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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

L10 in The Horoscope (Dashamesh: Lord of the 10th House)

[1] When the L10 (Lord of the 10th house) is in the 5th house it shows
(a) The person is a very good teacher, can explain things very well, can learn & teach very well.
(b) Career & Business is directly related to the education they get or the skills they acquire.
(c) The more the education greater their sphere of influence and business sector.
(d) They are in interested in useful education and not just theory. They like "practical" more than say class-room education only!

Usually L10 in the 5th house brings in some deficiency in the 10th house (father, business) as the L10 is in the 8th house from the 10th house. If this is a friend planet rashi then it is not that big a problem but still it shows some minor deficiency,

The 5th house is inspirational & go-getter attitude and 10th is about accumulation and continuous hard-work. So the 5th house L10 brings in some major success followed by some celebration and pause and then resume with next milestone. It is imp to have milestones for 1 3 5 years ahead else they can just stop at times as it is not that everyday inspiration can take over the person. But when they start and get going -- they stop after achieving those goals and objectives.

This applies a lot of more to Surya and Chandra as they own only one rashi and hence another house ownership is not to be taken into account a lot. (means it applies lot more to Vrishchik and Tula lagna). It will also apply to Makar and Kirk lagna as L10 and L5 is the same and hence this analysis is lot more applicable to them.
Additional Teaching yoga are there of course
(1) The same things above should be checked from Chandra Kundali. D9 should show something with the 5th and 11th house connection.
(2) Owner of the 5th house or 11th house in the 5th house; Owner of the 5th in the 10th or Anyonya yoga. 5th in 10th is about doing business like tuitions etc. As 5th owner in the business or earth Trikon house.
(3) L5 in 2nd or L2 in the 5th when it is also L10 or L11.
(4) Guru & Budh planets of knowledge and intellect of different levels in 5 9 1st houses. Guru in Dhanu in 1 5 9 is perfect for teaching.
(5) B-Dates of 12 and 30 are natural teachers. 3 and 21 can do it well but don’t want to do it! :)

But yes, teaching profession is something to do with the 5th house for sure.

[2] L10 in the 4th house:
L10 in the 4th house: (Lord of the 10th house in the 4th house)
(a) Work from home?
(b) Use of personal Property, vehicles and so on for Business?
(c) Working Helping in the father's business?
(d) Working with the mom (MIL) from home?
(e) If Shukra Chandra etc then something like clothing, food items, jewelry? If Mangal then engineering or real estate/property stuff? Shukra Chandra can show interior decoration design too. 
(f) If Guru then tuition or training from home? or Even Guiding people with the expertise?
(g) Budh - -Providing consultancy to people from home?
(h) Shani 4th folks do not like to stay home! :)
 So let us not get them here -- they will be away from home most of the times.
(f) It could indirectly mean (if Surya is not well placed) that Mom will need to do duties of the father too???
(This could be extrapolated to L4 in the 10th house too.)

Monday, August 21, 2017

Grahan (Eclipse in August 2017) - Karma and BhagwadGeeta

Grahan (eclipse) in Astrology are overrated and the frenzy around them causes simple law of karma to be ignored. Yes they are important and especially when right now Shani and Rahu are in INTENSE Navamansh and "Rashi-Gandant". So folks who have planets in the last degrees of Vrishchik, Vrishabh and Makar and also Singh (Scorpio, Taurus Capri and Leo) will see effects of grahan a lot more. As it is happening in Kirk/Singh border it is in the 8th house of Dhanu and Makar border -- so it will impact the last Uttarashadha nakshatra first and second navamansh the most. Similarly, it is in the 12th house border of Singh (Leo) & Kanya (Virg) so it could show some expense and negative publicity-image etc to them.

Simple(?) law of karma told by Bhagwan Krishna should not be forgotten in the process. Nothing happens without karma.

