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Friday, July 17, 2009

Your correct / real SUN Sign

Article updated in 2011. Published first in July 2009. This is not  to be confused with Moon Sign or as folks call it Indian sign or Chandra-Rashi, Birth-Rashi or simply Indians call it Rashi. The Western world that follows Sun Sign Calendar is tropical one and is wrong. The REAL Sun signs are the side-real ones as given below. So when you read Linda Goodman Sun Signs you should read it as per the sign below. But you can continue to check ENGLISH Dailies or Western predictions as per your birth-date range (say times of India if you are born on April 11 -- you will continue to read Aries BUT when you read Linda Goodman Sun Signs or any characteristics -- PISCES is your Sun Sign. So characteristics would be as per real sun sign calendar bellow)
Know your REAL / Correct Sun-Sign below. Check the Side-real dates in the table included below and then read Linda Goodman again but now the correct Sun Sign! :)
Lately there have been a lot of discussions and articles on “additional sun sign” which is downright bogus and not even worthy of taking a note of it. There have been some other (FoxNews) talks such as “Your Sign is different and all the weekly and monthly predictions are worthless etc etc”. These articles are written by folks based on discussions with some HALF-Baked Potatoes! J It is partially true:
1. They are correct in the sense that the “Real Sun signs” are different than the Western Astrology follows. i.e. Aries REAL Sun sign is from April 15 (USA) to May 14/15th (USA) and not from March 21 to April 20 etc.
2. But they are WRONG in saying that the predictions by Western Astrologers are wrong! The reason is simple: They also calculate Saturn, Jupiter and other planets with the same (wrong) calendar! J So two wrong cancel out and they get similar results! (Well almost!)
3. If you are born on say April 9th – You are Piscean Sun Sign (and not Aries) and you should read Linda Goodman in that way but prediction would not change that much:
4. EXAMPLE: If you are a 9th April Born or
a. Indian Astrologer would say – Pisces Sun – From May 2011 to Dec 2011 – Shani will be in Kanya (Virgo) directly (close degrees) opposite to your Sun – This shows issues/trouble from/with seniors/authorities at workplace or Govt.
b. Western Astrologer would say – You are Aries – The Saturn is in Libra and hence opposite to your Sun and hence this shows issues/trouble from/with seniors/authorities at workplace or Govt until Saturn is in Libra! J
c. There will be some differences due to SIGN characteristics considered but Western astro predictions would not be completely out of place.
The Indian Astrology has been using CORRECT SUN Signs for thousands of years as explained below by correcting for “Procession of Equinox” which is caused by Earth’s Axis being wobble! J
(There have been some debates in India which “Ayanash” to use. (Lahiri, KP, Chitra, Tilak Panchang etc). I found Lahiri the most trust-worthy! B. V. Raman’s Astrological journal uses incorrect Ayanansh. It is a great journal though – One of the best! The difference is not huge though!)
Know your REAL / Correct Sun-Sign below. Check the Side-real dates in the table below and then read Linda Goodman again but now the correct Sun Sign! :)
1. Basically the Axis of the Earth is not stationary and also rotates in a gigantic circle and takes 84600 years to complete the rotation. (It is called as "Paranchan Gati" of the Axis).
2. Due to this movement of the axis, every 72 years, the Equinox moves 1 degree farther -- Called as "Procession of Equinox". This process goes on for 26,000 years.
3. So every 72 years the Sun Sign Calendar needs a movement of 1 day ahead. (I will need to check if this has to happen endlessly – at some point in time, due to rotation of the axis – the reduction could also start happening?? – I will need to get more information.) I just wanted to add that some 1728 (aprx) years back – TROPICAL Sun Signs coincided with the SIDEREAL ones. After that every 72 years it is going 1 day/degree (aprx) ahead.
4. That is why Makar-Sankranti was celebrated in India on 14th of Jan in last century and now slowly becoming 15th of Jan.5. Makar (i.e. Capricorn) Sankranti is the day when SUN enters Capricorn sign. This is the RULE OF THUMB if you do not remember complete calendar of Sun Signs.

