some insight on the above mentioned query.

  90. This is very TRUE. I have Moon + Rahu + Saturn in 10th House....

  91. Very good article. Please keep it up. Subscribed your RSS feed.

  92. Interesting... I have both Chandra yuti Rahu (5 degree separation) and Shani yuti Mangal in my horoscope. I get angry very easily but am able to control that anger most of the time - thanks to decent (if not great) placement of other plants I think.

    Many times feel I have a lot of restless energy inside and it has no direction at all and this causes a lot of frustration and anger.

    My mother's life became miserable I think after I reached 16 years of age. Until then, she was really happy with me.. I was an ideal son.

    Oh... and I was a TT Champ in school.

  93. Hello Milind, Your blog about moon and rahu congestion is quite knowledgeable . I have moon and rahu in my 2nd house and I have also karkotak kaal sarp dosha in my kundli. i have been experience lot of trouble.i love to du studies and want to go to abroad for mh further education. Wud u plz suggest me some remedies and the positive/negative effects of this congestion?

    My d.o.b. is 15-12-1987 and Time is: 23:55,

  94. Hi, great knowledge on Moon+Rahu yuti. I want to know are other planet combing this yuti have any effect on this yuti ,I have 4 Moon+Rahu+SUN+ Venus in my 8th house.


  95. Milind: I have Chandra+Rahu+Shani yuti. I am not sure which house. You have my horoscope stored as preetib. My rashi is Leo and ascendant is Sag. What do you think the impact is?

  96. respectd miland ji
    i have chandra rahu yuti in 2 nd house in sagit. rashi and jupeter is in capricorn in taraus sun mer, sat, and venus nd mars is in aqu. plz tell my proffessional and family life is disturbd.

  97. Nice one sir, I have rahu - moon yuti in 1st house of cancer, I had rage issue and lack of sportsmanship in my childhood, now that I look back I used wonder why didn't I loosen up. Now I know why it was not possible. Thankyou for information, just to check, does it also signifies pitr badha?

  98. Excellent one Milind Sir, I closely follow your website/blog since last six months and every read adds to my astro knowledge base.
    I have Mo-Ra combination in 3rd and I was infamous in my childhood for aggression/anger/notoriety and I was running Ra dasa till 16yrs.

    Also I exhibit/experience every characteristic that you have mentioned in the article. Just a observation my friends who have exalted mars/sun at times lose energy and hopes but 3rd Ra-Mo (in mithun) gives me unprecedented energy to weather out obstacles to which ppl look with raised eyebrows.

    I don't know for some reason Ra dasa/Antar has been bad to worst for me.


    1. btw i forgot to write that I am quite good at TT and really enjoy playing it since the age of 9.


  99. Absolutely great article, I do have a question in regards to my Saturn/Rahu Dasa I will be running in October of this year with this combination in my 8th house? I have: Rahu yuti VERY full Moon in Kumbha/8th house & Surya & Ketu/2nd house, Deb & Retro Shani in Mesha/10th house, Kuja in Scorpio/5th house, Buddha yuti Guru in Kanya/3rd house & Shukra in 1st house/Kartaka.
    8/27/1969, 5:36am, Ohio.

    Thank you.. :-)

  100. Hi! Milind Can You Tell me About My future or Career because as of now i am worried about my career. I am having Moon And Rahu At Second house in kumbha rashi and my lagna is Makar.
    D.O.B. - 14-12-1988
    time-10:32 AM
    Place- Goregaon,Mumbai.

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  103. Hi Milind Thanks for such nice article on Rahu & chandra. My life is all affected with this.
    There is Rahu & Chandra in 4th house of my kundali, I have never satisfied in anything always having bad words in mouth, always unrest. No career satisfaction. Many astrologer said its GRAHAN YOG in kundali. I need a solution on this any puja or gemstone can work. I am giving you my details as follows plz. help me..
    Name: Sudhir Misal
    Birth Date: 1st Jan. 1971
    Birth Place: Chandrapur (Maharshtra, India)
    Birth Time: 2.28 AM
    Contact: 7709019256
    Milind plz help me.. im very much suffered due to this...

  104. Sudhir -- Please follow website -- may articles posted there.

    You need to do HANUMAN SADHANA for sure. Concentrate of Hanuman poster for 3 minutes every morning and DSo Ram Raksha Sanskrit every evening....This will help magically.

  105. Hi, I have Rahu + Chandra in 7th, gemini (both in ardra)(+/- 9dg distance each other) (my budha is in 12th, jyeshta).
    You're right. But now I don't see ghosts anymore and I love to learn new things. :) The problem: my mother is psychopathic, and mythomaniac. Always trying bring troubles to my life. (she tried to kill me, when I was 1 month old, and 12 yo, she was very young and din't want a baby at that time) I can not study, marry or work or leave this place (not yet).
    I'm tired, exhausted, too much sorrow/worries because of this, and don't know what to do about it.
    Name: Cris
    BP:Palmitos (Santa Catarina, Brazil)
    BT: 7:10 AM
    I really need a remedy. Can you help me please?