Trump has Surya in the last 3 degrees of Taurus Vrishabh and Shani is now opposite to his Surya - Just like Bill Clinton he has chances of a impeachment life situation -- will it go to that extent? Will it stay at curbing of his power by Congress and Senate -- An Astrologer would or should not comment unless someone puts a gun to his/her head! :) :)

In India, some astrologers eventually get connected to Politicians and become part of this cycle of karma and prone to problems!! They start writing article on Grahan and just like motivated journalism start dictating bad times for some politicians etc etc -- and willful articles for coupes are created. These astrologers bring shame to astrology as then leftists and affected politicians becomes enemies of Astrology and not astrologers. (yes also Astrologers and Babas as they end up in jails).

In India, MOST astrologers are tied to Hinduism and tend to be right wing supporters. It is imp to look at Astrology from Bhagwan Krishna's word -- the ULTIMATE truth the Bhagwadgeeta -- else astrology will become like medicines -- one thing costing in Nashik 10 rupees and same in Pune 1000 and Mumbai 10,000!! Let us not EVER forget "Karmanyewadhikarate"!! WE have right ONLY by our Karma...

Thursday, August 17, 2017

My Article in Karnatka Daily: Vijajavani (Thanks to Archana)

My article published in Karnataka Daily Vijayavani. Thanks to Archana Hebbar for the translation and working with the daily!

Original English Article: 
Guru-Rahu Yuti: 

Rahu Ketu Thoughts Continued

Rahu & Ketu are always 180 apart to each other, When one is uchcha other is too. When one is neech the other one is too. When Rahu in uchcha /neech in Navamansh then Ketu is also such. When Rahu is X Rashi Ketu is in X+6th Rashi which are complimenting each other. So Rahu Ketu always complement each other. Rahu is anger and agitation and frustration and extreme materialism and greed -- Ketu is pessimism, slow and sukoon and spiritual.

As you can see Raahu is paternal family and Ketu is maternal family. So it the two families are always supposed to complement each other and they can't be too different or completely out of sync? Is that the reason the society always insists on "Hamare Khandaan ke barabari ke log" or insisting for marriage of equal or similar backgrounds? Anything else and the whole society and samaaj goes against it overtly or covertly. it is nothing but the Karma.

However massively different background marriages can happen when someone has badly placed Rahu and highly placed Ketu sp -- father might have been from a lesser family and mother from a higher one. or Rahu very well placed with Guru drushti and so on and Ketu badly placed say with Shani etc -- then the father had better inheritance and mother didn't!

You can see that when your Rahu or Ketu - -ONE of them is very well placed and the other badly placed -- -you will find that your parent's marriage might not have been welcome by the elders in their family! :)

Additional Articles:

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Shani in the 5th house (Saturn in the 5th house) of a Birth-Chart (Natal Horoscope)

Shani in the 5th house of a Horoscope
“The Lawyer!”
SHANI: SATURN, Shanai, Shanai – slowly slowly, Sincere, Serious, Hard-Work, Perseverance, covertly ambitions, Auditor, Police, Relentless delivery of good/bad karma, Channel for karma delivery just like ISO or CMMI Auditors or Financial Auditors, Poor People, Masses, Workers, Large group of Consumers, Cold Calculations, Devoid of emotions, numbers driven approach

The 5th house: Intelligence, Buddhi, Kids (Santati), Execution Excellence, Overall Success, Duties, Designations Go-Getter attitude, Inspirations and Extrovert behavior

A highly dutiful planet like Shani in the Dharma-Trikon house (1-5-9) of the 5th obviously shows sincere and serious approach. It is also the house of inspiration and speculation which of course is discouraged by Shani. So, it is difficult to find artists born with the 5th house of Shani. As Shani is about auditing and policing, this Shani is wonderful for police & lawyer professions and also political affiliations as that’s the field that most frequently needs law-makers. This Shani gives blessings or a curse of doubting anything & everything! :) “Samshayee Vritti” is the name of the game for this Shani. Their doubt about anything are legendary! An audit performed by 5th Shani person can make some weak hearted people literally cry! As Shani doesn’t like any kind of a hurry or extrovert behavior, this house is not the most natural for Shani. The 5th house is about education but not like degrees and academic excellence or collecting great exam scores. It is about applied knowledge so, Shani in the 5th is at loss in the early ages or primary education without a sense of purpose. Maybe, some 2 / 3 subjects they develop interest in.  It is sometimes a struggle to learn a subject without seeing it in practice.