You can search it on wiki with "sidereal" keyword:

Check Sidereal Dates below (In BOLD FONT are the real ones – They are American Dates, Subtract 1 for Indian dates)
March 21 - April 20
April 14 - May 14
April 21 - May 21
May 15 - June 15
May 22 - June 23
June 16 - July 15
June 24 - July 23
July 16 - August 15
July 24 - August 23
August 16 - Sept 15
August 24 - Sept 22
Sept 16 - October 15
Sept 23 - October 23
Oct 16 - Nov16
October 24 - Nov 22
Nov 16 - Dec16
Nov 23 - Dec 21
Dec16 - January 14
Dec 22 - Jan 19
Jan 14 - Feb14
January 20 - Feb 18
Feb14 - March 14
February 19 - March 20
March 14 - April 13
“Vedic astrology is based on the sidereal or Zodiac" href="file://wiki/Sidereal_zodiac"visible zodiac, accounting for the shift of the equinoxes by a correction called ayanamsa. The difference between the Vedic and the Western zodiacs is currently around 24 degrees. This corresponds to a separation of c. 1700 years, when the vernal equinox was approximately at the center of the constellation Pisces and the tropical zodiac coincided with the sidereal one (around 285 AD according to N C Lahiri). The separation is believed to have taken place in the centuries following Ptolemy, apparently going back to Indo-Greek transmission of the system. But earlier Greek astronomers like Eudoxus spoke of vernal equinox at 15° in Aries, while later Greeks spoke of vernal equinox at 8° and then 0° in Aries (cf. p.16, S. Jim Tester in ref.), which suggests use of sidereal zodiac in Greece before Ptolemy and Hipparchus. The ayanamsa correction has always been made in Vedic astrology, whose existence spans around thousands of years.”


  1. Hello Milindji,

    How r u? I was searching your posts on maayboli, but got u here. I enjoy reading your posts. Keep writing.

    Sonali Shailendra

  2. Thanks much Sonali !! Nice to see you after a long time!



  4. Sure. I will post something soon on 5, 14, 23


    please visit.. :)

  6. Good insight Milind. But can you tell the above sun sign corrected dates would be applicable for people born after which year?? or would it be applicable for every one irrespective of their year of birth?

  7. Atul Pangasa:
    If you are born 72 years before then 1 day change would be there in Sun Sign -- hardly any change! :)

  8. Sadhana:
    I think I replied to that link...

  9. Sonali: Thanks for following the blog. I think this makes it much easier to follow.

  10. It is a FASHION to criticize Astrology WIHTOUT ANY STUDY of so called "scientists" who change their basics every 50 years!!!

    DESPITE Western Sun Signs being wrong -- Western Astrologer could give you quite accurate readings --- WHY -- Whether your Sun is in Aries or Pisces -- They also calculate Saturn and Jupiter positions with the same error -- :) :) So they anyways know that Saturn is on your Sun or Jupiter in enhancing your Ego etc etc. BUT YES --- While reading Linda Goodman -- You have got to read the correct Sun Sign as it talks about Attitude/Nature of the signs.

    Also -- THERE IS NO CUSP in Astrology -- You are either Aries or Pisces and NOT A CUSP.

  11. after reading this article, i've got confused regarding whats is my actual rashee(sun sign)..I'm born on 07th dec 1985 and as per my kundali made by some astrologer it says my rashee is 'virgo', but as per western astrology it says i'm saggitarius and now after reading your article i think i'm neither virgo nor saggitarious.Now kindly help me out which sun sign should i consider for myself.I'm going through severe trauma with almost suicidal thoughts every now and then and finding it hard to live.

  12. Om:
    Your moon sign is Virgo that is Kanya.

    You Sun Sign is you are born on 7 Dec is Scorpio. So in my Rashi bhavishya you can read Kanya for sure and if needed also Vrushchiuk but Kanya will apply to you more as my bhavishya articles are more meant for Moon sign.

  13. Hi Milind,

    Very nice and detailed explanation, especially after the recent uproar abt changed zodiacs .. however that does make me a lot more confused abt sun signs. Even though in my case, my Sun Sign remains the same 16 March ( Pisces ), many of my beliefs based on Sun signs will need to be rewired, which I cannot accept outright because they have been making sense all these yrs. As in, a person who was supposed to be like a Cancer ( according to Linda's date ranges and considering ONLY SUN ) was exactly like a Cancer, and a person who was supposed to be Tauras was indeed Tauras-like and so one for all...

    If everything was making sense with proper case studies ( specifically only on the Sun sign level, without considering any other factor ) how can a person like me accept this new change .. This is damn confusing, plz help :)

  14. Simple reason: You just assumed those people were Cancer and Taurus...You looked at them from that angle. 11th Dec Dilip Kumar HAS to be a Scoprion in order to be Tragedy King....Saguttarius CANNOT be a Tragedy king ! :)

    Maybe they have Moon in Cancer or Taurus -- We do not know. I am 11th April and a typical Pisces -- Rather the most vibrant area of Psces is 11, 12, 13 April -- Last Navamansh of Pisces i.e. last 3 degrees 20 minutes of it.