  106. Hi Milind Ji,
    I am facing illness only my face since past 4 months now,sometimes the head pains,dont feel fresh when I get up in the morning,feel dull and very low,we though its due to my sinus problem,I got it opearted as well,still the same problem,the right side of my face pains,may be due to surgery,but it gives me a lot of trouble
    We consulted astrologers they told me that rahu is on my chandrma that is why the face is effected..can you pls tell me how long will it continue and what is the remedy to get out of this problem
    My DOB is - 15/01/1981
    Place of Birth - Nagpur Maharashtra
    Time - 12.28 PM
    Name - MINASHU (current)
    Birth Name - Lokesh

  107. does the women having rahu chandra yuti in 1st house of karka rashi will not be a good mother?
    means is she able to provide all comfort and wellfare to her kids?
    if reply it then it will be very helpful. and any remedies for these problem then plz let me know.
    thank you

  108. sir
    i want to marry a girl
    d.o.b 3 july 1987 time 12.10pm(delhi)
    she already facing depression problem
    i am worried about her kundli combinations
    please advice me
    my dob is 11 oct 1984(2.15pm)karnal haryana
    Will she cause any harm to me & IS THERE ANY REMEDY
    please reply

  109. dear sir,
    one astrologer told me that combination of rahu and chandra in 12th house makes a jail yog.
    my dob is 25 th mar 1978 ,2050 gwalior m.p
    pls tell me is it so

    and what i means ketu and mangal in 8th house

    pls pls pls

  110. Dear Milind Ji,
    Several times i have sent my details to you since oct,12. also on your gmail id but i did not get any reply.Pls reply. I am going through intense tough phase. My birth details are as follows:-
    TOB-12:11 PM
    POB-Motihari (Bihar)

    I am having ketu in taurus lagan, moon with rahu in 7th bhav in vrischik rashi, mangal in 8th bhav, sun with mercury in 9th bhav, venus with jupiter in 10th bhav and shani in 2nd bhav.Jyestha(4) nakshatra.Chandra Grahan yog in 7th bhav.Chandra mahadasha and guru antradasha is going on.lost job before 8 months.Still unmarried.

    Please reply whether i m having any auspicious planet or yog in my kundli or not.What abt job or business in my life and also money.always unstable job so far. I dont want to get married.How to avoid? Wht about health?do not have mental peace at all.

    Please please please reply with remedies.

  111. Dear sir,

    I have chandra/Rahu in second house and ketu/guru in 8th house

    what is the effect on my Son
    DOB: 7/7/1976
    Place: lalitpur UP
    time :11.40

  112. Sir,

    If Chandra and Rahu are in 9th house, kethu and sani in 3rd house ..what would be the effect sir

  113. sir
    information is very interesting
    I have a rahu and chandra in lagna mesh rashi
    5-guru, 7-ketu and sukra 8-rabi budha 10-mangal 12 -sani
    pl advice my suitable profession

  114. Hi Mr. Millind, In my sons kundli rahu and moon in eleventh hosue in dhanu rashi. How.would be the rahu his life and what will be the effect in his life of above mention conjunctiion in eleventh house. DOB.27.06.2010. Time. 10.35 pm. Place indore.
    Thanks &regards

  115. Hi sir,

    What if one have chandra rahu in 4 th house(vrishabha) from lagna(Kumbha) and currently undergoing rahu dasa chandra anthardasa. jobless.

  116. I have guru, chandra and rahu in 12th house
    budha and surya in 11th house
    shukra in 10th house
    shani in 8th house

    can you explain the effects of this places.??

  117. Wonderful blog & good post.Its really helpful for me, awaiting for more new post. Keep Blogging!

    Mangal Home Builders

  118. hello milind.
    My date of birth is 21sept1993.
    time 23:37
    place of birth faridabad,haryana
    I think i have the same yuti, in the sixth house,can you please help me out with that and more over some pandit told me i have a mangal dosh.that is the reason that everything i do end ups or falls at the last moment.plz help!

  119. It was a good read on this yuti also on 4th house Mangal. I have Chandra at 21 Deg. and Rahu at 24 Deg. in Kumbha, 6th house. Aggression, yes but with control. I do not remember even loosing temper. Childhood, cherish.. Not sure of my mother though... Could be because of Saturn sign. SGK..

  120. chandra yuti rahu in meen -10 th sthaan
    mangal yuti ketu in kanya---4th sthaan
    shani in 6th sthaaan
    ** currently budha mahadasha + shani bhukthi - Asthama shani

  121. My husband with pakistani women her moon nad Rahu in 11 th house from Gemini lagan d.o.b. 12.07.66 05.00am gujrat in pakistan.she was divorce twice or 3 times before ,now she is with my husband breaking my house after 35 of yrs of marriage.i am going for divorce.

  122. Hello Milind: Is it true that people with Moon -Rahu conjunction in their first house will outgrow the " ill effects" of this combination as they grow older? And if so at what age?