This Shani has drushti on the 7th house of marriage and relationships or partnerships. Obviously, it shows or rather recommended late marriage compared to the family history. Early marriage can result in some chaos and bitter experience. Usually for a girl is suggested to be 26 27 and for a guy say 30. Shani drushti in addition on Shukra and or L7 can further show delays. Very well placed Shukra or L7 and in Mangal drushti can result in a marriage and issues after marriage as Shani 5th alone is not able to stop the marriage! :) Astrologers also need to try! :)  The immediate next effect of delayed marriage is major effect of 5th Shani which is on the kids. Santati / Kids are almost by rule are lesser and also delayed. Now is the age of lesser # of kids anyways but with Shani 5th it is much lesser than family norms (# of kids) and they are later in life after age of 30/32. Shani drushti on Guru or L5 only adds to the delay. Early kids forced etc could result in some major issues. This Shani is about chronic or long-term illness to kids and especially the first one if happens before say 29/30. Only when Rahu or Mangal are involved in 5 11 or Mangal drushti on Shani then a miscarriage or a tough pregnancy is seen. Again, Shani is about delayed but not denied.

Shani drushti on the 2nd house of family and wealth & also 11th house of gains shows delays with accumulating large wealth and better luck is seen after the age of 30. It makes one do hard-work and efforts before huge wealth is sent their way. Delayed but not denied. It is advised NOT to go for ambitious day-trading or greedy moves in share market etc (gambling) with this Shani. Else, some huge losses could be seen. It is recommended to go for long-term investments.

As the 5th house of the horoscope shows heart / spine, these things need some strengthening by yogasan and pranamyam and so on. This is more so if Shani also has drushti on Surya and or L5. Shani in Singh brings some certainly to this. Shani in Ketu’s nakshatra shows heart history in maternal family whereas in Rahu’s nakshatra it could show it to the paternal elders.

One of the issues with this Shani is that not just 30 but also the age of 35th it shows again some tussle with spouse and relationships. So it could be continued struggle post 3 for some time but with patience and maturity it would mean only physically staying away from the spouse for a few weeks or months at the age of 35th plus minus 1 and not extreme fights etc. Shukra or L7 in the 7th house is particularly chaotic with this Shani. It DOES get into relationships earlier than 30 or lot earlier but then gets in to some tussle. The mantra of “delay” should not be forgotten.

It is highly unlikely if not impossible to find a sportsperson with this Shani :) Lawyers YES – a lot! Police – of course yes and politicians too! Financial auditors (CA: Chartered Accountants etc) or auditors of any subject. Critiques - -movie critiques or sarcastic writing (When Budh with Shani). Any profession that needs attention to detail belongs to this Shani.

(1)    Help marriage bureaus – donate money and efforts etc, Help people get and stay married, participate ACTIVELY in friend and relatives’ marriages
(2)    Donate to Orphanages, Visit the, and spend time with less privileged kids.
(3)    Tuition etc in childhood help as scores in exams (marks” arfe very imp for Indian parents! :) Actual useful knowledge is imp for this kid!

Important Configurations:
[A] These things below will be much lesser in intensity if Shani degree is not close to Ascendant degree. Or Shani is aspected by Guru, Shani is NOT aspected by Mars or with Raahu or Ketu. Or say Shani is not wakri or worse stambhi which gets ignored. Shani has good speed & is not with Surya (Astangat). Shani is Raajyogkarak of friendly with Lagna-Rashi or Chandra-Rashi. The owner of Shani’s rashi “well-placed” and or in Guru drushti.

[B] The following things will be lot worse if Shani is with Mangal or has Mangal drushti. No Guru drushti, Wakri Shani is with Rahu or Ketu or Surya. If it has very less speed. Owner of Shani is wakri or is 6 8 12 from Shani or in Mangal or even Shani’s drushti! (Recursion!) :)  The worse or better the karma the more & more acute planetary formations in a natal chart.