    14th April is Aries -- Just observer these folks -- They would not spend time explaining Astrology -- Real Sun Signs etc wihtout any gain! :)

  15. There have been some questions etc on 84600 years and also if the addition of 1 day after each 72 years will go on forever -- I will have to research more on the data. TROPICAL and SIDEREAL calendar matched some 1728 (aprx) years back. Now they are 24 degrees apart (Lahiiri Ayanamsa) and SIDEREAL Sun Signs are the REAl ones as countless horoscope & people I have sampled! :)

  16. The Indian Astrology is also VERY detailed with 27 Nakshatras and also NAVAMANSH (9 parts of each rashi -- Navamansh is also called as a CHARAN -- 4 charan i Nakshatra. 9 Charan 1 Sign/rashi)

    You need to take ANUBHI of how despite MRUG /MRIG (deer) nakshatra in Taurus/Vrishabh is different in Taurus and Gemini -- With Sign change the ATTITUDE changes quite a bit.

    Gavaskar -- Dhoni Mangal in last few degree of Taurus in Mrig nakshatra -- very fixed and Earthy way of playing..less talktative and more stable Dennis Lille -- Mangal in 1.2 degree of Gemini -- lot more talkative...aggresson of thoughts...

  17. You will be also mesmerized with last degree of Scorpio Sun Sign person and 1st degree of Sagi/Dhanu.....VAST differenece..Same with 14th Aug (Sentimental, caring, emotional) and 15th/16 Aug (Dramatic. extrovert)

  18. Hi I don't understand, my birthday is September 18 1966, as per vedic astrology I am Tula Rashi, but as per your article I am Virgo

  19. LC:

    That means your moon sign is TULA LIbra and Sun Sign is Virgo -- read my Article for Tula Rashi! :)

    But Vigro article will also apply to you also ...being the Sun Sign


  20. Milind I am assuming this what you are saying is that Sidereal shows the Vedic Sunsign and Tropical is the western sun sign. Now your predictions or effects of planets are they pertaining more to moon signs or sun signs?

  21. milind, you have turned my world upside down..i was a libra, a double libra..and now u say i am a virgo..oct 4, 1978..what am i, help!!!

  22. hi milind..,
    my brothers moon sign is dhanush rashi
    he is born on jun 11 1990 2.15am
    but according to u he is taurus
    which one i should follow?

  23. cont. to above:.....if i consider the both...then how can i understand? coz they both are different rashis,,
    plz help me milind

  24. I am a Leo moon sign born with dob 21.02.1971 & also a aquarian sun sign as per western astrology?

    Please let me know when will my sade saati end & when can I start my events culminating into success from May 2011 onwards. I plan to start my events from May 2011 in big ways

    Please help me Milind ji.

  25. Continued.... Date of birth is 12.02.1971. A typographical mistake.

    Please help me Milind ji.

  26. Hello Milindji,
    My DOB 14/09/74
    All the while, I was following Virgo as my zodiac sign and Karka rashi as per Hindu Jyotish.
    Pl throw some light on this.

  27. nice insights to astrology
    will be keeping tab..
    well done

  28. Namaskaar Mr.Milind.,my name is Nikita.K.Sanas,i am from pune,N.I.B.M.i liked everything you have said about kanya raashi coz i am kanya rashi,but please i would like to know more about myself.My D.O.B is 6 march 1977,TIME 1.30 pm, birthplace mumbai. please see my details. THANKYOU.

  29. MR Milind, My name is Nikita. K. Sanas, my D.O.B is 6 march 1977, TIME 1.30pm, and birthplace mumbai.Please see my Future and my email id is,

  30. Mr.Milind my rashi as per jyotish is simha but according to western astrology its aries.Can u guide so as to follow which rashi. I am born on 02/04/1977.

  31. hello milind ji!!!

    myself paritosh d pandya and i am from surat

    my dob is 7-April-1982 & tob is 15:20 P.M. and place of birth is bardoli. so i just wanna know what will be my moon sign and sun sign? and what is imp for our life predictions sun sign or moon sign?

  32. RES

  33. Hello Milandji,

    I am now going through all the blogs really thank you so much for providing so good information and so good reading of the Horoscope as today there are thousand of the Astro Pandit and you just don't know who is right and what you should do as remedy. I will be also sending you my DOB in mail as told by you for your kind attention about the 7 house as I regret why got married with my wife but well it happened karma. I liked the reading more with the moon sign and sun sign with the Vedic astrology.My Birthday fall on 22 March and the Sun was in Pisces and in western it say Aries never correct the readings. Hope you will help me out as I love astrology and do a lot of study too now.I will connect with you on the face book too. Thanks once again.