  123. hi, my dob is 22/10/81, 1:35 am ,agra up.... i have this combination , others find me weird, people dont like me , specially girls, I dont know wats wrong with me?unsuccessful in career?, could u tell me something about myself and how to overcome these problems? -Gaurav, my mail id is

  124. i have rahu chandra in 9th house and sun mercury in 1st house sani sukra in 2nd house and ketu in 3 house jupiter and mangal in 4th house lagn is virgo tell me about my career plese milandji i m in rahu mahdasaa from 2000 to 2018

  125. Hello Milind Ji,
    Your explanation on Rahu Chandra Yuti is absolutely correct as I am having this conjunction in my horo.
    I completely agree to your views.

  126. milindji
    myself asha writing to know abt my daughters future.she has saturn moon and rahu placed in 3rd house ie.libra.birthascendant leo.dob 7.7.2014.time 10.01 am. what can v do to reduce the malefic effects if any. pls

  127. hi I have very important question
    does Chandra in makar rashi in 7th house cause mothers death at age 15.

  128. I was told this by some one. I have Chandra in 7th house in makar rashi and that my mom would die at 15 years.

  129. Wats the effect of rahu chandra in 9 house in virgo lagn

  130. Milind ji, is it true that the effect of the eclipse reduces after 35 years of age? If yes, what is the impact? Also, do you use the bhava chalit chart?

    How does this yuti behave differently if it's happening in bhava chart and not in rasi chart?

    Thanks for the great article!

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  132. Hi milind.
    I do not know if you are still answering any of the comments here. I have rahu+ moon in ninth house in taurus.I am virgo ascendent. I had horrible wierd childhood, saw my mother take last breath due to unnatual death. Had nobody to encourage but always excelled in studies unfortunately could not continue my choice of field. Finished degree n learnt french. Got married at 28 soon after my dad was hospitalised all through this i had finanancial hurdles but got help. Kept losing job. One after the other. I believe in god. Have felt his presence. But i get premonition dreams. And have had my deceased family members contact me in dreams.this been from my childhood I just dont know what am i supposed to do? I have been toiling to stay in one job but inevitably I am pulled in all directions. I dont know what is my calling. I have a very philosophical inclination but my financial troubles and responsibilities are so heavy that I must have a job.after marriage I moved to malaysia and after 2 yrs still trying to get a job. If I am not destined to earn then why am i having so many responsibilities. Its cruelly funny. Can you help me to figure out? Sadly i cant afford any fancy reading.
    My dob
    24 oct 1983 , bangalore

    1. What's the exact time of birth? Maybe I can give it a try.

      I too have a moon+rahu conjunction and have been searching for my "calling" throughout my life.

    2. Hi.
      My exact time of birth is 4:30 am,

  133. hi sir, my dob is 28-06-1995 time 3:05 pm. i got select for pa/sa but due to stay order which came in april know i am unemployed. Please tale me when i will get job its a matter of life & death mine and many other student.

  134. Hi my dob is 8th Oct, 1987, balasore orissa. Time 1:10 a.m.
    I hv Chandra and rahu in 12th house.
    M facing problems in job & m not able to stay with my family.

    How long 'll did continue?

  135. hi sir i hav rahu guru and mangal in 11 th house shani moon in 12 th house sun shukra and bhudha in 2 nd house ketu in 5 th 17/11/1979 bith date time 5.5 and place ahmedabad gujrat plz give me solution i have problems of earnning money lots of problems of helth and i have no child my wife have also rahu guru and mangal in 8 th of housr ( ) i dont know how to contact you plz ..solve my problems sir

  136. This is to point out that the greatest example of the Chandra- Rahu yuti is Rajesh Khanna. He remains the only God this film industry has ever had or will have .All stars put together inclusive of Amitab Bachchan would be no match to the man at his peak. RAJESH KHANNA evoked devotion & all other actors put together evoked passion. PASSION IS NO MATCH FOR DEVOTION. THIS IS BECAUSE OF CHANDRA RAHU YUT HIS ACTING DIALOGUE DELIVERY CHARISHMA CRAZE INCOMPARABLE

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  138. Sir could you check please my chart for Moon Rahu, Rahu Mars combinations. DOB 4Aug 1964. 5:05pm Ludhiana.

  139. Saturn (16 degre 4 minute), moon (20 degree 12 min) and rahu (23 degree 55 min) at 5th house of leo of Aries antecedent aspected by sun, mars and ketu from 11th house of aquaris. What does the effect of this conjunction on professional and personal life?

  140. Hii I also have rahu moon conjunction in 5th house in my chart. Cn u tell me it's effect is good or bad for me?? If bad then for what??
    Dob 11/08/92
    Time 6:15am
    Place Jabalpur MP

  141. Namaste,
    Nice article,
    How should we look if the eclipse falls on rahu, ketu .. Meaning if lunar eclipse falls on rahu and solar eclipse falls on ketu ??
    Does it mean a trigger of some event or energy ??
    Thank you,

  142. My Son has Rahu and Moon conjunction in 10th place. His ascendant is Kanni, Rashi mithunam and thiruvadhirai -3 padham.

    Please let me know if there is any significance/I will have to worry about

  143. OHHhh..true
    I am having same things bcoz moon rahu in 5th house (scorpio).
    I am tt player...and always think about future in sports...great...