    With Best Wishes from Germany

  34. Dear milind ji,

    i have sent my details to your gmail id hope you will help me out

    suresh babu

  35. hello milind sir...

    my birth date is 10th Jan.. m confused, whetr i am capricon or leo cz some recently i came to know that m in a phase of sade-sathi, so m confused.. pls help me this..

  36. hi milind.
    Wud u pls confirm my zodiac sign? I was born on 11 jan 1988. By our local astrologer says that it is virgo coz in a same date virgo had reflected through hasta nakshtra. But according to western astro it's capri. And you are saying its saggi.
    I think astrologer may have to consider birth year and time.

  37. Hi Sir,
    Your work and knowledge are very much above even the best astrologers so far I have witnessed. Hats off to the great articles. At some point of time, it will be great to have your opinion or article on something like which placements of planets will help one achieve moksha or let us say even if one's horoscope does not indiacte moksha or so, how their doing or actions can help attain something like moksha. I am very sure mere postioning will not help one to achieve a higher realm of life, definitely it is their good work and intentions. For example, is someone has all bad placements, but still one can possibly turn towards lots of good work (like some corrupt but god fearing politicians doing lots of anna daan etc). May be my example here is not appropriate. I just believe that your such a writing can help uplift even the soul which is believed to be unfortunate from horoscope point of view.
    Again, lots of regards and admirations to You for the right thoughts which I am impressed.
    Also at some point of time, if You can throw light on something like it is not the horoscope that determines one's path, but the sould itself.
    Another topic of interest is what makes one Athiest or so. For example I am born in Shatabhishak (Kumbha) and I have no faith in these planets other than curiousity. I believe that there could be something which is controlling this universe, but it does not have to decide my fate. I decide my fate like everyone else and I am no superior or inferior soulwise. All are equal. Yet I resepect honest writings someone like You and completely full of affection towards such people who are trying to help out the fellow souls. Again you are a genious in this field of thought, so far I have come across. Thanks and keep writing.
    I am sure readers will enjoy and benefit from such articles.
    Thank You
    Best Regards

  38. Hi Milind

    Read your blog today and learned so many new things and a new sign m
    born in. I am in total distress since 2009 with no sources of income
    till now. married to a dentist who is also not working currently and
    blessed with a baby last year. My details are undermentioned. If
    possible please suggest us if we are going through a bad time or is it
    something else we can work upon.

    My Name: Amit V
    D.O.B: 26 Aug 1979
    T.O.B: 22:50
    Place: Gurdaspur(Punjab) India

  39. Hello Milind

    Nice to see an all together different approach of astrology. I am 28th Aug, 1974 born and till date I assume that I am Virgo and following the perdictions accordingly. Now as per u, I am Leo. It means the phase of Sade Sati of Shani which I think will continue for next three years for Virgo is over. pl clerify.

  40. Hi Miliand,

    Nice to read your detailed horoscope, any lay man can understand very easily. Thanks for that.
    I have one question for you. I am Kanya Rashi with uttarapalguni nakshtra. Effects of the planets will depend on only rashi or also with nakshtra's.

  41. i am born on june 24 1974, villupuram (tn),tamilnadu.10.30am ,who am i,and whwn is my mail id is

  42. Milindji,

    As per stated above I am little confused please help me in understanding my raashi. I was born on 1st sep'1976 what is my raashi. According to English calendar it is Virgo.




  44. Wow! What I find so mind blowing is that I was always told I was Aquarius AND I FIT the aquarius mode IN EVERYTHING 100% Ever since I was a child before even knowing I use to hear adults telling my parents, "your daughter must be an aquarius!"; EVERYTHING about me is 100% Aquarian both the good & the bad so I how do I even contemplate this when I have NOTHING at ALL in common with Capricorn which according to this I am. I'm very spiritual, intuitive, very eccentric, my passion is studying world religions, cultures, history, anthropology & mythology; I'm def a free spirit, I respect and tolerate all peoples views, I live by 1 main rule, "live & let live", I am humanitarian, love nature & the outdoors, am humble, when I hate my personal space to be invaded and I hate to feel pressured by anything or anyone! Even though I care alot many people "think" Im cold and detached and at times I am but when I love I love 100%!! Most people that know me say that my tolerance is what they appreciate most; I just can't understand why I have NOTHING in common with Capricorn if I am suppose to be a cap??? Please help me to understand??

  45. Aishwarya:
    (1) If your are born from Jan14 to Feb-13 then your SUN SIGN IS for SURE Capricorn. If you are born on Jan 14 or Feb 13 we will need to check exactly as Sun changes the sign at some hour.

    (2) If you are born say from 7 to 9 am the Sun is in 12th house and your ascendant becomes Aquarius. Or maybe despite Sun being in Capricorn -- you could have BUDH Shukra in Aquarius. Your personality is combination of ALL the planets and not JUST 1 planet BUT YES SUN SIGN will always show up in there.

    (3) Your understanding of Capricorn or Aquarius is 'probably' not *complete* so you think that Capris are this way or that way -- this basic understanding could itself be lacking. Capris are hard working, sincere and continuous improvement and actually workaholic.

    (4) A person born on say Feb 4th like Bhimsen Joshi still Capri Sun sign but dominated by 4 number which is unconventional and unorthodox (URANUS) and number 4 vibrates to uranus (aquarius). So there are various angles to this BUT YES your SUN SIGN IS Capricorn and there is nothing bad/wrong etc with it! :) :)


  46. Hi Milind,

    really excited for having found this blog spot while Googling. However, am more confused about my birth sign now. Does a person born o 24 March come under Vedic Astro : Leo Sign?

    A clarification will be much appreciated.

  47. Hi Milind,
    I am 16th jan 1982 Born. Time : 5.05 am .
    Place : Borivali (W) , Mumbai -92.

    Pls advise which is my moon and my sun sign.


  48. does it mean that I am LEO? born on 13 sept in INDIA.

  49. This is what I was looking for from last week. Great work done. :)

    zodiac signs

  50. Hi,
    I am Sarika, i am so confused about my zodiac sign?

    Can you please let me know which one is correct?
    And also can you tell me the any stotra or mantra to keep mind cool & set on consentrate on work?

  51. Hi,
    I am Sarika, i am so confused about my zodiac sign?

    Can you please let me know which one is correct?
    And also can you tell me the any stotra or mantra to keep mind cool & set on concentrate on work?

    My Name: Sarika K
    D.O.B: 29 MARCH 1987
    T.O.B: 01:05 AM
    Place: PARLE (KARAD)

  52. P. Khurrana made more than 1000 accurate predictions which appeared in leading newspaper including Interviewed by Star News, Aaj Tak, Sahara Samey, now regularly host the show on Live India , Zee Punjabi & Big 92.7 FM Often Contact by Bollywood for muhurat of Films. Author of 30 books on astrology, numerology, vaastu, black magic, mantra, yantra, moles, dreams colours, gems.

  53. Hi Milind,
    Can you please tell me my correct Moon sign and Sun sign
    My DOB : 15.04.1977
    Time of Birth : 3.22 PM
    Place of Birth: Coimbatore District Tamilnadu State
    Email ID :

  54. Name:abraham bhagya chandra

  55. It is amazing and wonderful to visit your site. I've learn many things from your site.
    sun signs

  56. Ji sir plz tell me my exact timing of birth,I've been told that it's around 10:30 pm but I want to know the exact time of my name according to my rashi is Chitra Tripathi.. DOB- 25/5/1995
    Day- Thursday
    And my actual name is Ankita Tripathi.. plz help me;-(

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  58. Hello sir my name is rishabh and my DOB is 18-10-1983 , I was considering myself an Aquarian since I thought that I'm Aquarius but recently when I searched on the internet I discovered that october born are happened to be libran ( libra ) so I am very much confused since in my birth chart it's mentioned that iam Aquarius ,so plz help me to know what is my real zodiac sign ,I don't know my exact time of birth

  59. Milind Sir ....OMG !! soo much of knowledge u have and u share too with all....God bless u ...hope to see ur book publish

  60. Milind Sir ....OMG !! soo much of knowledge u have and u share too with all....God bless u ...hope to see ur book publish

  61. Until my sister got married in 1995, there was a golden period in my family. The period from about 1970 to 1995 was just magical and perfect and brilliant. Since then it has been downhill like a roller-coaster with more troughs than peaks. Nothing has gone right since then. Is it that it was unbelievably good earlier or it that we four were too naive and trusting of the world?

  62. milind sir

    my name is jayavelu and i was born on 25/09/1985 2.15 am. as per western zodiac it show my sign as libra and the astrologer says my raasi as capricon(makar) and in you list it is totally different. can u please tell me my actual sign(raasi) and nakchthiram please

  63. Hi. My dob is 7th February 1983. Time: 04:35PM & Place: Kolkata, India.
    My question is that when I will conceive a baby?"